Somaliland: Presidential Advisor Criticizes Current Government policies towards Sool Region



By Hassan Ali

The former Minister of Public works &National Housing and current Presidential Advisor on electoral matters and political organizations Veteran Politician Hon Ahmed Abdi Haabsade this week accused the present government President Silanyo of practicing double standards when it comes to dealing with Sool region and the Dhulbahante  clan .

“I have in the past work hard to bring the region of Sool and also the town of Las Anod into the folds of Somaliland but it seems no one acknowledges our achievements neither do the current government consoles with me or other senior elders Dhulbahante clan from that region “, Haabsade told Mr. Mohamed Sagah ,a reporter with the now suspended Haatuf newspaper  during an interview.

Q. Hon Haabsade can you tell us the current political situation in Sool region

A.  I personally feel let down by the our government as you’re aware of Taleeh was attacked then the town of Saax-dheer followed, we were never consulted on this issues because the present government seems to not care about our opinion on this matters and this proves its decision in sidelining the leaders from Sool region in the decision making matters not forgetting  that we don’t get our fair share because we are still being denied equal representation in the national decision-making institutions. It is also unlikely that we (Dhulbahnte ) shall will get our  legitimate representation any time soon in the current socio-political context and that kind of politics lead to more and more discontentment .

Q. We all know you’re a political heavy weight, you’re said to be close to President Silanyo but again lately rumour has it President Silanyo is courting younger politicians from your clan and that’s is the source of your anger?

A. Yes that’s one of issues at hand , lack of consultation with the various stakeholders in Sool region , for example I was responsible for bringing the region of Sool into the folds of Somaliland yet nobody cares about that anymore that’s why we feel betrayed by this government and we regret the then decision but we have also learned from our mistakes.

Q. Can you state one of the agreements you entered into with the government of Somaliland?

A. One was whatever we discussed between we (Dhulbahnte ) the elders  and the Somaliland government , we shall be obliged to take back to the people so as to get their approval but the way things are now means that the government wants to impose its rule on the people  ,it seems that we shall have to rethink our strategies once more  and history is our witness , we refused to be  conquered by the British empire  then and we shall not be conquered now.


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