Somaliland: President Silanyo Sends Congratulatory Message to Somalilanders as they Celebrate 54th SL Independence Anniversary


PRESIDENT SILANYO1By Goth Mohamed Goth H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo has on the behalf of two houses sends a congratulatory message to Somalilanders living in the country and abroad as the celebrate the 54th independence anniversary. As you ŕe of Somaliland became independent from Great Britain on June 26, 1960 and was recognized as an independent and sovereign state by thirty-five member states of the United Nations including the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. On July, 1st 1960, Somaliland merged, with popular support, with Somalia which became independent from Italy on July 1st 1960. The two countries therefore formed a Union that became known as the Somali Republic. Somaliland’s decision to immediately merge with Somalia was to establish the basis for the eventual unity of all Somali territories under foreign domination in the Horn of Africa. However, during her Union with Somalia, Somaliland and its people had bitter experience of brutal dictatorship, massive violations of human right, as documented by International Human Rights Organizations, and exploitation. In the civil war in the 1980s between the two countries, the major cities in Somaliland were destroyed by heavy artillery shelling and aerial bombardment by the Mogadishu regime in which thousands of people were massacred, their property looted and more than half a million took refuge in Ethiopia. The People of Somaliland began a process of reconstruction and established the basis for peace, stability and reconciliation among the various communities. Hundreds of thousands of internally displaced persons and refugees were repatriated from the neighboring countries. Many more returned from abroad to invest in the country. Today, Somaliland is an example of democracy in the Horn of Africa where democracy and the rule of law prevail. It has made also extraordinary achievements in economic and social areas. lastly President silanyo urges the citizens of Somaliland to be vigilant at all time so as to safeguard the peace and also be ready to defend our nation. Ahmed Suleyman Dhuhul Presidential Spokesperson


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