Somaliland: President Silanyo attends the 3rd Alpha University Graduation Ceremony



By Goth Mohamed Goth

H.E president Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo Alpha University has in a well-attended the graduation ceremony of third batch of students graduated from the various faculties of university during a function held at Mansoor Hotel yesterday.

The ceremony which was held at Hotel Mansoor was the first of its kind to be held by the learning institution since its inception four years ago.

The Chancellor if Alpha University Abdurrahman Mohamed Maal said that “Our students are everyday people, many with jobs, families, and other outside responsibilities, who are also dedicated to improving themselves academically, socially, culturally and professionally”.

Somaliland Minister of Education and Higher Learning Hon Zam Zam Aden speaking at the event congratulated the graduates and reminded them that they had come here with many dreams and goals and they leave here with a love for learning, extraordinary credentials and boundless opportunities for success.

Chancellor Abdurrahman Mohamed Maal said the graduating graduates are the third batch to graduate from the six faculties of the University with the curriculum taught at the University similar to their parent University in Addis Abba.

The Minister of Presidency Hon Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan speaking during the Graduation ceremony told graduates that they are expected to become leaders in their communities and public services and capable of becoming fully competitive in all sectors and that they are the future of this country hence the need for them to be ingenious when it comes to employment, he also urged local enterprises to invest in local talents.

The Director of High Learning at the Ministry Of Education Mr.Khadar Ahmed Diriye said Alpha University is one the prestigious learning institution currently in the country.

Among the dignitaries attending the todays function were the chairman of justice and Welfare party (UCID) Hon Feisal Ali Waraabe, Minister of Interior Hon Ali Mohamed Waran Cade, Assistant Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hon Shukri Hariri just to mention a few.



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