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Published On: Sun, Dec 28th, 2014

Somaliland: Professor Ahmed I Samatar at Hargeisa Cultural Center On 29th December

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Ahmed SamatarEvent:  Public Lecture
Speaker:  Ahmed I. Samatar, James Wallace Professor of International Relations
Time:  Monday 29 December, 2014, 19.30.

Venue: Hargeysa Cultural Center

Notwithstanding some notable achievements in the past twenty three years, the people of Somaliland face forbidding difficulties in all the major areas of human existence. If development is defined as the massive transformation, over the long haul, of the quality of life for all, the critical sites for such a monumental struggle include the CULTURAL SPHERE. This lecture will explore the pivotal role of culture in the perennial challenge towards modernity in Somaliland.
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