Somaliland:President Silanyo Vows to Enhance Trade and Security Cooperation with Ethiopia



By Goth Mohamed Goth

H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo) met with the Ethiopian Prime Minister Haile Mariam Desalegn on the 14 June 2014 in the Peoples palace  in Addis Abba, Capital of Ethiopia .

The leaders of the two countries met to discuss matters related to security, economy, diplomacy and the movement of people between the two nations during a meeting which lasted two hours.

President Ahmed briefing the press moments after emerging from the closed door meeting said, “I am glad that we have agreed on all the issues we had discussed with PM and we’re committed to enhance our cooperation with Ethiopia on matters regarding security, trade, investment, education and Border. Somaliland is set to strengthening commercial and security ties with Ethiopia.

Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon Mohamed Bihi Yonis said, “Ethiopia has been and will be a good Friend of Somaliland and the two countries have a very close relationship, and promised not only to maintain the prevalent existing bilateral relations but to strengthen them in the Future.

President Silanyo is accompanied by the first Lady Amina Sheik Mohamed Jirde Weris , Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon Mohamed Bihi Yonis , Minister of Education Zam Zam Abdi Aden just to name few , the delegation will later today fly to London , UK .

Click the link below to watch the video clip


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