Somaliland: Ministry of Education Unveils New Text Books for the First Time

MoE reading Somaliland textbooks
MoE reading Somaliland textbooks

Hargeisa – Somali Commentator – For the first time in Somaliland history, new textbooks for primary and secondary schools are underway following the tremendous efforts, dedication and unwavering hard work of the Education Ministry of Somaliland.

“It is an immense pleasure for all Somalilanders to see the textbooks aimed to teach students across Somaliland – primary and secondary schools,” says Abdilahi Yasin Shando, Somaliland’s head of Curriculum.

Abdilahi Yasin, head of curriculum, went on further and said, ‘In total, 106 scholars have prepared us for this wonderful textbook which will comply with the modernized syllabus that has recently been set by the Education Ministry of Somaliland.”

The chairman of SLNECB (Somaliland National Examination and Certification Board) Mr Daud Ahmed Farah who also spoke at the venue stated the vitality of producing such books for Somaliland students. The SLNECB reiterated that Hon Habbane, MoE of Somaliland, is in tireless effort to enhance the syllabus of the country and of course the development of the curriculum.

In his remarks, Abdillahi Ibrahim Habbane, Somaliland’s education minister briefed the different stages of this huge task. Speaking about this, MoE of SL said, “Somaliland is an existing nation – a nation should have its own books, its own syllabus and a well developed curriculum. When we came to the office, we saw various syllabuses being taught at our schools each having its objectives and approaches. As a result of that, I requested some of the international institutions to redress this challenge.”

Minister Habbane stated that his ministry has no longer received any response from those institutions rather than reluctance. “The institutions said that they cannot publish books for Somaliland. I pondered the apocalypse of multiplicity books and thus decided to end the current situations.”

Emphasizing the price of the books is affordable, Abdilahi Ibrahim Habane, MoE said, “It is noteworthy that prices should be affordable to all students at primary and secondary schools. After complementary consultations, we knew the weak purchasing power of students. So students at primary schools will pay $1.7 for each book while secondary school students will pay $2.5 for each textbook.”

This is the first time Somaliland adopts its own published textbooks implemented by HEMA Company. Education Ministry expects to provide students with critical, analytical, and logical skills which endow them with an alluring autonomy and confidence.


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