Somaliland: Wind Brings Light to the Highlands of Sheik



Minister of Energy and Minerals Honorable Hussein Abdi Dualeh Inaugurates Latest Wind farm in Sheik

By Goth Mohamed Goth

Sheik – The Minister of Energy and Minerals Honorable Hussein Abdi Dualeh today inaugurated yet another wind farm which will now provide 24 hours electricity power to residents of Sheik as part of the current government to shift from the fossil based sources of energy to clean and renewable energy-based microgrid system in all Somaliland׳s urban centers.

The $800,000 Dollar state of the art wind farm is a privately venture owned by Beder local electricity this as the company decided to move away from the ever increasing and continuously unpredictable fluctuating diesel prices to more cheap supply alternative energy solutions such as wind power which will have higher returns for consumers and providers than using diesel would.

9ec7c8ffb969d4fdb85686005e7feb08_LHon Hussein Abdi Dualeh added, “I feel honored to be among the good people of Sheik here today as you’re aware, I was among those privileged students who had the opportunity to had being educated in Sheik secondary School and that’s why I feel happy to see Sheik progress; I also laud Beder electricity company for investing in the future of this town and I hope such investment will pave way for cheaper electricity power for our citizens.

“We have already introduced 8 similar projects across the country, all which will be based on alternative energy solutions such as wind power for increased and improved clean and cheap energy supply for sustainable economic development such as this wind,” he said.

The Minister of Energy and Minerals added, “Wind power in Somaliland is also rapidly emerging as a promising alternative source of energy. The government has realised that the potential for renewable sources of energy should be exploited to help revitalise the region’s power supply and provide a cost-effective alternative.

“We must seriously look at sources of renewable energy such as solar and wind power, especially when Somaliland has over 340 days of sun and some of the fastest wind in the world,” says Dualeh.

The Mayor of Sheik Hon Mohamed Abdullah Obsiye speaking at the function had this to say, “I glad to see that independent power providers such as Beder are now learning about the economic benefits of generating renewable energy.
Mr. Khadar Jibril Aden, the managing director of Beder Electricity Company gave a brief history of the company since it’s was established back in 1991, a time when sheik energy infrastructure was totally dilapidated and since then we as a private owned company strived to provide energy to resident of Sheik and today I am proud to see the people of Sheik getting 24 hours uninterrupted through this project.

Among the distinguished guests at the function was the Director General of Energy department in the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Mayor of Sheik, Mayor of Hargeisa and Visiting Mayor of Djibouti City, MPs, top Beder executives and other local leaders.


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