Somaliland: The Opposition Has Already Lost the 2015 Election

The leaders of the three official national political party's
The leaders of the three official national political party's
The leaders of the three official national political party's
The leaders of the three official national political party’s


The strong man of Somaliland, Hersi Haji Ali, and his flimflam artists are working round-the-clock to set the stage for stealing the 2015 Presidential Election ahead of time.


Hersi has lately been playing a hardball with the ailing Leader of the Guurti, Saleban Mohamoud Aden, to ensure that the potential candidates he picks for the Electoral Commission are unreservedly prepared to be at the beck and call of Hersi.


Forget an independent Electoral Commission if you had one in mind.


For almost two weeks, the aging former ASAD [Lion] leader has been trying to fight off Hersi and his vultures that descended on his den but in the end the old man had found himself too weak to protect himself from this robust young man who will not take no for an answer.


In the end, Saleban ignominiously threw in the white towel for fear that he might ‘vomit milk out of his nose.’ The mighty ASAD has ultimately been tamed.


Hersi has been playing his cards closely to his chest for sometime, vetting all potential candidates for the Electoral Commission away from the prying eyes of the public. Obviously, the two candidates to be nominated by the Presidential Palace will not in any way, shape, or form deviate from the path set by Hersi.


As for the two candidates nominated by Saleban, they are now safely and securely in the pocket of Hersi. There are however three more candidates to vet.


The candidate from the ruling party, KULMIYE, will obviously pass their test with flying colours because Hersi will have the ultimate say.


For the moment, the energetic young Prime Minister is obviously not worried about the two remaining candidates that will come from the opposition parties.


Only a week ago, the enfeebled opposition leaders were playing the tough guys who have the people’s interests at heart, calling for a nation wide boycott of the proposed civil registration scheme. And guess what happened a week later?  They made the biggest U-turn out of the blue.


Without hesitation, they applied for asylum at the Presidential Palace under a dubious pact with the government regarding the civil registration scheme.



You can rest assured that the two leader’s asylum applications will qualify for fast-track processing. Hersi will decide the outcome of their applications and will leave no stone unturned in terms of what he expects from each party leader as part of a quid pro quo.

Faisal Ali Warabe is already smiling from ear to ear, drinking a sweet aromatic Somali tea in the Presidential Palace and rubbing shoulders with Silanyo. He is patiently waiting for the Prime Minister to approve his candidate without a hitch.


But Hersi’s message is unmistakably clear: You are either with us, or against us. This is the yardstick by which every candidate will be measured. No less, No more!


Who cares if UCID split into two?  Would the media please shut up!


Somaliland held five elections in the past decade or so. Faisal’s party lost all five elections, making him the world’s longest serving political party leader who lost all elections in which his party participated. His party has one MP in the parliament and he is most certainly not worried about losing another election. If he loses another election that might probably secure him a place in The Guinness World Record Book as the world’s longest serving political party leader with string of losses under his belt.


In fairness, Somaliland still needs Faisal even if he resigns and leaves politics. Despite his flaws, he is the only leader who robustly defends Somaliland like no other leader, past or present. His scary language often sends Somaliland’s foes scurrying for cover.


Risking the perils of trying to ride two horses at once, Abdirahman Irro would rather be happy to stick around in his familiar territory in the parliament for fear that the portly little man from Burao might eject him from his plum post- Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament.  Until then, WADANI supporters should stop whining and wait until the time is ripe for Irro to be ready to fully take over the leadership mantle of the party.


There is still a glimmer of hope however for the disgruntled members of the opposition camp.


For those who want to shed some tears because of the current state of affairs, Jamal Ali Hussein, the UCID Presidential Candidate, is a shoulder to cry on. He is the last man standing as far as the bulldozed opposition camp is concerned.


But how long Jamal will stand his ground still remains to be seen.


In the meantime, Hersi is impatiently revving the engine of his monster bulldozer, ready to push what’s left of the make-shift opposition camp into the ditch.


The groundwork for the next election has been very carefully laid and the outcome of the election has already been decided even long before the campaign began.


Somaliland’s former Vice-President, Hassan Issa Jama, hit the nail on the head when he categorically stated in a raw and candid interview with Hadhwanaagnews on 21st September 2014 that “this government cannot be trusted to conduct fair and free elections”.


It’s still fresh in the public’s memory when the leadership of this government headed by Hersi stole the last local elections in a broad day light through “a wide spread electoral fraud including ballot-stuffing, ballot burning, collective voting, and vote count tampering” in collusion with members of the former Electoral Commission and Hargeisa District Court.


Although the presidential election is still months away and a lot can change until then, this government can still win the presidential election as things stand right now. So, what are they afraid of?


Well, old habits die hard. Hersi stole an election before and has the audacity to do it again. After all, who is going to stop him from stealing the next election? No one, of course. It’s all set.


There is no doubt that this young man has a burning desire to accomplish his mission. And who can blame him?


All he needs now is to appear before the TV cameras, and stand behind a huge banner that reads, “Mission Accomplished”.


In the meantime, we will patiently wait, when the time comes, for the TV cameras to capture the moment when the opposition leaders start crying wolf over stolen election.


There is a Somali proverb that says, He Who Cannot Comprehend The Present Cannot Predict the Future [Nimaan waxa jooga garan waxa soo socda ma garto]




Jamal Madar

London, UK



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