Somaliland: Muj Musa, Now you see it, Now you Hear it


silanyo and muse bihiBy Ibrahim M Mead

Kulmiye is a crime scene to day, it was a crime scene yesterday and it will remain a crime scene for ever! Kulmiye is the domain of betrayal of trust.

I told you, but you did not listen, I showed you, but you looked the other way, now you see it, now you hear it. This encompasses not only to Muj Musa but to all persons left in Kumiye Party which stands for “Kalakaxeeyi” divisiveness and discord.


Mujahed Musa, this time you heard it loud and clear and you saw it in a cinema scope and in a Technicolor pictures. Mr. Siilanyo is saying to you and to every body else in the land “you re-elect me, even when I did every thing wrong, after all, you will re-elect me in some fashion or the other weather you like me or not.” “Siilanyoism at work” [see: evolution of Siilanyoism-B by Ibrahim Mead]

I saw these and all the other shameful acts coming when Mr. Siilanyo threw the party manifesto in which late Ali Marshal, Abdirahman Abdulkader and Ibrahim Mead contributed in its writing and the political programs the people voted for and gave their votes to Kulmiye party, in to the dustbin of history and pulled out a hidden agenda from his pocket upon the election commission’s announcement that kulmiye party won!

Mr. Siilanyo has forfeited the Trust the people and the (kulmiye) party entrusted in him for the purpose of personal gain and political advancement. Hidden agendas were developed in darkness by Siilanyo’s inner circle upon assuming power. Mr. Siilanyo is a case study here in this phenomenon. He betrayed us then and he will do the same for ever

The violation of trust by a person to another person or a people to their party expressed or perceived is Betrayal, pure and simple! A crime is committed against that trust and Kulmiye leadership did it before and the same perpetrator is doing it now. This time Muj Musa who did not see it and did not hear it became the 3rd victim of Mr. Siilanyo’s culture of betrayal and back stabbing.

 “Those who faithfully observe their trusts and their covenants and who strictly guard their payers: – these will be the heirs” the righteous will inherit heaven (Ref Al muminoon. Those Allah is talking about are not there in kulmiye
Mr. Siilanyo betrayed the party and the party men and women at that moment and it is going on and that amounts to a crime against the people’s trust. That is why I called Kulmiye “a crime scene.”

Kulmiy is a crime scene to day, it was a crime scene yesterday and it will remain a crime scene for ever! (See Kulmiye is a crime scene by Ibrahim Mead) Only the deaf, the blind, the clannish, the immoral and the unconscionable would argue otherwise

This crime was committed by the ex-chairman of the kulmiye party Mr. Siilanyo, immediately after the party won the election! This heinous crime was committed against the TRUST people gave to Mr. Siilanyo and to the party!

The party committed another crime again, against Muj. Abdurrahman Abdulkader Farah, a passionate and fervent kulmiye man who almost died for Siilanyo when he and his friend and my friend Ali Marshal who did not make it drove to Berbera to welcome Mr. Siilanyo.

[I believe that late Ali Marshal would say, ‘I am glad I am not a kulumiye member any more, I am glad I am in the permanent world instead’]

This crime against Mujahed Abdirahman took place with the knowledge and the tacit approval of Siilanyo as widely believed!

Mr. Siilanyo’s top dogs executed that infamous and shameful act! They hurt Muj. Abdirahman physically as well as psychologically! Mr. Siilanyo was there in the so called party convention bragging for what many believe it was ‘Much-I-do-about nothing!’ when this has happened to Abdirahman Mr. Siilanyo must have been out of it, if not so, he should have been ashamed of him self! He should have apologized and he should have addressed the incident.

Kulmiye is a crime scene, and that is where the perpetrator of that crime is fighting to lead it once more by tooth and nail and by all means even when it is out of the bounds of the constitution of the party and even when he promised that he will not seek presidential nomination from the party any more!

What was the crime the ex-chairman committed and against whom? The victim of that cruel and ungodly crime was the TRUST of the masses of Kulmiyatis. Muj Abdirahman’s incident was an-add-on crime! When Mr. Siilanyo won the vote given to him, by those who trusted him, he walked away from them and from the party and from the bases of the party. In that way he committed this heinous crime against the TRUST he asked for and thus given to him as well as to those who trusted him!  

Trust, is the most important ingredient upon which the legitimacy, sustainability of a party and political systems as well as the leadership of those systems are built upon. Siilanyo betrayed that TRUST entrusted upon him!

Mr. Siilanyo and his collection of oligarchies believe that they will win over every body else because they have the people’s money and the peoples army and police and will use these against the people. Nevertheless Allah told us that “Allah guides not the snares of the false ones” (Inallah laa yadee kaydal khainiin). Sadaqalaahu al cathiim

Save your country, a duty bound to ever body

However peace and prayers

Ibrahim M Mead

Political analyst

Ottawa, Canada

Ps: Muj Ibrahim Mead and Muj Abdirahman Abdukader were members of Kulmiye party long before Muj Musa Behi and long before Muj Mohamed Khahin who joined the ill-fated party later.


  1. Who ever the people want always wins. I don’t think most Somalilanders are ready for Muuse Biihi just yet let alone Hargeisa South, Sool, Awdal and Sanaag Bari.

  2. the writer is very upset because he didn’t get a position on his dream after the election then he starting to write something against his previous article which makes contradiction as he said silanyo is a good leader when he didn’t offer the position he eager silanyo become a bad leader so all his writings is baseless but his interest.

    ibrahim if you want to be politician you have to sacrifice and invest and make a effort otherwise be a normal person and stop the baseless criticism we all know silanyo is a founder of kulmiye party and no one can compete within his party so the mujahidin have obey their leader of last 30years.
    waxaynu ogayn ragi ucid ee faysal ka horyimi inay ka qaadi kari wayen oo isagi uhadhay waayo isaga samaystay udub waxay ubaaba’day ina cigar baa dhintay marka odayashu hadanay intu muradkisa ka dhamaysanyo u sabrayn madasha pension ku tagaye halka kasoo qayliya .

  3. Mead, oh! Oh!
    Did you just wrote that you and Abdirahman Abdulkadir contributed to the Kulmiye manifesto? You better take that back because it is a big fat lie! Listen man all you know is slender, misrepresentation gossip and never had a good idea to be take to the manifesto of Kulmiye party. Members of Kulmiye party are the cream of Somaliland intellectuals with sorts of the highest levels of educational and professional background. Therefore, it is a slander and a curse to say you Mr. Mead and your Abdirahman have contributed to Kulmiye manifesto. You’re a bad joke and sound like the women kat vendors in Xeroawr support Musa Bixi claimed the other day that Kulmiye will lose next election, because they were heading to support UCID, what a pathetic joke from Muse Bixi supporters? Please don’t associate your name with Ali Marshall, because he belonged to a different calibre and a different league.

    I think Musa Bixi made the worst life time mistake and ended his political carrier. Somalilanders saw the real Muse Bixi during the real Musa Bixi in the last Kulmiye congress, when he mistreated,acted childishly and told Mr. Askari, the co-chair of the congress preparatory committe: ” go sit down now!” This was shouted by Mr. Bixi right up the podium, with microphones on and while all attendees’ attention was focused on what was going on in that podium. That clip was transmitted live on all Somali speaking TVs and is still in wide circulation in the youtube with millions of viewers.

    Mr. Bixi over estimated his powers after forcefully taking government properties soon after the liberation of Hargeisa, which included government buildings and even the Geeddeeble national experimental farms. He misunderstood President Silanyo, after the latter showed multiple compromises and leniency to Bixi and his gang.

    Mr. Bixi is worked a a low level military officer the Somalia army and later joined the SNM. During his presence in the SNM, Bixi didn’t take either a leadership position nor didn’t accomplish a highly respected field achievement he was a mediocre SNM foot soldier, who can not be compared to Koosar, Mohamed Ali, Adan Salebaan, Lixle,Dayeb Gurey, Carab Ducaale, Cismaan Turkey and Mohamed Kahin and others, who earned their respect based on their bravery. He can not be compared in any way or means to President Ahmed Mohamed, the longest serving SNM chair and who was elected democratically in landslide in the last election.

    Muse Bixi is comparing Somaliland to the twenty or thirty soldiers he commanded during his military carrier. Well, he is mistaken and naive just like Sisi in Egypt, Somaliland is more complex than commanding a small company of soldiers.

    Mead, you are no different than barking sick dog on a short leash, so keep barking.

    • And you are a sick woman, because woman soon forgets all the pains she went through during the labour. This sisi Egypt is a way better than your old small handed troll. Mujaahid Musa Biihi if you have any sense of history spent the best part of his life in an underground afwayne detention when your president was happily serving him at all costs and joined the Great SNM as soon as he slipped out of the detention fighting the enemy day and night. Your old fat king was brought to SNM by dragging but what was the result? He TURNED eVERY thing upside down and destroyed the nation. Understand the facts and come off your little clannish world. You Musta barking small sick dog.

  4. I rather elect Samaale than Muuse Biihi to be honest. Samaale has got charisma, Muuse Biihi don’t! And to Mr Mead; if Muuse were to become a leader one day and don’t give you a job or some cash you’ll be saying the same crap about him too.

  5. Petty, childish, small-minded, ill-tempered, adolescent claptrap. And that is just the first line.Didnt bother to waste my time on it after that.


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