Somaliland: SL is Our Most Trusted Partner in this Difficult Region-Ambassador Chris Allan



IMG_0068By Goth Mohamed Goth

H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo met with Mr. chris Allan the Deputy Ambassador who flew in from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where he is based.

President Silanyo and British envoy discussed issues relating on ways to enhance the existing cordial relations between the two countries and the continuity of development cooperation.

Somaliland foreign minister speaking to the press moments after emerging from the closed door meeting said ,” Somaliland will in the coming days send a high level delegation consisting of government Ministers ,Guurti, MPs and opposition leaders to Kenya  to present Somaliland territorial case to the international community.

The foreign minister “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chris Allan the UK envoy who came all the way from the British embassy in Addis Ababa,Ethiopia.

Hon Bihi Yunis went on to say , “Somaliland is a nation of peace loving people and who have managed to nurture peace and tranquility for the past 23 years and that its the the duty of Somaliland government to protection of the lives of its civilians.

“We went to Taleh to stabilize and at the will of the people who are there. We went there to help. We have no intention to be aggressors. We have also made clear to our partners there is no disputed area and we said British knows better where the borders of Somaliland are. That is not the issue at all and I think that is not the intention but to stabilize. We are interested to bring good governance, development and stabilization to every province in the country. Those people who live in that part of Somaliland are our brothers and sisters.” Said Mr. Bihi

He went on to say that our intention was to help them to bring development, stability and will not allow spoilers to come to the country to create havoc and problems on us and we will make every effort to ensure that we maintain peace, stability and good governance that we have been doing over the years and I think Chris and other international community are very much aware that we have managed to be safe and to have peace within Somaliland for over 23 years. Region that has lots of problems and I think that Somaliland has provided a lot of lessons that has been learned here to the rest of the world and we are very grateful for the support for the friendly relationship with the UK and the support which we have been getting from them through Somaliland Development Fund and through the security arrangement and capacity building projects implemented in the country.


Deputy Ambassador  Chris Allan addressing the media said, “First i would like to say thank you to H.E. President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud for his invitation to visit the country for this time. As the FM said the United Kingdom is strong close friend of Somaliland.

We have long been and we continue to be,Our cooperation with Somaliland government spans the spheres of economy, development ,security and shared priorities in this region and we have discussed some of the common goals and successes in depth with the President.

We talked to about the importance to the international community including UK and Somaliland of peace, security and stability across the region where there is already too much conflicts. The President and the Foreign Minister were very clear on Somaliland commitment to regional peace and stability. They raised concerns about the statement of the international community in recent days and weeks.

I reassure them that our focus was very much on peace, security and stability and not taking sides in any political disputes. I made clear for the UK and for all of us and for Somaliland too I know the resolutions of disputes through dialogue rather than military forces the route that we and others hope can be taken to ensure success.

We concluded amicably as we always do that the United Kingdom and Somaliland have  huge number of shared interests to work together on security, development and celebrated some of successes for the UK  has extensively investing in Somaliland future . Somaliland is the our most trusted partner in this difficulty region.” Said Chris Allan