Somaliland: Of Somaliland & EU Confab, Oil & Idd Beddel, UN Fumbles & Spoon-Feeds


By Matthew Russell Lee

UNITED NATIONS, August 7 — The UN has congratulated itself for how it handles Somalia, at least of late. The most recent UN Security Council resolution ignored issues raised by Somaliland; its letter to the Council wasn’t even distributed.

  Now comes word to Inner City Press from Hargeisa that president Ahmed M. Silanyo has decided that Somaliland will NOT attend the European Union’s “Somalia” conference in Brussels, per Free UN Coalition for Access member Mohamoud Walaaleye.

  This comes after Puntland severed relations with Mogadishu — Inner City Press asked for and got UN envoy the response of envoy Nicholas Kay, formerly the UK’s ambassador to Sudan, here — and then a critique by Jubaland, not yet responded to.

  Mogadishu signed a deal with an oil firm called Soma Oil and Gas, led by UK former Conservative Party leader Baron [Michael] Howard of Lympne. (A report being inquired into by Inner City Press has it that Somali Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Idd Beddel Mohamad, a/k/a Mogadishu in Manhattan, claims he formed a similarly named company and so the contract is void.)

  Somaliland went in another direction: Turkey-based Genel Energy. A proxy war for oil?

  Before the attack on the Turkish compound on Mogadishu, in the attack on the UN compound it’s reported that UN Mine Action Service boss David Bax was the hero. Maybe — but he is accused of sexual harassment and of playing a role in the passing of genetic information to US intelligence. August 7 Q&A here.

  The UN stonewalled Inner City Press after its exclusive report to this effect on June 22; reclusive UN official Herve Ladsous through his spokesperson Kieran Dwyer spoon-fed a pro-Bax and UNMAS spin to a friendly scribe. This dysfunctional approach is unacceptable; the UN’s spin on Somalia and environs isn’t working either. Watch this sit


  1. It is a shame the world body that suppose to look and differentiate the fact from fiction is itself perpetuating lies after lies when it comes to Somaliland and Somalia. Sooner or later, these lies will catch up with them.

    That the fact will prevail over their lies and the reality called Somaliland will be accepted.

  2. They can lie all they want it doesnt change a thing on the ground. They will be toothless like in Afghanistan and Iraq if you dont have the support of the people you are dead. Let them keep supporting Somalia, those who are forward thinking will come our way.

  3. we are less consignee of exterior problems , we are building our interior onces .we have possession and not bother like other Africa countries do !!!!!!!!!!! we will maintain peace and stability around boundaries and defense our country somaliland accordingly !!!!!!!!!! viva somaliland viva silanyo


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