Somaliland: Muse Bihi Release’s the Chairing Committee List


Muse BihiThe Unity and Development Party(KULMIYE)

  REF:  XK/XG/004210/2013                               Date: 25/5/2014

To: The Press

Ref: The Naming of Chairing Committee

The  Chairman of the ruling party Hon Muse Bihi Abdi keeping in accordance article 24th and Article 32rd of the party constitution do hereby appoints members of the party’s chairing committee  and whose names have being stated below:-

1.            Dr. Xuseen Maxamed Xoog

2.            Dr. Maxamed Cabdillaahi Cumar

3.            Eng. Cabdiqaadir Iiman

4.            Dr. Maxamed Axmed Cabdi (Carabayto)

5.            Bulbul Cabdi Madoobe

6.            Axmed Cabdi Xuseen

7.            Xasan Maxamed Cali (Gaafaadhi)

8.            Carab Nuur Xandule

9.            Fu’aad Aadan Cadde

10.          Garayaqaan Maxamed Jaamac

11.          Maxamuud Ismaaciil Xasan (Badde)

12.          Jaamac maaxamuud Cigaal

13.          Shariif Abokor Dhuux-yare

14.          Cabdinajax Siyaad Cabdi

15.          Maxamed Cabdi Iskeerse

16.          Canab Cumar Ileeye

17.          Maxamed Faarax Xirsi

18.          Maxamed Cadbillaahi Cabsiiye

19.          Baashe Yuusuf Axmed

20.          Xildh. Maxamuud Jaamac Warfaa

21.          Dr. Axmed Cumar Maax

22.          Ilhaan Maxamed Jaamac

23.          Ibraahin Aadan Qaalib

24.          Axmed Xuseen Oomane

25.          Cumar Sh. Maxamuud (Cumar-yare)

26.          Mahdi Xuseen Caddare

27.          Garyaqaan Barkhad Jaamac Xirsi

28.          Prof. Cabdi Cali Jaamac

29.          Sahal Cali Cartan

30.          Maxamed Muuse Ibraahin (Buuni)

31.          Cali Siciid Raygal

32.          Xildh. Cali Maxamed (Cali Barre)

33.          Axmed Aw Cabdi Shaacir

34.          Dalays Shire Faarax

35.          Aniisa Nuur Cigaal

36.          Sahra Maxamed Xuseen(Basbaaso).

        Allaa                           Mahad                     Leh



Hon Muse Bihi Abdi

Chairman of KULMIYE

Address:  Jigjigayar, Ibrahim Kodbur District, Hargesia Somaliland.

Tell:           00252-2-527883

Mobile:      00252-4134891,4026659






  1. Musa Bihi’s days as chairman has finally came to an end. His political demise is of his making and Somaliland will have gotten rid of a confrontational bully who has no vision for either the country or the party. Clannish ideology was and is his trade mark ideology. Good riddance !

    • What a hypocrite! !!! You are just as clannish as you are accusing of others. Siilanyo; he is the president for now, enlighten us any thing tangible he did for our nation? Yes he create a punch of filthy rich men from his close relatives. I think the old man should join president Rayaale and watch the sun set.

  2. Ali yare where did Muse bihi adopt clanish ideology president silanyo and his stooges are making sure and want the country to be in the hands of powerful minister siilanyo is to old to lead the country he barely can read a paper. He should finish this year and than retire his stooges want to remain corrupt Muse is the only hope the country has .

  3. If Muuse Biihi one day becomes the President The Sacad Muuse Press won’t have no business so they rather not to be in the hot seat for a good reason. 90% of government jobs in Hargeisa is held by Sacad Muuse workers. Fact!

    • Do they have some in togdheer too? Stop trying to scare Sacad Musa of Musa Biihi. Musa Biihi is an honorable member of the Family and not an Alien.
      enjoy your small clannish mentality.

  4. Musa Bihi is megalomaniac with antisocial disorder. Could All those accusing Silanyo of being clannish come up with a single fact? If Silanyo is clannish why Sacad Muse are then holding more than any other clan including Silanyo’s own clan, who by the way, have the least government jobs. Even Dahabshiil employees more Sacad Muse than HJ.

    If Sacad Muse don’t stop this nonsense then unfortunately they have to lose all the privileges given to them by Silanyo this include the never completing submarine cable and Djibouti business doing import businesses in Somaliland will be ended and only Somaliland citizens will be allowed to import goods to our country. That alone will make the play field even for all competitors. Then we will now who were favoured by Silanyo. “Support Bihi and kiss your privileges good bye ” should become the slogan for Kulmiye.

    • To all those clanish animals who are talking about somebody giving something to Sacad Musa, I tell them shut your stinking mouths up. Nobody gives Sacad Musa nothing and without them you’ll be running after your few camels and herd of sheep in the country side wearing dhuug. It was Sacad Muse who employed even your Silanyo and the rest of you. Without them he would still be working for Mogadishu. Talk sense Sacad Musa is not really a clan, they’re a nation that always put up with a lot to maintain Somaliland for all Somalilanders and work hard for the wellbeing of each and every individual living in the Country. If they are clannish as you claim they would be ruling the whole Country single handed and you would be looking after their house hold.Who built the cities like Berbera and Hargeisa and protected you from british slavery by confining them to their own settlements when you had the horns over your head living in the bush with your animals? Who first said to hell with siyad barre and kicked the faqash asses in daylight, and fought the enemy so courageously stunning the enemies and took you on board to saved your honour and credibilty for you. Without them you would still be serving the faqash now. We let you share us our cities and businesses and not the opposite. Still you are using the hated faqash tactics on us, imprisoning our Brave Mujahideen and gagging their mouths. Come to your senses musta small hands and shut up before they severe your poisonous tongue. Anti terrorism law ha? who these small people think they are?

      • I know you’re trying to defend Sacad Muse clan, but your comment is exactly why people don’t want to vote a Sacad Muse to the presidency. The superiority complex your tribe has is astounding and blatantly exemplified in your comment. I am not even going to tell you why you are wrong because i know Sacad Muse people live in an alternate reality where the Sacad Muse control everything and are the greatest force in the world.

        If there was ever a clan full of hot-air it would be Sacad Muse clan.

        • Firstly I am not really Sacad Muse, but i always feel i am one of them. I like their neutrality and friendliness even though i am not far from them. With them i never felt strangeness. Before you just write anything clannish, think it through well so as not to expose yourself as being clannish yourself. Sacad Muse are my brothers as well as yours, but i love my Country Somaliland and I am concerned with the well being of our people, like you and the very people you are against, the Sacad Musa.
          Who is destructive now brother? You or me?
          Wish you great time because i know you are good at heart man.

  5. C’mon guys who wants a military dictator in this age and time? Don’t you think 30-years under Siad Barre is enough? OK then elect a military dictator Bihi and kiss your country good bye!

  6. It is a sad day for Somalilanders. The discourse and the narrative of Somaliland today should been a narrative of what come, setting the bar high for good governance, the future of Somaliland and the next generation. The creation of organic solidarity that we in the diaspora enjoy. At least the diaspora or the category of the diaspora that are succesfull in their field. We are stuck in the mindset of the past, tribalism, clannism etc. . Have we not learnt our leson? Is history repeating itself? I have nothing aganist the president Mr Silanyo, I do not know him personally, I cannot make any judgement vis a vids his personality or his moral conviction. However, I am convinced Power corrupts, particularly in the weak African States, look att Musseveni, the late Primer Minister of Ethiopia, and worst of all Mugabe. They were Young and considered as the generation that were going to upproot corruption, and put in Place a democratic institutions which is base on the rule of law, a free press, and an independent judiciary.
    As a professor of education in Western Europé I have never sought a position in Somaliland, nor involved myself with the politics of Somaliland in Diaspora. To my limited knowledge, the majority of the diaspora that are engaged in Somaliland politics are and I am brutally honest do not belong to the intelligent reserve in any of their country of sojourn. This is the case of at least the country I am currently living in. In the next ten yeasr or so I will retire, and I plan to move to Hargeisa God willing- but looking at the mindse of the political elite, and discourse of the active cadre in diaspora I am beginning to wonder. It is infact a blessing that we are not recognised. I think we have the chance to build a modern State in Somaliland, that is transparent, and accountable to its people. This requires establishing strong democratic institutions and democratised social institution which inclusive based meritrocracy. This work is still in its infancy, and Silanyo, you have nothing to loose, make history and leave behind a legancy. My question to the political elite in Somaliland is also: What will be your legacy.


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