Somaliland: Silanyo’s Disastrous Legacy and How to Avert It


President Silanyo on the way to Rashids Home

By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye

What his legacy will look like after his departure? Will Somaliland survive? We’ve seen worrisome rise of insecurity in nationwide level of which top military brass officers were brutally murdered in broad daylight in their barracks; militant attacks in region-wide, and dramatic growth of nepotism, revival of cancer of tribalism, and empowerment of militancy detrimental to any human progress became rampant following President Silanyo’s election. Was Silanyo’s election was a curse or bless to de-radicalize the most dangerous elements with ministerial post, with money, of who refused to succumb to moderate teachings of Islam? My in-depth analysis article will explore the factors and power dynamics that brought him to power and how his legacy would look like if the trend remains the same.

To begin with, President Silanyo succeeded to create a regime of which Islamists lead; “world class” trained technocrats follow, thus, many analysts think that regime is “useful” for militants in number of ways unlike international accusation that regime is terrorist armed with “Jihadist nuclear arms” of radicalization and therefore threat to the regional and global peace. The argument could be wrong.

But there is no doubt that Kulmiye Party revolutionized the way the politics and governance is conducted in Somaliland political arena altering to Tora Bura a likeliness , now two subgroups of “puritan” Islamists within the party ferociously arguing sitting with ministers who are rather “social drinkers”, fond of blue partying even though their role is worse than janitors’ is grave sin and constitutes some sort of political disloyalty to Saudi Wahabism, their bankrollers, and need be removed from the “hidden” theocracy, and others argue that the ends justify the means. “We don’t want to criticize x girl for being immodestly dressed, let the system grow stronger and stronger” “at this age of weakness, let’s hug western female delegates at the arrival rather than forcing to wear headscarves lest they recognize us”. Some often argue.

Notorious militants; ex-returnees from Kismayo already declared their Parliamentary candidacies, would the world ever accept Somaliland in its beautiful status quo? All they need is their Jihadist finance (of Latin names but formerly Arabic like biluul, Yusur, Barakat, alshufuc,) to campaign on behalf of their backward tribal world beginning with the trite rhetoric “Somaliland live long to deceive innocent voters…” If they win, neither UK nor US Embassy would legitimately refuse their visa issuance as they freely and fairly elected MPS representing Westminster-like constituency. What a dilemma!

But the mastermind behind this Islamist revolution took Islamists’ technique one step further by realignment after constant Drone attacks decimated two-third of world terrorists without US military losses reducing their ability to kill off only their fellow poor Muslims whenever and wherever they want. “I put Jihad on Sunni deviant infant yesterday” “Takbeer Allah God blesses you” another shouted. Their evilness is beyond human comprehension; only people with animalistic instinct would decipher and approve their Jihad crusade against cafes and bus stations, and airlines.

If the World didn’t show leniency towards Somaliland’s “inner circle” that nothing happens without their endorsement, a Sultan didn’t dare to send condolences on the eve of Godane’s death to the comrades-in-terror and boast that Mogadishu government reinstalled Al-Shabab senior members into government higher positions (with new names perhaps), and asked himself why not we ( Somaliland)?

AMISOM like NATO concentrated their military sophisticated hardware in Mogadishu urban centers listening to music while Al-Shabab remnants are eliminated by UFO in a country whose people live in seven century Arabia similar to the Superstition Age.

Silanyo’s regime is a mixture of all ingredients of the society, a good thing to be appreciated of which his predecessors had shunned to stay clean neat. Hirsi’s unique revolutionary system’s opponents are thus considered “naïve” or “heretics in fantasy” or “haters of upcoming Sharia based prosperity” because they can’t turn the clock back and only yapping. Furthermore; the West still deals with clean dudes only bolstering their grip of power and prolonging their lifetime.

Much like Republicans using Nixon’s popularity at the time of dementia, the kingmaker Islamists in the core Kulmiye Party will force the ailing president to run next term despite his ailing health, inability to run household never mind running nation. Many foreign observers see president Silanyo as hostage to criminal brutes or the president is the “captain of the ship who steer the ship to go where told to go”. And that’s why the region sealed off their borders. The foreign policy is in tatters now.

But If Silanyo rejects any rerun, surely, the party will tumble, they know as party has no unifying figure like him to rally behind. In fact, President Silanyo was a good man with great eloquence, but now only stars at his people with lackluster eyes.

Today, the countries concerned with democratization process called three the national party leaders to meet in Nairobi. But whatsoever the world advises, the key decision-maker will trash the whole idea unless suits his interests or the world threatens inner individuals openly holding state funerals for terrorists died with Hellfire Missile to quit the system or face dire consequences. But so far The West has no political will to do so for obvious reasons.

In the Muslim countries of where rule of law ceased functioning election became vehicle for Islamists to reach power with fewer frustrations. But we saw this movie and it had very disastrous ending. Morsi Sung Egyptian pop song with religious lyrics designed to suit the poor masses’ grievances and won but what happened? Where’s he? Green bigots figured out to copycat his blueprint.

His Excellency President Riyale introduced multiparty system; he will be remembered with his great legacy of freedom of press, freedom to assembly, and etc.

HE late President Egal transformed the system from guerilla’s style governance to framework of modern statehood.

HE President Abdirahman Ahmed Ali successfully managed to liberate the whole country under occupation from one of Africa’s most powerful army slaughtering innocent civilians on the highways. He was given credit for his enormous mission he accomplished. He engineered combination of policy and military strategy by expanding SNM not just Issaaq rebels asset but formed a kind of “coalition will”, comprehensive platform for all Somalis wanting to fight against the brutal regime and in order to cut off reinforcements coming from Somalia’s Bantu, forced recruited outcastes flying to the frying pan to escalate deadly war.

After four years, Mr. President, all we see is deterioration, enriching few of your distant cousins, and hired cronies and empowering Ebola virus to go viral. Is that what you chose your legacy to be? Allah may set you free from the grip of your brutal abductors. Amen.

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