Somaliland: SGI Holdings pledge to Aggressively Invest in the Coal Mining Sector


DSC09142By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Deputy Minister of Commerce’s and International Investment Hon Bashir Ali Hariir and the Governor of Hawd region Hon Ibrahim Haji Hassan Ali briefed members of the press of the four day country tour by top SGI holdings officials in the Egal International Airport today before the visiting officials left the country .

Hon Bashir Ali Hariir told the visiting international entrepreneurs that Somaliland is open for business and that the government is welcomes and is ready to assist all those who are interested in investing in the country.    

The Director of SGI Global Holdings, Ltd (SGI) Mr. Tim McCoy speaking to reporters in the VIP lounge of Egal international airport said, “First and fore most I would like to thank His Excellency Vice President Abdurrahman Abdullah Ismail “Saylici” and all those Ministers for their warm hospitality and all those who supported our trip , I would also like to express my special gratitude to the Governor of Hawd region for all the facilitations which made our trip possible and to come here to invest and to do project development which shall benefit the people of Somaliland

Mr. Tim McCoy went on to say, “The SGI Holdings has been present in the eastern African region for the past six years mainly in South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda and the company controls large, medium, and small in all branches of industry, commerce and the service sector and that they are planning to initiate a partnership in which will hence play a significant role for the commercial development of the country.

“Our specific interest’s and capacity include in the areas of infrastructure which includes roads ,water, power for the people and our commercial interests in mining , agriculture, timber and we came to Somaliland with the hopes of investigating if this was next opportunity  of investing and working with the good people of Somaliland in advancing the hopes of both the people and government and we are coming away extremely happy with all that we have learned and we having being out to the port region of Berbera and we had the opportunity to go local sites but most important of all we have learned the government is extremely engaged in inviting and assisting company like ours in developing the country  in order to benefit and meet  the needs people”, he said.

Mr. Tim McCoy added, “On behalf of my team, I would like to say that we are extremely pleased with what we have seen and we are specifically encouraged and we are ready to move forward with the aggressively with the prospects of mining coal and participating in improving infrastructure such as upgrading the existing roads systems with the aim of making the roads passable hence good security and greater commerce and which will benefit the constituencies who will be using the new roads to improve their livelihoods and improving electricity in centers such as Hargeisa with technologies we are familiar with and off course the water sector which is essential in the lives of citizens not to mention salt harvesting down the coast which we believe shall be able to create crucial employments for the local population.

So finally we just can as a group to thank all of you especially the Vice President, Minister of Commerce and international investment, Minister of Energy, Minister of Transportation, Minister of Aviation and all those were there to answer our questions at a moment notice not forgetting also who have being crucial and who contributed to the success of our trip and we really look forward to come back as soon as possible and to begin the work ahead of us as quickly as possible.

SGI Global Holdings, Ltd (SGI) facilitates the procurement and development of large scale infrastructure projects. SGI was established as a holding company to couple its extensive business development and financial markets experience with its ability to finance and build core infrastructure assets in developing markets. It has been SGI’s strategy to deliver proven project design and implementation skills, which are supported and financed through an intimate understanding of, and access to, the world’s project finance markets. Currently SGI has the commitment of significant project funds, (in the billions of dollars) which are sourced from the US and European capital markets, and when properly secured, are specifically earmarked for developing market infrastructure projects.

SGI’s corporate mandate is to successfully identify and procure projects that meet its investment criteria and thresholds, as well as those of its financial partners. Once a project is identified and targeted for procurement, SGI will place the project into one of its family of companies for development. At every stage of development, the principals of SGI remain principals in the projects up and through completion. It is that hands on approach that has earned SGI, and its family of companies, the confidence of its clients and partners that the projects will be delivered on time and on budget.



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