Somaliland: Section of Habar Awal Elders Pledges Support for President Silanyo 2015 Presidential Bid


DSC00860Goth Mohamed Goth

President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo bid to run for the 2015  Presidential elections got a boost today after a section of traditional chiefs from the Suber Awal Community threw their support in favor of the current head of state during press conference held at Mansoor Hotel.

The traditional chiefs also praised both the President silanyo and the chairman of the ruling party the “KULMIYE” for accepting the recommendation made by the House of Guurti re conciliatory committee.

The elders speaking during the press conference also lauded the current government of led by President Silanyo for implementing tangible development projects across the whole country and that proves that this government has a vision.

The Suber Awal leaders also urged community not to support individuals who are dragging the nation into anarchy and instead support President Silanyo bid as the to lead the ruling Kulmiye party to the 2015 presidential elections as the party favorite flag bearer.

As the press conference was about to end some youths believed to be from pro Muse Bihi camp started to shout insults at the traditional elders.

1.Suldaan  Hussien Aw Muse Cirday,

2.Suldaan  Mohamed Dahir Elmi

3.Suldaan Ahmed Abdillaahi Dawaale

4. Suldaan Osman Sheikh Ibrahim Aw Muxumed

5.Suldaan Ahmed Cabdilaahi Samaale


  1. In other news

    10 JUNE 2014

    A delegation from the UN International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) met with Somaliland government officials at the weekend to discuss the future of airspace control in the region, the Somaliland Informer reported Sunday (June 8th).

    The ICAO delegation met with representatives from the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Air Transport and assessed operations at airports in Hargeisa and Berbera, as well as at the ministry, said Director General of Civil Aviation and Air Transport Omar Abdilahi.

    The delegates inspected a new terminal under cons0ction at Berbera airport, which is nearing completion, and a security fence around the airport, which was recently finished.

    ICAO Chief of Field Operations Javier Lopez said the delegation would assess the situation and determine whether the Somaliland region is prepared to govern its own airspace.

    For his part, Minister of Civil Aviation and Air Transport Mohamud Hashi Abdi thanked the ICAO delegation for their visit and reiterated that Somaliland was indeed prepared to assume control of its airspace.

    The talks follow a meeting last week between the ICAO delegation and officials from the Puntland federal state about the future of the Somali Civil Aviation Authority, which soon will be transferred to Somali federal government, Horseed Media reported June 6th.

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