Somaliland under uncertainty




The true enemy, opponents, and enviers of the Somaliland Nation; defines us as a vibrant, immature, and emotional young girl in the minority – stage .  Who is full of life and energy.  Overwhelmed by an immediate love of approval at the first sight.  Suddenly followed by a loud boo as an expression of disapproval and contempt to the outcome, when betting with the wrong – horse.  We always answer, before we think twice.  Some people may regard me as a naïve citizen who accepts and grants the false accusation and the dictation of his enemy.  But I am not.  I have to be true with myself.  Dear reader, if you want to get the true image of the Somalilanders.  Don’t go to the Jaat – Chatting – Halls of politicians where they are talking about honey and milk.   Anchor at those shabby, cottages, and shacks that are built along the sides of the streets of our towns.  Here you encounter and you get the true picture, sincere feelings, and the painful sufferings of the masses, of the silent majority.  Those shacks with no chairs or tables.  Those breathless and smoky squeezing spaces, where customers eat and drink while they are standing.  Resembling the Hot – Tables of Harlem, Newyork.  Those desolate and depressing shacks are my favourite hang – around.  Those are the platform where I put my hunting camera, to get the true picture and impression of the lay – man on the street.

Dear reader, library lovers never go to bed alone.  Recently, my political pal – writer and Hero, Dr.Tani has tipped me privately the wink of the Wake – Up Call.  Relaying the message of the Tug – Of – War in the workshop of the Kulmiye Party.  Due to conflict of interest and mistrust among the Kulmiye family members, the party has been destroyed in to ash and dust with shattered dreams and hopes.  Each group playing with a manila rope with looped ends.  Mistrust overshadowed the whole Kulmiye members in the critical struggle for supremacy.  Shooting at each other with the barrel of the apartheid – gun, while exchanging fake, false smiles. Not even exchanging letters of condolence.

The  Opium – Den of Mujahid Musa Bixi is in oblivion.   While our own Uncle Tom, Mr.Silanyo is taking his summer holiday, and taking more classes of the African – political – Ballet – Dance in the UK.   Exclaiming, “  Who cares love, I have already shattered the fortified Fort of Mujahid Musa Bixi and turned it in to a tiny, defenceless castles.  They are all petty – pets and cats without nails or teeth. God save the queen!  I have taught my opponents ten bizarre ways to die !.  Let them bump off and bite one another, that will save me their troubling headache.  Anybody who comes to my kitchen soup, he has to stand the heat. “ Mr.Silanyo ended with his remarks.   Dear reader, power, money, envy, and megalomania blinds and corrupts the African leadership.   Mr.Silnyo is claiming that Somalilanders is a nation that born crying, will live complaining, and will die disappointed.   Amazing indeed! Mr.Silanyo has forgotten that yesterday he was one of us.  We are back again to square one, helplessly starting from the scratch.  Reciting those old, touching and impressive verses in the style and rhythm of our own Rap – Music of Siinleey, and Deeleey of the deceased Gariye, the great, professor Hadrawe our own William Shakespeare, and Abdi Qais our own Aleksandr Pushkin.  As a healing process for our broken hearts, injured souls, and old wounds.  The Newspaper – Reporters are put behind bars simply because, for meeting the lay – man on the street; taking off his shirt to display his wounds, and scars on his back, and shoulders.   Plus the timeless mental depression in the stressful detentions for no apparent reasons.  Dadna Waa Hangoolkii Nin Markuu Dan Leeyahay, Dalmarow La Tebi Jiray.

Our fair – weather friend and brother – In – Law in Jibouti , Mr.Geele, no more believes in the previous  cheeks – kissing and false smiles of Mr.Silanyo.   After discovering the contaminated DNA results due to impure contacts and radioactivity of Mr.Silanyo.  Plus the lack of proficiency tests to ensure that contamination is a rare event in our DNA templates.  Because of these doubts, a new line is drawn on the sand.  Above that, the Ethiopian friends is fetching up the Al- Shabab – elements in our bedrooms and labelling our cabinet ministers as Al – Shabab under hibernation.  After discovering how loose and fragile our security measures are.

Putting a question mark in the sincerity of the co – operation and coordination in between the two countries.  All those doubts overshadowed  our mutual relationship and fraternity.

Moreover, the Evil – Empires in Puntland and Mogadishu are triggering the clashes and conflicts of the Shia in the east, who are discontented with the unjustifiable power – Sharing;  and that is adding fuel to the fire.  At the same time, the Silanyo regime embraces some unwanted elements like Ahmed Abdi Xabsade and Suleman Isse Jama who  represent nobody; except their wallet and stomach.  While putting at arm’s length the true believers of Somaliland like Fuad Adan Adde and Dr.Tani who had sacrificed with bone and blood.  In the old good days, Somalilanders used to say that Berbera Township breast feeds the infants of the foreign immigrants and neglects it’s own infants.  More  disgustingly, the Regime of Silanyo is planting seeds of hatred among family and friends of the Wahabists in the west; and the Sunni in the central regions.   The whole country is under siege and sailing with the same boat of Gaza, palestine.  The challenging two opposition parties are headed by a green boy who is in a constant contact with his   spiritual singer Farxiya Fiska; and the other one is run by that shy, timid guy, with the cheerful face, who did nothing mentionable during his days in office as the Chair – man of the National Assembly.  With the exception of, raising the salary of the members of parliament.  Hence, we are expecting no better alternative in the horizon.

Honestly speaking, we are in a state of epilepsy and turmoil.   Travelling through a dark tunnel full of mines, bumps, explosives and bubby – traps.  In addition to all above, the International community can’t trust us anymore, as they are fully aware that  Somaliland politicians tell the International Community a different version of politics that is in contrary to the true demands of the Somalilanders.  Above that, we don’t know who is running the country and to where we are heading to..  We are in a fate worse than death.

My days among the dead are still going.

Yusuf Deyr, Edmonton, Alberta


  1. great article, Sillanyo deceived us he also deceived himself, Somalilander’s don’t despair his days are numbered. Sillanyo cannot hide behind the masked, he has unmasked himself, no one will trust him again! We need to tame the monstrous presidency, I suggest like south Korea we only have one term president, the term for president should increase from five years to six while also limiting it to one term only. We should abolish the position of presidential appointed governors, replacing it with directly elected governors and deputy. The current three political party system should be abolished and allow for free formation of parties. The Supreme court judges should get jobs for life, Ucid & Wadani should state what are their constitutional plans for the country, before the election. As we have seen the current system allows for teraney to grow.

  2. what kind of bias article is this, why are trying to blind us when we can see everything clear as day, the way i see it is we had 3 presidents can u tell which ones which “one president wanted money” “another was just lazy” ” and then we have the legend “. what’s worser is the blind following the blind ” great article sillanyos days are numbered ” delusions of a mad men, everybody knows the legend that is OUR president will rather die on the throne than give it to a unpatriotic cockroach


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