Somaliland: Veteran Journalist Injured in a Fatal Road Accident


9586799c149de64170a24fe88e813bcf_LBy Goth Mohamed Goth

The secretary general of Somaliland journalist association (SOLJA) veteran Journalist Mr. Mohamed Rashid Farah Muhumed is said to be in a critical condition after being fatally wounded in car accident which occurred earlier near the port town of Berbera.

The veteran journalist is currently recuperating in a Hargeisa hospital and said to have suffered serious neck and head injuries.

Hospital official speaking on condition of anonymity told us the injured journalist needed urgent specialized treatment abroad.

At the time of the accident the injured journalist was in the company of fellow journalist Mohamed Abdi Curad and Journalist Abdiaziz Bashir Nuur were treated at the Berbera general hospital both are said to have suffered light injuries.


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