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Published On: Wed, Apr 17th, 2013

Somaliland:Breaking News; Prime Minister David Cameron Meets Somaliland Leader in 10 Downing Street

By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo) has met with the British Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron at his official residence the 10 Downing Street this evening London,Uk.

Although this is the first direct meeting to take place between the leaders of UK and Somaliland, the two leaders discussed ways to strengthen the existing cordial relations between the two countries and hence developments funding and to step up security cooperation in order to work with global security.

Prime Minister David Cameron during the meeting reiterated the need for Somaliland to take part in the upcoming May 7 London conference saying, “The continuation of the Somaliland-Somalia dialogue is not only of high priority to the UK government but also crucial for Somaliland  which stands to immensely benefit from the outcomes of London conference.

Prime Minister David Cameron thanked the President Silanyo and people of Somaliland who have in the past developed close cooperation in the areas of security, investment, the fight against piracy and regional affairs.

President Silanyo who is currently in the UK on transit to the USA were he has been invited by the leaders of that country is expected to meet with Somaliland diaspora before he departs for America.

The two countries share a history spanning more than one century but relations between the two countries almost came to a halt when the UK foreign office issued a travel alert to its citizens back in February this in turn prompted a response from both Somaliland government and citizens  who came out in force demanding to know  the validity of the travel warning.

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  1. PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

    Hawiya Politicians especially the Abgal elders Plz STOP Beating the drum of war this is not what Somalia needs now.

    Prof Ali Khalif Galayr is the true representer of dhulbahante people and not the isaaq sell out siilaanyo.

    Dhulbahante made it loud and clear from day one that they don't want anything to do with the Isaaq led Somaliland more importantly they even established their own regional States of Somalia.

    If Somaliland's independence is recognised the gates of hell will literally been opened it will be much worse than 1991 when the state collapsed where there were clans fighting against other clans, and sub clans fighting other sub clans.

    I am not a tribalist I was born into a mixed clan I respect each and every clan and their boundaries and their territories BUT I will not accept land grab, EXPANDING INTO OTHER CLAN TERTIARY that is unacceptable
    I will not tolerate HELL NO the SNM demons will be cast out from Khaatmo state with a barrel of a gun.

    Dhulbahante You know you can count on me I will be on the front line wallahi with me AK – 47 and grenade launcher. No mercy for SNM THEY WILL BE CRUSHED they will be sent BACK to Satan.

    • mr funny says:

      That's right the da of the abgal is over, you will behave and give back our land and houses you stole from us in moqdishu or you will not enter Jubbaland. Abgal and their brothers are like the Jamaicans etc all the know is how o destroy and steal, can't do nothing for themselves and need the great rulers darood to whip them into shape.

    • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

      You crazy xawaadle majerteen administers all of Galkayo north and south Habar Gidir have no say whatever they're finished.

      • Irir Samaale says:

        Puntland administering South Galkayo now i've never took you serious but this this bro slap yourself on behalf of me.

        Ps neither am i xawaadle and neither is Galkayo anywhere near Beledweyne i know the word geography might be alien to you but next time before you unnecessarily embarrass yourself i suggest you look at a map first.

        • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:


          You think I am dwelling in western countries like yourself huh? I live in Somalia in Hargeysa with mighty force and there's no one in the SNM camp with the power to stop me living there.

          I know Galguduud is between Hiiraan and Mudug but there is this minor road ok not the hight road this minor road leads deep in the bushes it's like a shortcut it will connect you straight way to the centre of baladweyne. This minor road is the principal route where Al shabaab gets most its suppliers from Burco. I have a SUV I know perfectly this minor road because I had driven it thousands of times.

          In case Puntland invades Put some extra cowards ciise to guard this minor road.

          It's doesn't matter what Hawiya sub clan you belong to as long as your Hawiya that is good enough for us to target You.

          The war has begun officially from today (17/4/13) Today is the day when the Abgal elder illegally sold Darood territories to Isaaq.

          • Jabuutawi says:

            Watch your dirty mouth pirate. The mighty Djibouti Special Forces will crush you all the way to the other side of the Gulf of Aden.

            Technicals aka pickup truck warriors are no match for our rolling tanks all the way to Bosaso or Garowe – try T-72 tanks for a size. We are at the planning stages of acquiring T-90 tanks from Russia. The exact number of T-90 tanks to be purchased are classified but you can bet dollars to donuts it will be several dozen in the next few years.

            Technicals kulaha, LOL!

          • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:


            lol what have the cowards ciise done since deployed in baladweyne two years ago?
            Now shut up and be a good boy ok french boot licker.

          • Jabuutawi says:

            The Abgal are appreciative of our endeavors. People that matter know what we do in Beletwayne and are thankful; you on the other hand are irrelevant and incorrigible.

            That ill-gotten goods from piracy is drying up fast, what now? Speaking of boots, wasn't your grandfather a shoe thief?

            End of story. I won't be going back and forth with someone few notches below my pay grade – get the drift!

          • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

            you haven't answered my question yet I said what have your djibouti special forces done since deployed in baladweyne?

            why haven't your mighty djibouti special forces not reached the outskirts of baladweyne like buuloburde, jalalassi and mahas districts which still remain under the control of al-Shabaab?

            The djibouti special forces don't want to drive out al-Shabaab from Hiiraan region because they simply unveil that they are cowards.

            The war has begun officially from (17/4/13) the day when the Abgal elder illegally sold Darood territories to Isaaq.

            Hawiya clan are our number one target then the Iidooor pigs.

          • Irir Samaale says:

            I don't think but i know that you're a mentality ill person whose suffering from a personality disorder who thinks he's in Hargeisa but in reality is a diaspora residing somewhere in the West most likely London. RIGHT or CLOSE

          • Buuxiye says:


            I sometimes think you are one of the personalities of puntland-PIS. You two share a failed mindset and lack of objectivity in your self expressions.

            You two are more alike then different and both need medication.

          • Irir Samaale says:

            Buuxiye anything coming from a schizophrenic sufferer like you isn't seen as an insult but
            as a compliment.

          • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

            Why would I lie? ok would you believe me if I smash that stolen mig 21 fighter jet turned into a memorial by Iidooors?

          • Amirah Istal-Somali says:

            hahahahhahaha, Guys why are you ganging up on Geezer, the guy is Mujahid but he's what you call ''seef-labood''…. LOOL

          • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

            @Amirah Istal- Somali

            You know when I look at these Wana be white trash contestants twins Buuxiye and Jabuutawi? I see the servants of a WHITE MAN one is the french boot licker and the other one is the british boot licker.

            They both are disgusting looking creatures who have endured long and horrible slavery condition where their basic right were violated by their white master.

            This is a famous quote "Slaves are to be submissive to their own white masters in everything"

            I am a man with dignity, honour and integrity and I will never ever bow down for a white man.

          • Irir Samaale says:

            Haha PIS i promise you 110% hahah make sure tho you're on your James Bond mode while you're taking that pic cos i don't want to be the one responsible for your lynching.

          • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

            every single morning when @Buuxiye wakes up from bed he stares in the mirror and sings his favourite song

            God save our gracious Queen!
            Long live our noble Queen!
            God save the Queen!
            Send her victorious,
            Happy and glorious,
            Long to reign over us,
            God save the Queen.

            He so retarded If I see him in Hargeysa FOR REAL I will crush his tiny bones.

          • Buuxiye says:

            Hey Akhdam boy are you in Somaliland to clean toilets?

          • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

            That's none of your damn business what I do what matters is I live in Hargeisa while you don't Get it white trash worshipper?

    • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

      Hehehhe inaader dont worry about abgal their brains are half that of their donkeys, we have them under our feet and we gonna let them humiliate the !!dors on our behaves, you know we are the true leaders of Somalia we cant avoid to get our hands dirty LOL

      • jamac says:

        Please tell me why no one likes darod rat sellers. You shoe stealing lowborn. Daroods are all slaves, they live under hawiye, isaaq, kenyan, ethiopian . Please tell me when daroods will be free ahahahahahaha

    • Hodan says:

      You are class-less and clue-less. Moreover you suffer from an inferiority complex…… for some reason!
      Ill-bred doesn't begin to cover it! I am sure you do not live in Hargeisa, but if you do, then all I can say is that you are a traitor to your own ppl. You are pathetic and will forever be envious of ISAAQ. How can we help you to overcome this handicap????????

  2. Nuur Daalacy says:

    Where are all the energetic Somaliland haters? sorry they went to bed crying. hhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. Ali says:

    Zeila not Somaliland.

  4. tellmetruth says:

    Since the inauguration of Kulmiye Party as the ruling party of Somaliland and Silanyo’s achievement of his long sought dream to manoeuvre himself into the Presidential Palace in Hargeisa, the reverberating undercurrents of rancour and grievances have progressively expanded to curb the peace and stability enjoyed by Somaliland. At the centre of the many premonitions about Kulmiye Party’s long dreaded policies is the reincarnation of unadulterated tribalism.

    • xarbi says:

      Stop crying for goodness sake. Even if Somaliland and Somalia Unite Kulmiye and HE A.M.Siilanyo will be the president.

      • Abgal says:


        Does that mean you are now a supporter of Somaliland?

        Walaahay darods do not make sense, they are like headless chicken, they can not have proper address. We do not want you here in Somalia and you burned your bridge with Somaliland, where will you head next to Kenya may be? How are you going to depart by air, by sea or by land/

        Stop crying swallow your little Darod bride and follow your masters the Dir and Hawiye.

  5. Dalmar Kahin says:

    British starts paying attention.

    Clearly, the British PM had to take time off from his busy schedule to persuade President Silanyo to participate in the upcoming Somali conference.

    Somaliland’s participation in the meeting is so crucial as the PM himself reiterates, but Britain mishandled the conferences before it even begun by expecting Somaliland’s democratically elected president to sit behind Somali’s “selected” leader. Of course, selected by a group of money-oriented people!

    Britain also backstabbed Somaliland by spreading unconfirmed, pending terror attacks against Westerners in Somaliland, and by persuading the U.N. to lift arms embargo against Somalia without consulting Somaliland.

    Now Britain realizes its strategy: the “carrot and stick” of British aid to Somaliland isn’t working. Somaliland people are not budging to any demands! And Somaliland is here to stay!

    • Ali says:

      Very Good points.

    • F.A says:

      I hope he won’t say yes to the Somalia conference. If it was Somali conference than yes.. but only if the same level representatives from Djibouti, somali regio of ethiopia and kenya are also their. Otherwise, no is no .. and they know we will get the recognition anyway so they want us to bow down for them first. Dreamon.. we only bow to Allah the Almighty.

      • F.A says:

        Oke I take it back what i have said. After considering the latest news about what the premier minister said it is wise to be their as Somaliland and not part of Somalia. Because lots of other nations will be their too. But the president should not go their only the foreign mister and some other ministers. The president should only go if other presidents and prime ministers are going too. Cameron want Somaliland to be their to advice Somalia about how yo bring peace back.

        But Cameron should make it clear first that we are coming only if it is clear to everybody in the meeting that we are coming as Somaliland and not as Part of Somalia.

    • jama says:

      speak the reality not fabricated lies

  6. telmetruth says:

    British Somaliland 1884-1898

    interesting read, from a none Somali site.

  7. telmetruth says:


  8. xarbo says:


    ZOOMALIA is history. No more wanlawayn BS. From now on if you do anything to undermind Somaliland we will exterminate your lowborn people

  9. hadhka says:

    Faqash people have so much time talking about Somaliland. It pure entertainment because they talk so much sh….t

  10. Sade Xtraordinaire says:

    Now after the talk with Daddy Ingriise Cadooow we will see if this regime will still refuse to go to London conference. As a student of Politics, I am excited that the art of "stick or carrot" is being applied in front of my eyes. As the old saying goes, "a dog never displeases its master nor will small 3 dusty villages in remote area say NO to power beyond its domain."

    • xaji gaidh says:

      @sade Somaliland government runs its on affairs and decisions just watch and lern

      • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

        Keeping dreaming am gonna show your Siilanyo sitting next to Ahnul sunna waljamaca and PUNTLAND in the upcoming conference in London.

    • Concern Somalilander says:

      Have you look yourself in the mirror lately? You came from the remotest of all remote called Garba-Harre,a rock infested barren where your saint Afweyne was burried and you call others names, what a shame. Please, think before making this kind of comment, because of all clan, you are the weakest and loser.

      • osman Qaal says:

        Sade Xtraordinaire,
        Somalilanders taught what was meant be free in 50's you would be a italian slave today without them.

        • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

          Somalidiids are told by their master to visit the meeting and they will obey the command without making a single noise LOL.

  11. Abgal says:


    Does that mean you are now a supporter of Somaliland?

    Walaahay darods do not make sense, they are like headless chicken, they can not have proper address. We do not want you here in Somalia and you burned your bridge with Somaliland, where will you head next to Kenya may be? How are you going to depart by air, by sea or by land/

    Stop crying swallow your little Darod bride and follow your masters the Dir and Hawiye.

    • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

      did you forgot how you abgals kissed majerteen feet and begged them to save your tiny little ass from habar gidir morons? majerteen rooted the habar gidir out of Mogadishu and cast them into galmudug.

      Majerteen gave you back your rightful land, leadership, nice clothes to wear and sense of importance what do we get in return? You shake the hand of our enemy to sell our land.

      well your wish has been granted Habar gidir have been under leash far too long now they need to free majerteen will released them in Mogadishu so they can shoot down another black hawk.

  12. Allemagan says:

    Prime Minister David Cameron Meet Siilaanyo only to convince him to come to the meeting in London next month. Nothing less and nothing more.

  13. PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

    The war has begun the minority Abgaal tribe holed up in Mogadishu toilet has sold Parts of Somalia to (Isaaq) British worshippers.

    39 anti-tank, anti-aircraft weapons, 950 technicals vehicle mounted with a machine gun, and 19 helicopter armed with ATGWs have left gaalkacyo in route to Mogadishu.

    The minority Abgaal tribe will be crippled and deposed from power very soon.

    Ps The amisom forces will not help you Puntland will crushed them if they interfere .

    • xaji gaidh says:

      I wonder what kind of drugs you're on ass you have high imagination or should I say high hallucination LOL

    • Irir Samaale says:

      Mr chameleon what you're suffering from is called personality disorder.

      • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

        Irir baladweyne isn't far from gaalkacyo you know don't you? Those cowards ciise who haven't even finished puberty will be no match for Puntland troops.

        The Abgaal has begun the drum of war when they illegally sign documents with Isaaq clans.

        The minority Abgaal will bleed the most.

        • Runta says:

          You couldn't do anything when all darood had the Somali army on their side. So do you think darood can do anything now?

          Please take it easy otherwise you will soon get a blood pressure if you already don't have it.

  14. Habar Gidir says:

    Somaliland was the brain behind by the Somali Republic in terms of leadership skills and vision, which led to the country to prosper for number of years and lasted for only 9 years until dictator Barre took over the country by military coup. Some people believe that it was a bloodless coup but it was far from the truth.
    The people originated from Somaliland was known to have a high morale and statesmanship aura as the departments that were leading was more advanced than others run by Majeerteen or reer miyi Mareexan. One of the best Civil Engineers in Somaliland who was in Mogadishu at the time told me that he was with Abdirashid (ex- prime minster) when one of his cousin advised him to sack most of Somalilanders around him as he used to take with them to most of the high level meetings. and he replied that ‘once you reach their level of their education standard, I will change them but not today as they are the eyes of the movement.

    • xaji gaidh says:

      Habar gadir this is very good information you have become as good as you're next of kin abgaal well done my Somali brother.

  15. Habar Gidir says:

    The same people think they can manipulate Hawiye and others in the South Somalia where they have recently reached a cheap agreement with a minority people from Kismayo for the aim of financially supporting them in order to succeed their ultimate game of annexing Kismayo from Somalia
    The MaJeerteen people tried to overthrown Siyad Barre and went to Ethiopia just for the sake of overtaking the power from him without any vision of what will follow this. They mobilised for tribal solders and gained some momentum of direct financial support from Mingustu together with latest weapons donated to Ethiopia by Libya and Mingusti told them to invade dictator Barre they refused and as a result, Abdullah Yusuf was sent to prison – his nickname was Abdi Bile.
    They finally gave up their struggle after dictator barre gave them houses owned by Hawiye and money robed from Hawiye by Barre.
    They tried to re-mobiles the dead daroodism idea and formed what is Puntland but this did not function as its original formation was a complete lie and manipulation and piracy. Some of Darrods fall in to this trap such as Warsangeli and Dhulos but once they realised the aim of the state they had to reach long lasting agreement with Somaliland…

  16. Habar Gidir says:

    Remember when Saud Arabia deported Hawiye and Ogaden individuals in to Garoowe the administration stopped the airplane landing on Garoowe airport and the airplane was diverted to Somaliland and they had been welcomed with warm greetings. However, while the airplane was in Garoowe, a few people were taken out of the airplane and were handed in to Ethiopia alleging that they were members of ONLF.
    Please check you records in Somalia since 1960 and then talk – blloody low lives!

    • xamsa says:

      kkk, somaliland are known handing over other somalis to Ethiopia, they are good at that.

      • jilbo says:

        why are you trying to divert the blame to somaliland you carsyyyyyyy darood, you darood traitors are knoown by everyone

        • xamsa says:

          Darood not responsible the destruction of somalia last twenty, Darood help create current and future government of somalia, Darood not running away somalia because they know they are very big clan and confident.

          Handing over somali citizen or somali Ethnic person to Ethiopian it was invented somaliland region it's well known that.

          • Daljirka says:

            As a Somalilander I am very proud we have handed the cagdheer pests to the Ethiopians and we have also compelled our majeerteen slaves to do like wise and hand over the cagdheers to the Ethiopians and without hesitation they complied with our orders for they know the consequences of not complying with our marching orders.

          • ali nuur says:

            yeah yeah CRAZZY iid@r————–, Isaq live in kilil5 all are servant for Absame—–

  17. Habar Gidir says:

    Correction:- They are the eyes of the goverment!

  18. Hassan wasaate says:

    It is quite painful for the Darood haters to see David Cameron drop everything in this special day and run to downing street to meet Mr. Silanyo. Auuuuuuuch!

    • NLander says:

      lmaooo like vampires finally seeing the sun, it buuuurnns them!

    • ali says:

      It was 10 minute meeting, by the way where is the video if there is one.,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • NLander says:

        How do you know? Where you personally there? The video is up look for it after one of the articles

        Ps look at muse bixis blow by blow reporting about the meeting as well on Somalilandtoday

        • ali says:

          There no video recorded in this meeting………………….

          • Saleebaan Xaaji says:

            Ali, are you stuck on a loop. Won't accept what the eyes can I see, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, ten hours, who gives a damn. It is has happened. Everytime something positve happens in Somaliland people like Ali lose their marbles. Somaliland is long gone. Time for you to go your own way,

          • ali says:

            NEED TO UNDERSTAND most somalis are not forcing somaliland region BUT IC do get your facts right. the reality is nothing real positive happen in somaliland accept security. also Puntland have good secuirty record.

            Taking photo snap shuts it's not the real answer, somaliland folks need real answers.

  19. Irir Samaale says:

    Where is Kayse when you need him lol it's true Wallahi how the secessionist worship the British backpackers and their queen who remember this

    If you secessionist all calmed yourselves from the unnecessary excitement you would see that the British feel humiliated by what the Turks have achieved so much so they're calling the big gun into ordering the you to attend the may conference.

    • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

      wallahi If I was in the crowd with a Gun I won't spare any of them I will kill them all b@itches and bustards right on the spot.

      • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

        shoot em them Iidooooors b@stards and b@itches on sight blow their brains out right in the curb.

    • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

      Hahahah dont let that man in

    • Buuxiye says:

      The problem is instead of having a clean heart to discuss how this conference can help save your children from Dadab and dollo ado and yemen you are only focusing on Somaliland being begged to attend. This mindset is most inferior and not productive to help your country.

      The conference is there to help salvage your failed state? or is it to harm Somaliland?

      May Allah guide you Somalia-population to a path of peace and self respect.

  20. Irir Samaale says:

    Allot of secessionist gonna wish Silanyo never met David Cameron

    After allot of arm twisting Somalilands foreign minister is hinting they're gonna attend the may 7th conference so Darood you all need to calm the F down with the conspiracy's against Mogadishu Triangle-Land ain't going anywhere except coming back to the Union.

    • Buuxiye says:

      Hawiye do not benefit from a reunion. With Somaliland independence Many clans and sub clans will be removed from the political arena of somalia-Italia. The reduced power distribution will speedup the peace process and allow the most powerful clan in somalia to being stabilizing it's country.

      Somalia is at least 20years away from benefiting fro a union why beg for a political arrangement that weakens you? Militarily, economically, politically Somalia-Italia must find it's own strategy of peace and stability. Somalia-Italia should focus on it's own affairs for the next 20years.

      There is no reason to be afraid to stand on you own and learn to appreciate your beautiful country. People who are not loyal to your country will only slow down the development and progress of your country. We do not need you nor do you need us.

      :) Build and protect your country and one day let other people come to muuqdishu to beg you for a union… That will be an opportunity where you can control a higher bargaining platform to bargain for a Union that benefits you.

      Peace and stability is priority.

      • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

        why are you full of s*hit? Nobody really cares what you Isaaq traitors have to say as far as we concerned your fugitives on the run and it won't be long before the SNM cockroaches face the supreme court in Garowe for the slow motion genocide they have committed against the citizens of Puntland

      • Irir Samaale says:

        Buuxiye i'm gonna teach you something which you might already know but chose to ignore for obvious reasons.

        Hawiye in 1960 Somalia = still the biggest clan – Somaliland = a super clan
        Isaaq in 1960 Somalia = the 3rd or maybe even 4th biggest clan but in Somaliland it's Numero Uno.

        Now you tell me who's gonna be the biggest loser politically in 1960 Somalia ? and that's why the Triangle-Land controlled by the Habar Jelo and Sa'ad Musa extremist are doing their utmost best into avoiding that scenario.

        By the way are you one of those two i bet you are you Mr cheers and all if not most of the secessionist Isaaqs also enjoy this no longer are Awdal Maakhir and Khaatumo state the usual suspect that are in the way of your secession.

        The rest is just your daily rant so am not even gonna bother

        • Gaarhaye says:

          Samale project.

          Your more stupid than buuxiye, at least buuxiye is classified someone with mental problem but you, your trying tribal card which will never work. in your word " still Hawiye is biggest clan", how come Hawiye have less seats in the parliament than Darood if they are the biggest clan? it's just big lie. Hawiye live some part of central somalia and part of southern somalia. Hassan culusow his orders does not work, north east of somalia, deep south.

          • Irir Samaale says:

            Bro read this

            The parliament itself was meant to be 275 but only 202 was released in 17 august but then in the swearing in day it went to 215 now that extra 13 mostly likely could be Hawiye.

            But even then ask yourself how did Dir manage to get 53 seats this 4.5 is a conspiracy against the Hawiye and only the 1 man/woman 1 vote could decide ultimately who's the biggest clan.

          • mr funny says:

            Listen dude, what have you hawiyeh ever accomplished in Somalia? Nothing my friend, so let us rule over you some men and women were not created to be leaders and you hawiyeh have proven it. The darky bantu in office is not respected by anyone except by his own, he will soon get a bullet through his head the jareer abd.

          • Irir Samaale says:

            Mr funny you really need to change your name if you ever want to be taken seriously.

          • Gaarhaye says:

            The remaining 13 seats went to, four seats Hawiye mainly ex criminals warlords, muse suudi, qanyare, the person who kill Aideed mr Caato, Abuukar yalaxow. three went Darood, saado cali, Ibrahim nuur and Mohamed abdi. three seats went to Digil Mirirle, two seats .05 and three seats went beesha shannad. still Hawiye have less seats than Darood.

            Time will tell, everybody now figuring out how many regions Hawiye live it' becoming clear not many. take this small example and stop keep promoting Hawiye moryaan because no one is buying.

            Hawiye does not live northern somalia, northeast, lower shebelle, deep south or jubooyinka. so, where Hawiye lives? they inhabite Part of central somalia and middle shabelle that is all.

          • Irir Samaale says:

            I don't mean their corrupted leaders when i say the Kikuyu occupy the smallest land in Kenya so your point is ?

            This is as accurate as it can get… except you see the grey bit from Galkayo to Beledweyne is now mainly Hawiye sins most Marehan left for Gedo in 91.

      • Amirah Istal-Somali says:

        LOOL Buuxiye, you're so full of it, in that case Hartis From Togdheer to Mudug will put their differences aside and unite as they did in 1998 seeking allies from OG superpowers from Kilil/5, where Daroods from South establish Jubbaland, NFD Kenya backing them up that leaves both Hawiye and Isaaq isolated. where IC looses interest in Somalia and eventually AU troops leaving the country. OR Hassan Ulusow
        will take advantage from this golden opportunity before it slips away. What Somalia needs is Justice and Equality, Somalis have already seen dictatorship, anarchism, Warlordism and Shababism.

        anyway only time will tell but Inshaallah Khair :-)

        • Irir Samaale says:

          Hartis federation has failed to unite SSC with Puntland you know it we know it ever everyone knows it it is the HG version were they all don't get on one bit.

          Puntland is a MJ project reason why Khaatumo don't want to be part of it and Maakhir because it hasn't got the resources to go at it alone like Khaatumo is forced to flip flop between Puntland and Somaliland which for them is a rock and a hard place.

          Puntland itself the Leelkaase want their own state called West Puntland even within the MJ itself there's a clan that want their own state calling it Rasa-Asayr State.

          Jubbaland don't even let me start that place has turned into a Myth shame it could of been a great state which it still can and inshallah will be once the spoilers are dealt with and then lead of course by the Darood except minus the turning it into a Darood state similar to Puntland bit.

          • Ali wamo says:


            Well, Khaatumo state including SSC is already form, they have own regional admin own forces. this state growing by the day. without Harti khaatumo would not existed that is the reality.

            If Puntland is MJ project than Mogadishu is Hawiye project ( all seventeen suburbs in mogadiahu run by Hawiye from Guriceel, Caliyaale ) also somaliland is well know Isaq project.

            Leelkase, Ras Asayr will always be part of Puntland no doubt.

            Jubbaland is ready gone already created own constitution+ Flag next electing the president. folks like you still dreaming if Jubbaland become similer to Puntland nothing wrong with that because 84% people inhabit upper jubba, middle jubba, lower jubba are Darood no one can change nor moryaan or diluted folks.

          • mr funny says:

            Once a hawiyeh adon, always a hawiyeh adoon. While you nig nags ran for moqdishu we darood used our brains and spread over many lands, slowly we encircle you and we all know you are scared. but the question is, why are you scared? Did you do something in the past that is making you paranoid? mmm what did you guys do to us? lol, payback is coming little one play along and we will put aside our differences, get in our way and we will crush you like little charcoal bugs.

          • Buuxiye says:

            Hawiye will smile while planing to murder all Daroods. Magool was singing songs for the Kacaan while her men were planning to slaughter ever Darood Grand mother they could catch.

            That is the reality on Somalia-Italia it reality does not matter to me who has majority in numbers and who has more weapons. The reality is you are creating many doors for foreigners to enter and ignite flames of hate within your failed State of Somalia-Italia that is at mercy of 20,000 Amisom troops.

            What did Unity do for Somalia

            – from 1960 -1969 it was 9 years of political conflicts
            – 1969 – 1991 Total waste of State resources on wars and attempted genocides.
            – 1991 – 2013 – 18 Conferences where the world is allowed to witness your failure

            you want more Union because you as a people are like illegitimate children who do not know their own parents as such to cling onto to ever stranger that walks past you no wonder even the Taliban are molesting you in your own country.

            Keep dreaming Unity it is a door way to continue to corrupt your Somalia-Italia so it stays failed.

          • ahmed says:

            mr funny,

            Darood not interest that sort of thing they are too proud and superior. mr funny are paranoid Isaq person?///?

          • Irir Samaale says:

            Mr wannabe funny lets forget even mentioning 91 but talk about the most resent one in 2006.

            You tried with over 50000 well armed Habashis soldiers traitor warlords with their militia and 15000 ragtag militia of your own to take over Mogadishu tell me what happened 2 years later ?

            99% of the traitors militia defected half of the Ethiopian troops were littering the streets of Mogadishu like it was rubbish with the rest who were injured physically or mentally leaving with their tails behind their legs not forgetting also the Puntland cheerleaders and their infiltrators leaving the door as quickly as they came in.

            Now i've got a question for you and that is why do you people always beat your chest for no reason.

          • kfc says:

            HAHAHA Geezer bro hold up let me get my ak 47 and my macawis. Finally Majeerteen acting like men unlike "Dr" Faroole. These Darodphobia isaaqs need to be taught not to mess with us.

            Amirah well said and mashallah walal . Hopefully you pass and contribute to our beloved country.


            Can you provide us with proof….sources?? Because ethiopia is too poor of a country to Transport 50k men to Mogadishu. It does not have the resources or the capacity to do it. the thing is ethiopia was never called in to assist with the distruction of the ICU and the capital. Your argument is baseless since the president at that time was Darod. wallahi even the somalis in Somalia are not this tribalist. Sh!t happened and people were taking advantage of so stop opening up old wounds and lets discuss tommorow and what your gonna do for Somalia not what a dead man did 7years ago.

          • Gashaan says:

            ETHIOPIA left her own, Moryaan have no really power to get rid of Ethiopia. the ppl who fought were all somalis BUT now no more of that.

            As you can see from sharif afgaduud to Hassan NGO day and night there in Addis Ababa, kkkkk tell me why? Moryaan low life.

  21. tellmetruth says:

    In a special session held Monday (April 15th), the Upper House of the Somaliland regional parliament extended the Lower House's term until 2015 and postponed Upper House elections until 2016.

    The Lower House's current term started in 2005 and was scheduled to end May 30th, with the Upper House's term ending May 30, 2014.

    The laws to govern the elections are not ready and must be finalised, said Upper House Speaker Saleban Mohamud Aden, who chaired the session. Elections for members of the Lower House should be held concurrently with presidential elections, he said.

    "Considering the time it will take to solve issues and hold the elections, the Upper House decided to extend the current term of the Lower House … to July 27, 2015," said First Deputy Speaker of the Upper House Said Jama Ali, who read the decision.

    With Upper House elections always held a year after Lower House elections, members also decided to move Upper House elections to July 27, 2016. The decision was made by a show of hands from 72 Upper House members — 69 voted yes, one voted no, one abstained and the speaker did not vote, Aden said.

    Somaliland regional President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo had sent a written request to the Upper House asking them to decide on the term extension after he received a report from the National Elections Commission alerting him that the Lower House elections cannot happen within the designated time.

    Somaliland's Justice and Welfare Party (UCID) has expressed discontent with extending the term of the Lower House.

    "We can see that an election will not be held, but we would have preferred to have them receive a six-month extension," UCID spokesperson Ali Mohamed Yusuf said in an interview with HCTV on April 14th.

  22. Abgal says:

    We are glad Somaliland is considering to come to the London conference. It is going to be a win win situation for the two great powers in Somalia and Somaliland, namely the Dir and Hawiye. We will squeeze the minority darod like lemon juice.

    Somaliland will arrest the Khatumo guys one by one. I promise to hunt down the darod noise makers in Mogadishu one by one and teach them lessons ( in a nice way) I will simply stop paying them salaries and you will see them leave Mogadishu one by one. Let them ask the darod diaspora-women to support them like the Khatumo guys, how long do you think they will survive this way? I will say may be a month or two and after that they will come begging me and promise to behave like humans.

    I am against war, because I am not Darod. I will us my political tactic and defeat them politically like I did to Abdillahi Yusuf . I will send the noise guys from darod clan to Yemen. Eheheheheh.

    • Xalane says:

      Hats off. Looooooool

    • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

      Hehhehehh looking who is talking now an abgal who is no better than his donkey. I have tried to ignore you couple of times but get your dirty big mouth out of Darood matters you imbecile. The rulers of Somalia and your masters are back make yourself not heard or seen again.

      • abgal says:

        Say that again little short fellow from nowhereland. Looooool

      • Amirah Istal-Somali says:

        LOOOL @Sade, the only true Hawiye on this forum is Irir Samale, I have feelings this dude is an imposter. however, hypothetically lets assume he is who claims to be, what salaries is he on about? if he's so wealthy then why is there tons of people that don't meet their basic needs in Mogadishu alone?.

  23. Muddey says:

    Irir is right, Hawiye will take charge and you will never be able to divide us ever. You started the Darood campaign in Kismaayo, that is when you made the biggest mistake, uniting us all Hawiye to come together against our real enemies you darood expansionists, without land of your own. I know you love to become refugees. I will grant you that status very soon.

    • Xalane says:

      Good thinking!

      • abgal says:

        finally the sleeping Hawiye lion is awake! good point Muddey bro.

        • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

          abgal & muddey

          lool you have barricaded yourself inside a toilet in xamar You can't even leave the presidential palace without the twenty thousand Amisom troops guarding your ass.

          so where is this Hawiya lion who will fight the mighty Darood? if the AMISOM forces leave this minute al qaeda will be back in force in Mogadishu.

          You keep ignoring the fact that Hawiya have abandoned their culture they picked a new cultural roots called Taliban or more like Al qaeda they have completely deserted Mogadishu.

          Today Mogadishu is currently being fought by burundi and uganda on one side and Paskani and Arabs on the other side and those Hawiya who fled the escalation violence between burundi, uganda V Paskani and Arabs are in refugee camps in bosaso.

          Today Mogadishu is No man's land and the IC is desperately asking any somali whatever their tribal background to settle in Mogadishu and majerteen can accomplish this task.

          The war has begun officially from (17/4/13) Today is the day when the few Abgal elder who thought they were the leaders of Somalia illegally sold Darood territories to Isaaq clan.

          Puntland had promised to size Mogadishu and No burundi or uganda can stop us.

  24. Sade Xtraordinaire says:

    Warlord Silanyo is there because the UK wants to tell him again, as former meat buyers from the northern regions——Somalia can not and will not be divided…old man you have few choices; take federation and autonomous rule like Kurdish region of Iraq or face NATO and SNA bombing.

    They want to ensure he makes the peace choice. They called him in Abu Dhabi, Ankara, now London and tomorrow Washington and then Addis Ababa.

    Time is running out for the old man.

    As usual him and his bidaarle liar will entertain the declining separatists with the same old lies that they went there to meet with UK government to get aid. No one jumps around from Abu Dhabi, Ankara, Hargeisa and London for just aid tell them the truth.

    Separatists must accept the London Union conference by force.

    UK is giving you your final warning.

  25. PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

    PuntlandGeezer PIS 2013-04-18 05:28
    david cameron has told his illegitimate Isaaq children's to attend may the 7th somali conference in Uk.

    Isaaq are pathetic and useless wallahi they think that white people are god. Don't they know that Allah (SWT) is the creator of all the existent things? white people are gala nonbelievers they don't wash their butt after pooping and they worship these white pagan how gross?

    • Musa says:

      Do not panic Daarood boy I will protect you.

    • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

      !!doors are worse than children, they are women with chronic periods and severe mood swings. I was watching on youtube an old man crying "Igriiiis Cadooow" you are our children LMAO

    • reer fooxa says:

      @ PuntlandGeezer

      How could you say WALLAHI…Further prove that DAROODS aren't Muslims.

      • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

        siilaanyo is about to make a U-turn to participate the Somali conference in London on 7th May 2013 which proves my point Isaaq are pathetic lol.

        • Ilyas says:

          I always refused that they worship the white man, but their actions prooves me wrong. It could be because you have first hand experience with this breed PIS

          • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:


            What you saying, man? It's surprising you're referring to me as white lover. I am not a Isaaq sxb I belong to the noble Darood family

          • IslamIsTheWay says:

            My parents come from Somaliland, while i, i look at myself as somali, thats it.
            Im not going to let retarded clans tell me where i come from. Im somali and im proud!

            These clans are the thing that started the war, do not be narrow minded, open your eyes. Lets end the clans! We are muslims, not savages.

    • Mohamed says:

      Dear PuntlandGeezer, do not let your blind hate to ISAAQ make go out of the fold of ISLAM. At the day if Judgment Allash Subhan Wa Talaa will ask abot this. What will say??? It was a momnet of anger.

      This will backfire on you on a personal way. You are repsonsible for your self personaly and Allah will not ask you what Isaaq said or did or where muslims or not.

    • m.ali says:


      Majeertein are the illegitimate children of a tribe called Mahr, who lives somewhere in Hadhramaut. Thats why your uncle the late Abdillahi Yusuf went to Yemen

      I have never read an article by a foolish person like you. I live in Tanzania and have visited UK many times.You are an idiot who do not know the relationship that existed between UK and Somaliland. The British government in 1880 signed an agreement on the sea off the coast of Berbera and were given three conditions, which they accepted and they were protecting Somaliland from Foreign nation from invading Somaliland. All Majertein are every where in Europe liviing on income support from the so called Gaal. What the hell are you doing in a Gaal country, go back to the dry Galkaco, Bosaso where the temperature is 45 degrees. You must respect this Gaal who feed your family, uncles and aunts.

  26. mohamed cheers says:

    Folks..Listen when Hargeisa and Mogadiscio Govts are engaged in talking about the future of
    Somaliland and Somalia on Nation to Nation basis based on the LCS Feb 2012 impartial
    recommendated guidelines followed by the Turkish 7 Point and within 90 days other talks etc.
    there should be no other grasshopper noises from the short boggies who are showing funny
    ugly faces around here okay???

  27. NLander says:

    Ohh Snap! To be a fly on the wall of 10 downing street!

  28. NLander says:

    Wow scared fa qash typing paragraphs! Internet warriors, keyboard bandits! lmaooooooooo Man on a serious note don't you guys have anything better to do then sit online all damn day typing this stuff? I mean seriously you guys need a motivational video some Anthony Robbins something! Get a life! Somaliland aint going nowhere and the reason we are doing soo well is because we don't waste time doing stuff that doesn't matter.

    Hate me with all your black little hearts but that doesn't stop the sun from shinning on Landers.

  29. NLander says:

    If isaaq are women then why are you lot the ones constantly bleating like sheep on this mo fo? Typing paragraphs in between epileptic fits about what Somaliland is doing. lmaooooooo

    Man I wonder if these mofos will spontaneously combust when Somaliland gets its independence? Will they just break into ash like vampires? I wonder….

  30. Boqoljireh says:

    This website becomes the platform of the Somaliland haters, and guess who is doing all this: The owner of this site who is Ciisemuusooleh and Abdusamad Mooge of Geedasaluug. Your days are limited and we shall hunt you.

  31. Amirah Istal-Somali says:

    I am confident to say that Hassan Sheikh Mahamuad has officially become a tribal leader when he made a deal with Somalia's last remaining warlord (Siilanyo). first he congratulated north/west Somalia's tribal election while the blood of Somalia safeguarders were still wet in Huddun. then he went far paying almost millions of dollars he received from the Arab aid to any group who were willing to disrupt Kismayu conference.
    Many Somalis never lost their hope and they believed one day they may get a good government in Somalia that works national reconciliation. Unexpectedly, Many Somalis lost their hope for the new government.Fore example, no reconciliation the new government come up yet ..

    SHEIK SHARIF!!!!!! many of us considered Sheik Sharif a man with no vision but great ambition, many Somalis questioned his ability of leadership in Somalia, but there is one thing he could be remember, he was no tribalist.

    • Irir Samaale says:

      With due respect sis i think you've got most things you said wrong except the congratulation part which i agree and he shouldn't of done.

      See its well know fact that you don't give an already paranoid person more reason to be even more paranoid than before so what our President is doing which might look dodgy to others is to try to get these secessionist to the table without panicking them which includes what might look like concessions today but in the future a good political weapon.

      One of the most important 1 was the IC Aid which said it will all go through Mogadishu before it reaches Hargeisa do you know how powerful that is that will mean Mogadishu will have great advantage + it will make Somaliland look like it is part of Somalia.

      Now don't get me wrong in a democratic world its very healthy to debate about our leaders letting them know we're closely watching their every moves with eagles eyes but when you say things like tribal leader this and that etc is when it becomes from keeping them in check into becoming a tribal yourself.

      For example you mentioned Kismayo sis we all know that process is being hijacked by a bunch of people from kilil 5 and NDF not even by indigenous OG's or even a united Darood.

      Why do you think many clans that took part in the beginning suddenly boycotted forget other clans even Daroods like marehan and Leelkase said enough the Sade knew this from the beginning but some naive once didn't believe it till they saw it with their own eyes same with Leelkase .

      Remember the delegates were 500 + something before the Pm visited Kismayo and when he left after just a week later it went to a staggering 1200 now how did happen well Madobe was collecting any Tom D!ck or Harry he could find in Kilil 5 and NDF not just from his tribe bear in mind not mentioning the once already their he had bought of through Nairobberys money reason of the boycott.

      About Sheikh Sharif he was a good man but sadly he had succumbed to the bribery at the end just look at how his family is living now in Kampala i heard lavishly while he's studying in some university in America now knowing how he started with no money its hard to deny how he's affording all those things.

      • Amirah Istal-Somali says:

        Brother, I don't have much time I'm studying for my final exams but to make a longggggggggggg story short I hope he proves me wrong..

      • Ali Wamo says:


        You still keep circling Jubbaland issue that is gone. a new president will be announce very soon. more than 830 deletion are in the meeting including Sade Their Ugaas. no one boycott it's in your dreams. as know Jubbaland have now constitution new Flag. one thing is for sure Jubbaland state of somalia will become the new autonomous state in somalia very soon, no one can hinder. Hassan culusow Moryaan tried but failed.

        • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

          @Amirah Istal-Somali

          Something far more important came up Please tell your teacher you can't do your final exam at this particular moment explain to him that a war have declared on our people.

          We need all our woman to come and help us If they can't do the intense fighting then at least they must cook for us and take care of our wounded fighters.

          The war has begun officially from (17/4/13) Today is the day when the Abgal elders illegally sold Darood territories to Isaaq clan.

          We will rip the eyes of the Isaaq invaders with our bare hands No mercy for traitors.

          • WASAAYE says:


          • Amirah Istal-Somali says:

            Allah Kareem maxaa inangumeed nolasha kadhacay meesha isku yimi kulaha wasaaye. waryaahe markaad maxaan is wasmo iyo sheeko caruureed ahayn la shir timaadid then baan wada hadli nadal yahow until then keep your disease ridden cock hole you call mouths shut.

          • Gowle Duluc says:

            Amira I wanna fck you so bad right now

          • Amirah Istal-Somali says:

            loooool PuntlanGeezer(PIS) congratulations inadeer you're officially the funniest person I've ever met on this forum. but u know bro I can't miss da exam, I av worked so hard. check out this
            btw u r forgetting Isaaqs are me reer abtis, I av nothin against them as a tribe. but YES we'll eat Siilanyo led militias for dinner. btw we avn't finished our lil convo the other day how's Hargaisa?

          • osman Qaal says:

            Amirah Istal-Somali,
            It will be even better when the diploma comes in a cereal box through the mail 6 weeks after graduation..

          • Amirah Istal-Somali says:

            lool Osman walalo I have got my Diploma already, I'm in Uni doing a degree in medicine.. kulaha cereal box.

          • osman Qaal says:

            Amirah Istal-Somali
            I was just kidding, darn you! if you ever take my jokes seriously.. Good for you..

          • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

            Amirah your super smart medicine huh? mashallah walaasha I am impressed you have my full dua 100% I really hope you will pass your exams and accomplish your life goals inshAllah.

            maalin wanaagsan

          • Irir Samaale says:

            I hope you pass it with flying colours sis we need people like you the most in a prosperous new Somalia

          • Amirah Istal-Somali says:

            Geezer, Irir and Qaal, thank you guys, still a long way to go but it all be worth it Inshaallah :-).

          • Dalmar says:


            Is that real fruit ( the picture ) i am in Hargeisa.

        • Irir Samaale says:

          @Ali Wamo

          I've realized the Jubbaland hijackers lead and trained of course by their big pirate cousin the modern day captain hook himself and their diaspora cheerleaders have the same mentality of those in the Triangle and that's how to dream big bro this is 2013 not 91.

          I promise you this the indigenous will win sooner or later meanwhile Madobe can crown himself whatever he likes but one thing's for sure he wont be controlling Gedo which is in the hands of mudane Kaliil and Middle Jubba which is shabaab currently but soon be replaced by the FG.

          Even Kismayo will not be save for Madobe with FG massing their own troops there helped by the Sierra Leone countering Nairobbery mischief's and even slowly replacing them altogether.

          It is said Mr robbery will recall a 1/4 of its troops back to Kenya once the SL arrive most of them from Kismayo with more withdrawal planned so if this Madobe is smart enough he should see the writing on the wall already and counter it by begging Mogadishu for forgiveness or at least if he still doesn't get it tell some one to tell some one to tell Madobe this danger to his hegemony is imminent.

          • Samiya says:

            Amirah Istal-Somali,

            Hi Amirah, what exams in Medicine are you doing now? I am also med student in the USA.

          • Asha says:


            Forget it she doesn't sound like someone who completed high school let alone medical school. I bet she will not answer your question. I though she was younger, but her kids are old.

          • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:


            Get back to your IT subject lol Amirah Istal-Somali is a future takhtar who knows somewhere down in the future you could be her patient

          • Halima says:

            I fully agree with Asha that Amirah Istal-Somali (the former Khaatumo citizen) doesn't look or behave like med student for number of reasons. Firstly, if she were a med student certainly she wouldn't have much time to spend on social media. Secondly, she is deeply involved with tribalism and dirty politics which is contrary to the subject that she allegedly said she is doing. Anyway, I wish her all the lack.

          • Amirah Istal-Somali says:

            LOOL Asha and Halima damn girls why can't you just be happy for follow sister?
            it's one thing to be jealous of a young bright student. But entirely another thing to accuse her of lying and things you have no knowledge about. there's a reason why don't debate with laxoox-makers. i'm out and orda shaqo yeesha haagu mashquuline.

          • Hanad says:

            Amirah Istahl-Somali was my x and she is the mother of my 20 year old illegitimate son.

          • Amirah Istal-Somali says:

            Somiya sweatie, am doing Pathophysiology and Biochemistry; multiple-choice and group participation.. piece of cake if you revise… What year are you in?

          • Samiya says:

            Thanks Amirah Istal-Somali , I am in my final year.

            Are you in North America or in Europe? I'm interested, because I am member of Somali med students e-group and we are eventually trying form a Somali Med students association, that will represent diaspora med students from Somalia, Somaliland, Djibouti, Kenya and Ethiopia. What year are you in?

          • Jabuutawi says:

            Dear Samiya,

            Our sister Amira does not hit the books as hard as she should because of bad influence from Geezer aka pirate boy. She should stop reading his posts distorted by hours of binge drinking and smoking that hard stuff, and concentrate more on her medical field.

            Different note: I never became a doctor for the simple fact that I refused to dissect a frog in Biology 101 – formaldehyde made my stomach queasy.

            In all seriousness, I commend you and Amira for going after what you both believe in. We need more doctors in the Horn. Great job ladies!

          • Shooli says:

            You guys are right she is not a medical student and not even student. I put the picture she sent us and those are not medical notes in the computer, and the books she has on the table are not medical books.

            This is how cheat and low in self-esteem this ppl are.

          • Ali wamo says:

            Samaale project,,,,,,

            Time will tell, Jubbaland will always lead the MAJORITY. hawiye Moryaan+ their cousins have no BEEF here that is the reality. it was few weeks when Hassan NGO wrote a letter to IC complaining about Jubbaland formation, the reply was simple and clear let the people in Jubbaland decided what they want. so, now who's begging who? Ahmed madoobe or any other leader in jubbaland not even talking to Hassan NGO his moryaan Group.

            About Kenyan arm forces there are 5500 in Jubbaland 800 are going back because sierra leone army will replace these 800. so, still 4700 kenyan will remain. and even if whole kenyan arm forces withdraw Jubbaland have more than seventeen thousand local well arm forces to defende what ever cost.

  32. baaruud says:

    The only logical way froward is the two-state-solution. But I see Siilaanyo as coward and an ultimate traitor, who in three consecutive summit conference with the unelected war managers of the failed state of non-existent Somalia, refused to come up with agenda that puts Somaliland republic on the way for re-recognition and independence. he and the other traitor Abdullah Omar committed national treason against our nation by agreeing, for the first time ever, to a seven-point outcome of the conference held in Turkey, which mention that the republic of Somaliland is no more than a region of Somalia. What a scandal, what a treason. May Allah the great save Somaliland from these inhuman traitors.

  33. PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

    siilaanyo is about to make a U-turn to participate the Somali conference in London on 7th May 2013 which proves my point Isaaq are pathetic lol.

    • Warsame says:

      hehehehe. you are using a fake page. did you ever know that Siilanyo wouldn't get admission from olders and parlaiment to participate that conference

  34. Mohamed says:

    I think we must become realistic and see what we see with our own eyes. Somaliland whether we like it or not is a recognized country and Somalis have to understand that we are exactly in June 25, 1960 just a day before Somaliland gained its independence from Britain. Yesterday Mr. Cameron dropped all the meetings that were scheduled with hundreds of world leaders and asked Silanyo, who was on a private to urgently see to him in No.10 downing Street, that is not a laughing matter.

    No sane person will dismiss Silanyo and Somaliland not having great weight in the Horn of Africa. UK Prime Minister or any other great power does not do that in a daily routine in cancelling all bookings to chat with a foreign head of state in private visit. That only happens when national or international crisis are happening, which concerns both countries.

    The reality is a reality and let us admit it as its, Somaliland is no ordinary African state, but has special status now in the British foreign policy and specially in the Horn of Africa. We can all shout and insult Somaliland day and night, but that will only increase Somaliland resilience and diplomatic gains.

    As a person who has diplomatic experiences and originating from the Federal Republic of Somalia and loves his country and people, I would like my brothers and sisters and specially from the south to stop anything that will further inflame the situation in our region and show respect to their brothers and sisters in Somaliland.

    We can debate them politely and nicely but calling them bad names will only increase the gulf between us and them. Those who insult others are suffering of bankruptcy of ideas and reasons and need not be responded. if we continue our antagonism towards Somaliland, I promise you we will have no stability, peace or prosperity. We can not ask Somaliland not leave the union and at the same time call them all sorts of names, that is really shameful.

    • ali says:

      Your living your own little imaginary dream, the reality is somaliland region was told to come the meeting 7th of May or face no more AID. the WORLD sees somaliand region very upset child nothing more.

      • Dhulos says:


        Nope you u do not understand, ur little brain is not working at all.

        • Jama says:

          Good lesson Mr. Mohamed.

          • Dr. Shirwa says:

            Dear Mohamed,

            As a southerner I support your educated and well thought idea.

          • Burci says:

            kkkk, Dr Shirwa.

            The name southerner cease to exist long time, because somalia now can not be call Southerner or Northerner those days are over. instead, north, north east, central, south, deep south. this is how somalia will be classified from now and this is the way somali federal republic will be form sharing resource politics.

  35. iceyy says:

    Somaliland is bringing out oil, so the english pm wants to talk now? oil=money

  36. Dhugtame says:

    All Somalilanders must quit responding to these people they are not worth the 1 minute we use in writing a comment. Good bye Somaliland haters, Good bye Faqashpress. Keep hating, but that will help you with nothing. Bye Keyse/Allemegan/telltruth, bye Sahra my love.

  37. Ahmed says:

    kkk, same in this forum very emotional. here is what is going on.

    – The IC made clear long time ago no one can divide somalia.

    – First the UK tried to convince or tried to explain to somaliland admin no way dividing somalia, we the government of UK will support all autonomous states within somali federal republic, come the conference 7th May but somaliland admin refused.

    – The UK government contact Turkish since Turkish government have big hand in somalia and also muslim nation. the British told Turkish government start mediate between somaliland region and somalia let them sing agreement.

    – The British are playing hard ball, they are know for that for centuries. they want to see mid level agreement between the two but they do not want be part of that agreement, because when one breaks the agreement or somaliland try to shout fake independence so the British can IMPOSE AID sanction.

    Meeting or taking photo snap shut is just another way Entertaining folks in Hargeisa. the leadership should come clean once for all so the people in somaliland region could rest in peace.

    Already the outcome of this was decided IC long time ago, and everyone can guess the final conclusion. autonomous STATES with federal government in somalia.

  38. Hargaisaawi says:

    Maxaa cabaad ka dhacaya dadka qaarkii. We Somalilanders do not do things from Somalia perspective or in reaction to Somalia. Somaliland government and its people act only on the interest of Somaliland and Somaliland alone. Markaa is ka qayliya oo ku dan seega what will Somaliland do or not do. What you do or not do is the last thing on our mind.

  39. Saleebaan Xaaji says:

    Holy Cow! Some people are about to burst with envy and rage. They couldn't get anywhere with force, with words and even with begging, now they are reduced to trawling Somaliland websites, forgetting their own lives, forgetting work, children, households, and raging..Please, Somaliland is long gone. Get back to your own lives. Your words here will not change a single thing. Stop and think.

    • muxsin says:

      You the one who was looking imaginary recognition could not go anywhere the last twenty years. the whole world is telling you now face the reality or face the music which means you have no choice but join somalia as a autonomous state, or face the music ISOLATION,

      Now get same good coffee and think about, who is begging who? who's been wondering around in the wilderness for the last twenty years looking recognition needle in a haystack? who's been forced back to accept the reality?

      • Salexaab says:

        Isolated, what? Somaliland has survived and thrived for over two decades, and you guys cannot stop killing each other. Go away and fix your own country and forget about Somaliland

  40. Hassan Ali says:

    Mohamed is the most realistic human being I this forum. As the saying goes: if you can not win them join them, the Somalia people must come of their arrogance and take the reality head on. Somalia, as it used to exist will not come soon as long as we store hate and animosity among ourselves. While we hate each other, Ethiopia is pillaging and desecrating our holy masques in south somali. The current president must now that alliance is the only way he can salvage the Somalian dignity. He must recognise Somaliland and cooperate with them to bring an end the quest of killers to come to power Somaliland and somalia then have to work why to stop the renascence the dictatorial clan, Darood on power. Look at what they doing in Ethiopia somali region state, they are killing each other and preparing for another genocide. Isaq and Hawiya must create alliance of dir. The would be formidable alliance. An enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    • mohamed ahmed says:

      Need to understand Hassan culusow NGO can't recognize somaliland he does not have the mandate Understoooooooooood. ALSO somalis are not only Isaq diluted/ Dir midwife or Hawiye Moryaan. combine total they represent 36% somali population. whether they form alliance or not it will not make any difference, the rest will deal them head on. Darood alone is 25%, Digil Mirifle 31%, 8% others. we know last time they form alliance the country as a whole brought to destruction never ending conflict.

      To make long story short for you without Darood nothing goes forward take my word. because they are force reckon with in terms of population, land and above all very influential.

  41. Hargaisaawi says:

    Another world of difference is that they keep talking about IC this and that. It only shows that they have given up themselves as a people and waiting for the Ic to do something for them. When our goverment and our leaders say Somaliland will never reunite with Somalia they are expressing their stand as well as the stand of their people because they know there is nothing IC can do about it. If teh IC could have done somnething they could have brought govrnment to Somalia for all these years but they could not. Do you know why? Because of you. Bad politicians are produced by their environment and you want to something to be built for you without your contribution. What the IC wants isn't important to us really. What is important is what our people want and that is the only thing that guides our politicians and eventually that is what will decide. I don'tthink you have the capability to grasp that, though I understand teh commenttaors here are not entirely Somalis or represent all the people in Somalia.

  42. Hargaisaawi says:


    You're getting better. I can see you're talking about Somaliland internal politics. Shall I take it that you're one of these orphanned Somalilanders who are running after Somalia without father or base? I welcome your interest in the internal Somaliland politics cause that will make you a more complete man in terms of rehabilitating you.

    Good on you, pal.

  43. Hargaisaawi says:

    The website operators are boosting the comments tally by reposting the comments. If they have left it normally, the comments in each thread would have not been more than 10 or 15 comments.

  44. NLander says:

    For all those claiming that Somaliland is being pressure with Aid sanctions, unlike Somalia, Somaliland and its people know how to survive without handouts! We have been doing it for the past 22 years, they can freeze all the aid if they want to. Somaliland produces some of the most educated and business savvy Somalis and everyone knows that. If you think for one second the clan that produced the man who international banks required his signature for Somalia to even get a load as a guarantee you got another thing coming!

    We will get stronger for it! And anything that makes my people stronger is welcome!

  45. PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

    The war has begun officially from (17/4/13) Today is the day when the Abgal elders illegally sold Darood territories to Isaaq clan.

    For far too long you have tasted us with your illegal expansion into our territorial border I say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH your colonial white trash English village does not exist.

    Hawiya and Isaaq you have potentially threatens the noble Darood clan keep your seatbelt fastened we will bring the war in your doorstep (Hargeisa and Mogadishu).

    We will rip the eyes of the Isaaq invaders in Laascaanood with our bare hands No mercy for traitors.

    • Hodan says:

      Bring it on……… lizard!!!!!!

    • American boy says:

      come on through.. I got my strap, matter of fact lets handle this soon, im in hargeisa right now at cabaaye .. where you at? ;) Daroods only know how to talk but aint about that action.

    • Buuxiye says:

      Binti boy worry about Hawiye before they send you to Utanga camp.

      Somaliland will simply watch what happens as soon as Amisom with draw the fire works between Darod and hawiye will begin.

      You pose zero threat while you are at mercy of hassan mahamoud and a heavily armed habar gidir that has a score to settle after what Abdulahi Yusuf did.

      The Hutus are coming for you sooner or later and this time your Marathon to Utanga has a 100 isbaaro and you will be lucky to reach Utanga with your socks.

  46. NO SOMALILAND says:

    wow ! the Big Stomach president shakes the prime minister hand very quickly like if he were a master lol. My honorable president Hassan Sheik Mohamud has been name to the TIME 100 most influential person of the year.


    • IslamIsTheWay says:

      Somaliland or no somaliland, if you fear Allah you should stop hating at other people who are working
      for a better future. Somalia has had a civil war for 22 years, that says enough. Somalia will never rise if they continue fighting over stupid clans.

      We are muslims, not gaalo, forget about djibouti, somalia or somaliland. Think about how you can make your country the best!

  47. Habar Gidir says:

    I am wondering why Darrod Haters do cry for like babies when they see any progresss made by Somalilanders, they should congratulate for them.

  48. Gob says:

    this is surely a symptoms feast for Somaliland as you can only gauge the importance and the enormity of the achievement through the amount of tears shed by those who can not help to hate Somaliland and by how vulgar and desperate their language gets, please Keep up the good work

  49. mohamed cheers says:

    Folks..The two Nations of Hargeisa and Mogadiscio are negiotating about their future of
    Somaliland and Somalia under the Technical Auspicious impartial supports of the UK
    Govts. Now comes the time of all good men to come to the aid of the good party wishful
    thinking and become on board the ARC of Prophet Noah…SSSSSh no bad talks.

  50. Daljirka says:

    Only when Daroods surrender as slaves can somalia rise from the ashes again. Until that becomes reality Somalia will forever be in war.

    Daroods are sub-human pigs infested with lice and deserve nothing short of extermination.

    In the mean time we shall hunt, fumigate, maim, torture and kill darood pests everywhere.

  51. NLander says:

    Daljir we know you are darood pretending to be otherwise so that you can get your fellows all foaming at the mouth as they have been. You see daroods cant seem to learn more than a few tricks….1)lying 2) manipulation 3) greed 4) jealousy 5)hatred all of these by any means necessary just a quick read over the comments will show just what I am talking about.

    Keep posting, you only succeed in revealing to the world just why Somaliland is going its own way.

  52. mr funny says:

    Dear isaq secessionist it seems that once again you have celebrated to early, please see the article below. Silyano went to see David (pig face) Cameron to take orders like the slave he is. I posted the article but i will give you the glorified paragraph which puts the last nail in the isaq dream seeing as most of you can't read and eat too much khat.

    "The UK was keen that Somaliland, which declared independence from Somalia in 1991, should attend next month's conference. Somaliland initially declined the invitation on the grounds that President Ahmed Mahamoud Silanyo would not be given equal status to his Somali counterpart, President Hassan Sheikh. It took the personal intervention of David Cameron, the British prime minister, to persuade Silanyo to send a ministerial delegation."

    • ahmed says:

      Mr funny this the complete…….

      The UK was keen that Somaliland, which declared independence from Somalia in 1991, should attend next month's conference. Somaliland initially declined the invitation on the grounds that President Ahmed Mahamoud Silanyo would not be given equal status to his Somali counterpart, President Hassan Sheikh. It took the personal intervention of David Cameron, the British prime minister, to persuade Silanyo to send a ministerial delegation. Whether or how Somaliland – and Puntland, which declared autonomy within Somalia in 1998 – will be part of the new deal will be yet another matter for donors to grapple with.

      • Abdulahi says:

        No more heavy weapon—————— somalis need other development. remember all these weapon went to rebel hands——————————-

      • mr funny says:

        Dude you are attending this meeting as it says in that article so stop with the denial and face facts, the dream is up. What part of Cameron forcing big belly to send ministers did you not get? He will soon meet up with Obama and he will be told the same thing, i said a long time ago about the interest that America has in Somalia and it can only be achieved if all parts remain intact. You people though i was joking, but slowly for those who are not on khat, they can see this geopolitics playing out. If you fail to cooperate, America will label you as TERRORISTS and we all know what will be next after that labeling.

    • Irir Samaale says:

      Like i said before they brought the big gun out to demand SL not embarrass their favorite backpackers come may 7th.

      Oh how happiness quickly turns into sadness in less than few days for few people on here lol.

  53. NLander says:

    Darood like I have said have the brain of greedy, manipulating half wits. Its not about getting equal treatment in a meeting, its about what the meeting is actually about.

    Somaliland is not going because it does not discuss anything involving what Somaliland, its people and elected administration is looking for.

    It has sweet fu ck all to do about whether we get a red carpet and some nice little plaque with our name on it and everything to do with our absolute goal.

    • kfc says:

      Darodphobia is a common disease among isaaq separatists. The only cure is to Pray your five daily prayers. May Allah Guide you.

  54. Daljirka says:

    Here is the Isaaq history when they owned Daarood (particularly cagdheer ogadeens) slaves.

    Habar Jeclo used to sell them and ship them out of beautiful Xiis port.
    Habar Yoonis used to ship their daarood slaves from serene sea at Maydh and
    Habar Awal used to ship their Darood slaves from the historical port of Berbera.
    Habar Gidir used to ship them from Hobio, xarardheere and Eyl.
    Gibir cad used to ship them from Mogadishu and Merca ports.
    And Hawiye used to sell them to the Gibircad in Banadir.

    This is a fact that can not be denied.

    • ali ibrahim says:

      It's felony insulting your Monarchy,

      • Ibrahim ali says:

        kkkkkkkkkkkkkk, your right ali,kkkkkkkkkkkkk

        • Dhxule says:


  55. Daljirka says:

    And Samaroon used to ship them from the historic Zeila port.

  56. Awdally boy says:

    Have you addressed the countless innocent people killing Mr Madoobe and Ghandi in Jubaland rather than criticizing blindly Somaliland progress

  57. mustafa says:

    well dictatorship seems to be better than genocide so lets give all power to the president and take the guns away and for thoose whove declared indipendence from somalia nobody asked for your opinion

  58. Mohamed says:

    What is the old man going to do in UK and USA? Just to come back as he went? He’s been to UK, USA and China before, so what did he come back home with? This figurehead will be back as he went with some lies that will be proven to be lies overtime. Bloody vision less corrupt dictator. When the meet the their host abroad they tell them that they’re not against the union with somalia but the problem lies with Somalilanders who don’t want to be party it.

    Stay tuned and see what he says when he comes back.

  59. Mohamed says:

    He goes there and comes back, not with something of use to Somaliland, but with another long list of uk security demands and nobody tells the nation what’s going on in uk.
    Some big thing must be wrong with us then!!!
    Good night.

  60. big joe says:

    The black Gold in Somaliland.

    In early history traders from Egypt (Pharoas ) were in Somaliland. In 15th century Jewish, Indian and Arab merchants mostly from Yemen, Syria and Oman were in Somaliland as traders.

    In 16th century a war broke out between the Muslim Somaliland tribes leader Ahmed Gury and Christian Abassinian kingdom (Ethoipia) which lasted many years and caused many casualties.

    In 19th century Somaliland tribe leaders signed an agreement with the Ottoman Empire in the redsea port of Berbera in Somaliland, inorder to get a strong milatry aid in case of a war with Ethiopia.

    After the collapse of Ottoman Empire the Somaliland tribe leaders again signed an agreement with the British Empire in 1884 in the same sea pot of Berbera. The ( leader agreement ) was not signed on the Somaliland soil but on a British Navy Ship. The content of the agreement was not to colonize but to protect. That was were the name of the country came from ( British Somaliland protectrate ). And from 1884 untill independence day on 26 june 1960 the country remained as a British Somaliland Protectrate.

    The ex British Somaliland Protectrate now known as the ( Somaliland Republic ) is full of natural resources like petrolium, gas, uranium, lime, aqua marine and many other natural minerals.

    Explorations that were taken by british geologists in early 1930s has shown positive signs of potential oil and gas resources in off shore along the red sea coast as well as in shore around Guban, Nugal, Hawd and Zaila regions of the Republic.

    Before Somaliland Independence on 26 june 1960 the british goverment and companies were not in hurry to drill oil and gas from Somaliland because the arabian golf states were the major oil and gas suppliers, so there was no rush…

    Somaliland Republic gained it´s independence from Britain on 26 june 1960 and became the 8th independent country in the whole African continent. 34 countries around the world conguratulated the newly born republic.

    Seven days later on 1st july 1960 South Somalia known as (Italian Somali Colony ) obtained their independence from Italy. On that same day (1st july 1960) the ex British Somaliland Protectrate decided freely to unite with the ex Italian Somali Colony without any written agreements. The union were never ratified.

    For Somalilanders the union with the ex Italian Somali Colony and the hope of a Great Somalia turned into an unforgetable Nightmare, after the southrens over took the power and occupied every key major goverment positions.

    Poverty, oppression, corruption, triblisum, nepotisum, missmanagement, unjustice, killing, arresting, missplaced millions of Somalilanders, asylum seekers around the world, bombing cities and villiges, genoside, hundred thousands of mass graves, lost of wealth, and distruction of everything were the result of the useless union with the south.

    It took 31 years of deadly war with 70.000 Somalilander victums to declare indenpendence again and withdrow from the union with the south in 18 may 1991.

    Since 18 may 1991 up to now Somalilanders enjoy unlimited freedom in a peacefull fully functioning democracy with multi party system based on one man one vote.

    Though Somaliland is not yet fully recognized by the rest of the world, many countries have diplomalic offices and treat Somaliland as a Republic.

    For the last 23 years Somaliland has it´s own Flag, Currency, President , House of Parlament, House of Elders, Ministries, currency, Milatry, Police, Marine, Multi party system based on democratic principles with three local and presidential elections, Peacefull power transfere to the new President. ( A wonderfull miracle in burning region).

    The Somaliland goverment resently signed an oil drilling agreements with some westren major oil companies in order to improve the economy which is the most improtant problems that face the country.

    Revenue from oil and gas export increase goverment budget and devolopment projects will take place but unsecured oil and gas pipe lines can turn into a disaster for somaliland nomads who live in that area. The result will be a contiminated water and grass, and that must be handled wisely.

    Somaliland goverment, companies, consultant Engineers and all necessary institutions must word together and efficiently. That is the only way in which everyone will benefit from the natural resources.

    Written by Big Joe

    Munich, Germany.

    12. Mai 2014.

  61. You made some good points there. I checked on the net to find out more about the issue and found most people will go along with your views on this site.
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  62. abdirahman yamani says:

    this clearly marks the credibility and legality of every respect as far as soverignity of country is concerned .how can a prime minister of a vito power shake hands with unrecognized country leader…this raps up the lenthy argument of unrecognitiom. It is over and will no longer be there it is now for the peace lovers to do bussiness with the outside and build a bright for its citizens and country.

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