Somaliland: Reconciliatory committee Set to announce a Settlement to SOLJA Wrangles Soon


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By Goth Mohamed Goth


Press Statement:                                                                                          04/08/2014

Ref: Settlement

A reconciliatory committee made up of independent and veteran journalists tasked with finding a settlement to the weeklong slate mate caused by lack of consensus in leadership and concerns the conflicting naming and regulating guidelines on roles of the SOLJA 5th general meeting preparatory committee

  1. We (reconciliatory committee) would like to express gratitude to both factions for unswervingly accepting our mediation to solve the current deadlock triggered by lack consensus on the part of Somaliland Journalist Association leadership on various issues of contention hence resulting to deep factional cracks that threatened to split SOLJA, both groups have now pledged to accepted our mediation and to heed the outcome.
  1. The reconciliatory committee has in the past days separately meet with the representatives of two factions in a bid to hear their grievances and both have agreed to respect whatever aspects and issues agreed upon in any conciliatory roundtable to be tenable.


  1. The reconciliatory committee shall in the coming days announce a final settlement, sowe do hereby urge fellow journalists and all the stakeholders in the media business to fully support the reconciliatory committee in their efforts to bring the issue to a close and also to safeguard the integrity and prestigious of the association.


The names of reconciliatory committee:

  1. Hussein Ali Nur
  2. Ahmed Ducaleh Bullaale
  3. Abdullah Aden Omar (Wayab)
  4. Mohamed Aw Aden
  5. Mohamed Abdi Ilig.



Mohamed Abdi Ilig

Reconciliatory committee Spokesperson


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