Somaliland: Vandalism Sanitation Company called “Horseed”





The jeopardized company has been a raised blemish and up tight services lastly reached unavailable or appeared its actual face formerly buried.

Building Organization or Companies are more easily, but their future plans and objectives strongly built curiosity, transparency and accountability that steering clear internal policies and procedures situated before nominated or published.

Direct plagiarism and hidden interests planned will never be interbreed Somali Proverb says” HAL XAARAANA MA DHASHO NIRIG XALAALA”, same as Horseed Sanitation Company will never-ever provide good services to defenseless communities until the company cross-over the floods of corruptions, internal tribal competitions and personal interests that the members and the highly dictated group so-called the Founder’s assassinations.

During the planting Trees a lot of pre-planned things prepared in order to plant well and harvest strong seeds and fodder, Subsequently, every activities whether NGO’s, Companies, Schools, Universities, public and private works require comprehensible pre-planned that convey success and sustainable development the organization targeted and suitable approach that could take vital role of process implementation.

All those steps up are neglected and not applied appropriately Horsed Sanitation Company manner’s, Awdal region, particularly Borama district go in front on majority number of Somaliland youth major age between 18-35yrs copied from the UNICEF report on Somaliland youth, According to that data the reality on the ground demonstrates and witnesses the report, although the report data explore different sides directed relate to the number of youth illiterate, literate, employment and unemployment, while Borama become the head of youth unemployment throughout Somaliland Regions.

The percentage unemployment run over 97% on the rest 3% are employee at mainstream education workers” teachers” the minimum out of that 3% works NGO’s, LNGO’s, UN and Government offices.

For that constrains Borama educated youth lives closed vacuum that LNGO’s, Private companies and Office government including Horsed Sanitation Company have show them lack of sympathy and closed their ears and eyes the youth running sub-sahara desert( unemployment), youth discriminations, disintegrations, youth tribe coalitions, and youth immigrations are caused opportunity scarcity.

On the other hand, the entire youth victimized 95% are unemployment and highly responsible the local institutions whether public or private the ancestor of all those damages youth have been rallied created by the organizations always and currently argue and lobby’s the sterile company so-called Horseed.

The laws of employee explain all rights of citizen person getting and working a different work sectors on hiring and filling vacant positions, even the human rights prevent any crises occurring within Human being particularly actions and violence’s against human carrying out Horseed company assaulted the entire youth called “DO NO HARM” that forbidden any kind of organization’s while this company practicing.

Somali legend and literature Mr. Gaariye said:

Nin dawee la leeyahay.

Dambi uu badh leeyahay.

Xalka doon la leeyahay.

Isaguu u daranyahoo.

Inuu daaro ma ogola.

First view of building Horseed Sanitation Company seemed community contribution accelerating the diverse needs of whole community stakeholder parts and the youth welcomed an open-hearted in terms of a lot of positive expectations towards the job creations, but unforgiveable youth got disappointed and completely faced moral collapse.

The narrations that have been sensed direct beneficiaries and youth are the loaded opportunities most over looker group hold and never published or advertised to the youth, instead of hiring new staff and supporting employment opportunity in order to encourage new flowers dealing with difficult moods those groups preferred to their relatives, tribes, illiterate persons or other indirect relationships that personality and humanity never accept, all policies behind those criteria bloodsucker calls LNGO’s and Horsed company selected new staffs same as like; colonial, slaves and low salaries an avoiding commitment, educated and experienced staffs paying a lot of applicable salaries but their importance plans are only money saving.

Most violations and corruptions are ongoing Awdal region; Borama district reached highest level that has been caused internal and external bloodshed of market jobs. Although an Awdal community claims power sharing, political sharing and employment sharing. But the reality of alleging those shares are significant to begun locally and caught up rights lost among Awdal communities and local institutions. Organizations united Horsed Sanitation Company and their under shadows are primarily responsible all those rights and vacant opportunities that has been morally damaged the vulnerable youth dealing with strong constrains and barriers on getting work.

Consequences, there is no legal laws abided person or group of person having and working 2,3, 4, up to 5 positions with a different institutions whether LNGO’s, NGO’s, Companies, Government offices or public or private works, if it happen the above cases will lighting and automatically projected lack of organizations/company’s Code of Conduct, unfair, corruptions, lack of transparency and accountability abandon and also symbolize institution jumped basic pillars could not brought success and development.

Example like Horseed Sanitation Company practicing currently all cases mentioned up and caused the unproductive and handicapped crises arm chaired persons managed and paralyzed whole company’s policies and procedures including services of company’s roles of sanitation. The unexplored continues crises inside the company permanently initiated the processes of employee and office staffs that small group adopted and not aware matured corruption.

The bad apple teams buried roles and responsibility of positions and rights of all staffs in order to collect the benefits and entire amounts of money previously calculated, The recklessness founders whose have colour-blindness from other important of magnitude of sanitation sees only the green-colour of their interests for replacing the company’s Executive Director and the rumors these groups supplied to take these personal and group interests assassinated an up normal meetings based on office eager, group targeted, political views, and tribal coalition.

For that reasons mentioned interpreter and no more ways the local government, community and the governor are dependent the untruth of miscarriage company that completely failed and could not creep independently unless the government directly interfere the company, that conducting monitoring and evaluation based on the reality of their services and activities impacts since they ruling the sanitation program.

In generally, organizations and companies has basically got principles and procedures, although organizations become under headed known as:

  1. Formal organizations                                             2. Non-formal organizations

Apart from those common types of organization, another deeply types of organizational structures illustrate the four basic types of organizations and their structure procedures are as follows:

  1. Pyramids/Hierarchies                                                     2. Committee/Juries
  2. Matrix Organization                                                         4. Ecologist

From the business perspectives depends the choice of organization’s design has substantial implications for strategy, authority distribution, resource allocation and functional approaches, while the organization sets common low, functional and decentralized that helps organization’s management and sustainable development up warded organizations trust and dignity.

In addition, Horsed Sanitation Company has not been cleared which types of organizations it resembled or copied from a day of built, Darkness sorrow case strongly surprising the company’s corruptive blindness swimming that never-ever happened an institutions are as follows:

  1. There is no existing type of organization represent,
  2. the members ignored completely the basic of company laws,
  3. lack of constitutional the company sets period of building Horsed Sanitation Company,
  4. Unclear policies and procedures the company’s follow ups in terms of financially and running costs the company utilize, and there is no internal and external audit apart from the ED,
  5. Lack of selection criteria policies and regulations of company’s hiring new staffs( employee)
  6. Undefined authorities and decision-making both the BOD and ED, which the points frequently causes the postponed and internal crises the organization has become handicapped,
  7. Lack of company’s constitutions law descending power and permanent structure, although they drafted assassinated and fraud constitution that has been organized interests and waive responsibility towards the current sacrificed Manager deals hardest situation Horsed Sanitation Company faced; bankrupt, deficit, internal crises, corruption, alliance, tribalism, political view and officer eager that internal groups organized. Apart from that temporary constitution neither regulatory ones nor permanent draft general assembly voted and officially approved,
  8. Group alliance, discrimination and political diversity practiced by group of lobbying horsed sanitation company’s founders
  9. Unclear policy planned and criteria of agreements towards the shareholders amount of money and their ownerships certificates officially assigned and declared their memberships.

Somali legend and literature Mr. Gaariye said:

Ninkastoo dakane galay

Qoluuu dabada galiyaa

Dembi dhacay sas’uul male

Markaad hebel duqaysaa

Reer hebel damqanayaan

Management team takes important role an organization’s activities planned, services and programs whether the team experienced or juniors it depends organization mandates, the staffs only follow up action plans, policies and procedures of organization’s guidelines, financial procedures, project components and frameworks, WBS, TOR and individual roles and responsibilities, etc.

Horsed Sanitation company has been managed senior and expert Executive Director that has used to work field of financial and accountant more decades, also become district Mayor with familiar of Administrations for his works experience point up Executive Director’s strongest and weakness behaviors, But surely of discussing Executive Director’s personal profile could not being hidden or buried the reality.

If it happen all writers view points and trustfully information compiled will be completely Bias, Bias information and witness of the report will be disappeared.

Dealing with the company activities and its mandates seemed irresponsible and scattered according to lack of Management system and policies guiding including other thing mentioned before will not be working probably and will not providing guarantee services to the direct beneficiaries and even the town’s beauty, Horseed sanitation company should have to keep and clean the town.

The local government and the community have not been expected or waiting well and continues services of collecting rubbish in order to reach community’s target on well sanitation and hygiene. While raining season begun that could cause the poor sanitation and garbage distributed every place blow up epidemic disease born at moisture and water floods i.e “diarrhea and cholera”. There is a high probability risk available if the Horsed sanitation company will not conducts widely campaign of cleaning and collecting huge rubbish embedded the drainages and water flows, also community speaks loudly and shouting to the mayor and local councils should empathy their vulnerable community and supervise the disability company lost their responsibility and spoils the environment.

Last but not least of my points, the company’s current policy guidelines will be never-ever or before and after should not brought success and adorable ways of delivering services with compatible manner.

Even it might happen the plans of majority groups assassinated and organized to replace the company’s Executive Director and do reshuffling the four office staff and money collectors, those power hungering groups even could input new blood will not be refreshed and not washed away unmovable corruptions avoided company’s stands its own legs.

But the changes neither improve the service nor implement reconciliation actions that stabilize pillars and policies diverted early developing, although the newly changes automatically contaminating and collapsing the company unless Horseed failed founder brought back the sanitation company its original institution at department Sanitation of local council.

Another sorrowful fraud and humiliation case happened in Horsed Sanitation Company, one of the main and bigger vehicle permanently works company’s garbage carrier was being under jailed for the purpose of money fuels the vehicle used day to day the company’s activities planned, A witness salient his Name told the case prevalence history, there was an official agreements held between horsed sanitation company Executive Director and the former Mayor related the issue of financial fuel and the amount of money $ 7,830 Mr. Bashir needs and waiting for long time was directly transferred the Mayor and local council for subtracting financial supports sanitation’s percentage the company receive the accounts of local municipality, the up official agreement has been given both the Horseed Executive director and Fuel Manager while the original agreements left and kept Mayor.

The case of vehicle jailed and the direct and indirect policy behind all those information related the suspended vehicle including where, how, who, and why would be discussing our later coming (EPISODE III).

Before releasing that information our audience should answer the question marks floating on the Board of Director, Share holders and Executive Director.


Would you believe a company that working strongest activities of sanitation and rubbish collection has been jailed the biggest vehicle takes and carrier the maximum garbage’s the cleaners collected completely ignore and complaint it?









>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>   TO BE CONTINUE           >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Abdikadir Jama Abdullahi

Analyst and Free Writer

Borama, Somaliland


Cell Phone: +252634453327/4442995

Date: 07/04/2016




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