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Published On: Fri, Jun 29th, 2012

Somaliland offers to train Somalia’s police forces

DUBAI — In a major boost to the peace process in the Horn of Africa, Somalia and Somaliland broke the ice at a landmark meeting after two decades of conflict on Thursday.

The presidents of the two governments were brought to the table for the first time by the UAE at the counter piracy conference, and talked as equals in a bid to bring stability and build trust in the region.

Both groups agreed to the continuation of the formal dialogue that began in London last week and two committees will continue the talks in “order to clarify the relationship,” according a statement signed by the Somalia transitional government President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and Somaliland’s President Ahmed Mahamoud Silanyo.

“The significant commitment reflects the UAE’s support to the current historic developments in Somalia. It also represents the confidence of the states of Somalia’s neighbourhood, and the international community, in the capacity to ensure that Somalia and its people are once again able to enjoy peace stabilily and prosperity,” said Dr Anwar Mohammed Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs.

He said the international community must ensure that peace returns to the region and Somalia is supported to develop the “requisite capacity to enforce maritime safety and security within its territorial waters”. Somali ownership is essential for a long-term solution, he added.

“This is a big development to improve the welfare of the people in the region and to help our economies. It will also bring down crime and piracy,” said Sheikh Ahmed.”

Somaliland President Silanyo, however, said his region would remain independent and would help build neighbouring Somalia’s fledgling institutions after the transitional government’s tenure expires in August 20.

Ali Ahmed, adviser to Silanyo, said Somaliland’s police forces could help train forces in Somalia. “The world community appears to be closer to accepting our status as an independent entity, with a robust political process which has brought peace to the region,” he said.

The agreement signed today is not about unity. It is to fight piracy and terrorism and to solve economic problems in a safe neighbourhood, Somaliland’s Foreign Minister Dr Mohammed Abdullah Omar told Khaleej Times.

Somaliland is a relatively quiet part of the country which holds regular elections and transfers of power have been peaceful. Somalia, on the other hand, has been torn by civil strife and is beset with a host of economic and political problems since 1991 when the last dictator Siad Barre was shown the door.

The government in Mogadishu has maintained its demand for a unified Somalia with Somaliland in the north-west. The first high-level official talks were held in London last week and paved the way for a meeting of the two presidents in Dubai on Thursday.

“This was a good opportunity to understand our differences and was held in a cordial atmosphere, with help from the UAE which brought us together,” said Ali Ahmed.

Khaleej Times

June 29, 2012

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  1. mohamed says:

    kkkk Nothing wrong training your bro, put what do you have your self? probably nothing much when it comes to facility/equipment or experties. infect mogadishu police currently have more equipment.

    keep repeating stability in s/land region so Puntland and other smaller regions. IC are not into dividing somalia.

    • ali ali says:

      Turkish goverment today started taking 90 police officer for training in turkey for six months. and also will start soon training The mililary.

      • DaughterOfSomalia says:

        I knew they were going to train the police but didnt know they would do the same for the military. These muslims(Turkey) are Allah sent. I warmly welcome anyone be they Slanders or Turkey to train our men and women in the Police force and Military. Alhamdulilah, all thanks and praise is for Allah.

    • Aydid Somalilander says:

      Dear uninformed,

      If you accept the like of Burundi, Djibouti and Serra-leons, to train your armed force and police forces, believe me, your police will 100% better off from Somaliland police training , since they at least train you in Somali language that you understand better.

  2. hear hear says:

    kkkkkkkkkkk what next everybody is trying to help somalia tomorow hibn and heeb will send troops to somalia and puntland will send peace keepers

  3. Kayse says:

    Next I am going to train the next astronauts and all will be done in my backyard. Somaliland ain't got no forces what he on about? Last time I was in Hargeisa normal people were conducting law and order. I did not see a single police…I only saw few traffic people.

    Oh my bad, I do remember seeing "police" and they said to me "adeer keen ducaadi". So what will reer Duceeysane teach reer major Ducaysane? Xamar is already number one in "eebow ducadi so xoor nooh, intaan lee galina hal jiiro lee ka turaa"…

    They killing civilians in Hargeisa such as new Hargeisa genocide….I don't see no police, sometimes my Isaaqis think they are all Abdi Haybe Lambad….and this riwayad is not "habloow hadmad guursan doontan" its more like "Habloow gormaad ixtiiraafki la ciyaari doontin?"

    • madar ali says:

      reer duceysane teach reer major duceysane This must be interest training academy.(hablow gormaad citiraaf la ciyari doontan). kayse i know where you exactly comimg from. who The hell is abdi haybe lambad?….

      • kaboon says:

        madar ali,kayse,puntlandgeezer are all the same person. this person has the jelousey of a true dar00d.

        • hadhka says:

          The fact of the matter is Somaliland is peacefull and going the right direction and I think this low life Moran should stop talking about Somaliland. No love for the haters.

    • Abdiwahab says:

      get out you fake a** somalilander stop fabricating rubbish you headline grabbing freak obviously your HY fellows are in jail for making trouble and your bitter about it stop taking your anger out on the somaliland nation and engage in a character assassination of his excellency president silanyo
      ps im idagale what you gonna do dawg

      • Kayse says:

        I am Somali, there is no such thing as a "Lander"; maybe you mean a Landcruiser — OH WHAT A FEELING…TOYOTA! love that sxb.

        Obviously the truth is killing you and you do admit there is no harmony among the Isaaq…so all this 21 years of pretending is finally coming to an end.

        I am Biyogale if your Cidagale….get a diving suit sxb and kalay ciidaa iska tiirtiir so you can see better lool I'm dealing with a man inside the sand covered in sand.

        Must be Meerkat or Bakelee

        • hadhka says:

          You are sad person man. Somaliland is going places and you are hating man. The Somaliland government isnt prefect because there is no such thing even in the developed world but people are free to do business and better themselves and their country. Get a life man

        • Wilma says:

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        • Great post with lots of important stuff.

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  4. Allemagan says:

    I sometimes try to look at the cup as half full but I can not stand propagandists and those who emblish the truth. Als It is encouraging to see Somali people working together regardless who provides training to who given to a our meagre resources. But let us not try to fool all the people all the time here.

    Ali Ahmed's comment that the world community will soon accept Somaliland as an independent country and that it brought peace to the region, I would like to know what region is he talking about. Somaliland did never participate in the stabilization of the country thus far and was not even able to stablize northern Somalia. Somaliland does not have the capacity to train anyone's police forces. In fact whatever police or armed forces Somaliland has could not stabilize Buuhoodle, Las Anod and Tuka raq or venture to eastern Sanag.

  5. Allemagan says:

    But after all, nowadays,propaganda statements by separatists seem to be intended to be just that; propaganda and self promotion. You can blame this halucination and sensless self importance to neurosis caused by chewing a lot of qat. I never saw police, traffic police and or even traffic signals in the streets o f Hargeisa when I recently visited there. You wonder how do people drive safely in a city without traffic signals.

    • xajiga says:

      all saying i went to hargaisa and i didnt see and police which is a funny statment which shows these dar00d trolls are all the same person. abihiin iyo dar00dnimadinaba was

      • khaatumo citizen says:

        loool 'xajiga' how was the Hajj am taking my ayeeyo there soon… dee caadi inaga daa hayaay waad ceebowday…

    • Colly says:

      If we are nothing and have nothing and are a laughing stock why do you insist on trying to claim us?

      Indeed you unionists are a myth

      • daldal says:

        Colly don't flatter yourself no body wants you, you can to hell all we care but Awdal, khaatumo and makhir will remain somalia…

        • Colly says:

          LOOL Liars all I ever hear is Somalia is one blah blah blah You guys ill sooner slit your wrists than let us go.

          Awdal, Lasanood, Erigavo are going Nowhere anytime soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Keep coming onto Somalilandpress to cry.

  6. Osman says:

    hahaha! "Ali Ahmed, adviser to Silanyo, said Somaliland’s police forces could help train forces in Somalia."
    isn't it just weird to use talk as weapon to separate from the rest of Somalia? We all know that Somaliland has no basic means of police system but the claim to train the Somalia's police is only a pretext to demonstrate that Somaliland is not only capable to deliver, but beyond to offer. Last time I visited hargaissa my passport wasn't even stamped and they're talking about training others. The big daddy in London let his daughter down, so it is the time to use the Arab nations to help!

  7. Abdiwahab says:

    this proves were too superior with somalia and independence will show that somaliland will never be subordinate to no one yes recognition will come greater somalia is history haha

  8. Barwaaqo says:


    Fardo laysu hayo maxaa laysaga faanin!

  9. kaboon says:

    you are not from hargaisa, you are from boosaaso so don't confuse the hargaisa and boosaaso as the boosaaso small town is 600 years behind hargaisa. we have the best police force in the whole of somali regions and you cant call couple of reer mii with ak47 police in boosaaso.

  10. Abdi Noor says:

    Kayse said i'm from Hargeisa, please believe me, I am the native informant.

    I love it, when Somaliland haters are wound up. Bleating like sheep, Kayse why don't you come Somaliland and finish secondary school, i will pay your fees!

  11. DaughterOfSomalia says:

    Masha Allah, I welcome the idea of both sides working together even if in the future somaliland separate from us.

  12. M. Khalid says:

    The next meeting between Somali land and Somalia should be decisive. There is not much to talk about between the two parties. Somali land is Somali land and Somalia is Somalia. The next meeting should be decisive in that Somali land must insist on its sovereignty and force Somalia to recognize it. If the latter brings about its old claims, then Somali land must quit this unfruitful process and go its way.

  13. Mohamd says:

    All countries are now aware of Butulaan conspiracy to divert international fundings into pirate armies. So the world is looking for a safe haven to invest their donations in their desperation to help Zoomanians.

  14. mohamed cheers says:

    Bakhbakhda hala joojiyo. Hargeisa iyo Mogadiscio is fahmay ciddi belo
    doonaysa wayku guban give the talks a chance okay folks.

  15. dhusa mareeb says:

    I am Somalilander and no Somalilander will neverr accept any government in Mogadishu to determine the future of somalilanders ever. Clean your mess, it has nothing to do with Somaliland. Somaliland's people decided to correct the mistake they made in 1960. What is this Sharica business? Sheikh sharif and Faroole's true color is showing that they have also been part and parcel of Al-shabaab and head of the piracy in the area. The DUGSI macalin should get back to his roots and teach the diin now that he made enough money .

    • wanlaweyn says:

      if you are from dhusa mareeb how can you be somalilander? even if you are 1s@@q in dhusa mareeb you should not call yourself slander. this is what is wrong with somalis. how can tribes become a nation? no loyalty or patriotism,worshiping tribes.

      • Hornid says:

        Djibouti is ruled by issa clan since independence and there are somali as you know and therefore should be part of Somali weyn. Why you don ask them to go back in great somalia if you want to be logical with yourself.for info, there are also issak, samaron and few darod so same copy of people in Djibouti than somaliland. And they have their own country and happy with that. Afar people are minority compared to somali.people. Conclusion, myth of Somali weyn is dead long time ago. International border shall prevail. Somalia italia, somaliland british, Djibouti french nothing less nothing more. That is simple. That why somali région of ethiopia and kenya won t never be back to Somalia.Be pramatic boy.

        • burci says:

          you missing The point here Djibouti people are not 100% somali 39% are afar and oromo ( only can export hot air). when They had Their independent The french some westren countries said These folks are not 100% somali no way They could join rest of somalia, other issue was The french wants to keep it’s military base.

          NFD & westren somalia never had chance own referendum whether join or not. somali weyn not dead may your brain cells are dead,IC will not accept somalia become twenty different countries forget about colonail borders. They sre The one who drew This fake borders and today want to keep somalia intact.

          be prepare to run own semi-Autonomous state nothing more or less.

          • Hornid says:

            I already mention that Afar are minority and you confirm that beside oromo a very few and most of them get their ID card by saying they are afar and all this people count for less than 25% now as the somali immigrate so much since independence from ethiopia and somaliland. But you are illogical in ur argument as you seem to respect colonial border in one hand with the case of Djibouti and Forget it with Somaliland. As you know Somaliland joined with somalia with the aim to create the unification of 5 somali territories,including Djibouti. If they were referendun at 1977,and somali people of Djibouti agreed to join their brother in somalia as did somaliland, nobody could stop them as they were the majority . The reality is that somali of djibouti saw how their north brother were mistreated by the south and they did not make the historical mistake of somaliland

        • burci says:

          not 25% put 39% are afar in djibouti,french would not allowed djiboute to joint rest of somalia cuz Those days cold wants to keep it’s military base in djibouti.

          1977 whole of somalia it was under military regime They were no south-north or central. The reality today is somalis will have semi-autonomous states.

      • Augustina says:

        Tip top stffu. I’ll expect more now.

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  16. I Jama says:

    HY will not be confused nor are they to be used by the likes of Allegmen and kayse. Their endevours are for thier own. So, I suggest you do not confuse this meeting with confused rantings of some. Instead, it is an orgainsed meeting of the HY. Simple. Don't try and turn this to a Somalia unity bull…hit reason but instead something for those who are from HY looking for their communities interests. Don't try use Somalilanders they are much too smart for the current President and his employees, as well as other dogs. Kapiiish. Daarood stay out of our busineeessss

  17. I Jama says:

    Please, Somaliland police are Somali. If you prefer Amisom then that 's cool. Most Somalilanders prefer not to be mixed or to be asked to join the likes of Djibouti, Ethiopia and to extreme extent the Kenyans. If the International Community and indeed the current TFG weren't calling for Somaliland then it would not be an issue and Somalilanders would rather not be burdened by you're self inflected mess mostly. Its is you're leaders or current so called leaders cry out for help that brings you this predicament. Don't you think? If it wasn't for the piracy, crime and rape. Then there would be no need for any other nations envolvement….. mmm

    • I Jama says:

      i.e you're general complaint by the most of Somalia of external inteferneces which intern promotees suicide bombings caused the pressure on other Somali and muslim nations to help….mmmm

  18. moh says:

    viva somaliland

  19. true somalilander says:

    am wondering the southern somalis they are hating us in yhe same time they are talking about 1 somalia how come they are all munafiq like coins with 2 faces

  20. Yusufh says:

    Isn't it funny that the most bitter and hardline Somalilanders on this website, are benefit taking asylum seekers who have no intention of returning to Somaliland. Yes they may jump on Dallo or African Express to Berbera once a year to visit their villas. Let's give the reer hamar folk a break, they at least stayed in their country during the war, and have suffered from war and famine.

    As an isaaq I think project Somaliland is pretty pointless and we should negotiate with the South, and go back with a better settlement than the 1960 union. God dam a Jamac Waal guy could end up being the President of the whole country!!!! Fancy that, and lock away your women folk :)

    • berbera says:

      i agree with you, today somalis are totaly different compare twenty years ago negotiation it’s The only way out put equal level playing.

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