Somaliland: Muse Bihi Apologizes to Dahabshil after one of his Supporter issues Tribally inclined and Hate-filled Remarks



By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Chairman of the ruling party KULMIYE Mr. Muse BIhi has apologized to the management of Dahabshil international largest remittance company in Africa after one of his supporter and a party official living in the diaspora made provocative racial remarks against the company.


In a press statement released by his office yesterday read as follows:-


As the chairman of KULMIYE, on behalf of myself and all party members, i would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the management of the Dahabshil international this after a party official said issued tribally inclined and hate-filled words directed towards the institution.


As are well aware of Dahabshiil is known to be relaible provide good services to its customers in an effecient way and most importanly its a crucial lifeline of which most of us locally depend on and which plays an important role in facilitating the transfer of money for immigrant communities and Non-Governmental Aid Agencies hence it being a vital institution of nataional importance.


Once again i would like to apologize to the management of Dahabshill and all other businesses in that country who have fallen victims in the name of politics.



  1. You are dead wrong Mr. Biihi, the stupid man was speaking in the name of your tribe and not on Kulmiye’s name. If your apology is sincere, why can’t you mention all those who are waving your picture and are insulting HJ day in and day out? Or maybe you’re afraid Dahabshiil will fire your own supporters.

    How can HA after all these go to work in Dahabshiil offices and pretend as if they haven’t committed any crimes? Is it ok to spit on the hand that feeds you? If they have an atom of dignity left in them they should all resign and put the blame to where it belongs, right in the lap of Musa Biihi.

    This is a blessing in disguise for Dahabshiil, because he will take a break from the HA begging for a while.

  2. Muse Bihi i have one advise for you just resign and go and head your camel. Your political chance are ugly just like you face looks, please resign and save yourself and your ignorant clans further embarrassments.

  3. Sorry, Mr Musa Bihi, you should rather apologise to Dahabshiil on behalf of Your jealousy-sodden clan and not on behalf of Kulmiye Party. The gathering in which the ludicrous provocation was made, was a pure tribal one sponsored and funded by Mohamed Hashi Elmi, a recalcitrant with tenuous mental capacity like you. Mohamed Hashi is not a Kulmiye Party subscribing member.

    I should apologise to myself for wasting my breath with a pathetic day-dreamer.,


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