Somaliland: UCID Representing the country at the Socialists International council in Mexico


UCID1Socialists International meeting started this morning in Mexico City, where UCID delegates are participating the meeting and share the Somaliland experience with delegates from 79 countries.

The issues UCID the delegates are discussing with their counterparts includes includes the problems of Democracy without law and order, a challenge many developing countries are facing. UCID delegates are sharing with their colleagues how this issue can ne addressed and what Somalilanders are doing in order to ensure the forth coming Presidential elections in Somaliland do not turn out to be one that dents fledging democracy of Somaliland.

UCID Delegates are encouraging their foreign countries in the meeting to send observers to Somaliland’ selections.

The issue of economic development is an issue that discussed many times during, and UCID delegates highlighted the position of Somaliland’s constitution, where both the idea so mix economy and private enterprise are embraced.

UCID delegates explained to the members of the association how the party is committed to look after the rights of the citizens and residents of Somaliland; a commitment with which to ensure that the poor are not left unprotected. Also, UCID explained the challenges that Somaliland meets in international arena and how the fellow delegates could help the people of Somaliland achieve de jure recognition that ensures Somaliland meets her international obligations in legal and open way.

UCID Delegates are in the forth front in supporting Somaliland in international arenas and expecting to meet privately many delegates dung this meeting.

UCID calls upon the incumbent government of Somaliland to embark upon an inclusive foreign policy that helps the country to merge from her current isolation.

Eng: Faysal Cali Waraabe iyo Mohamed-Aar Abdillahi Mohamed
Mobile: 44 (0) 7983 512 308


  1. the sun will shine over ucid any effort that any party contributes for the sake of somaliland abroad is a positive step, and those who dislike faisal while his father guidance and wise decision are paramount in somaliland, what have silanyo and gaal contributed apart from causing friction among somalilanders?

  2. somaliland should follow the path of somalia in creating mini state every clan should have their own mini state because it is pulling a leg at the moment and it is not where a state can fuction.


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