Somaliland: Midnight Meeting between President Silanyo and Muse Bihi at the Presidency


silanyo and muse bihiBy Mohamed Ahmed

H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo and the chairman of the ruling party “KULMIYE” Hon Muse Bihi Abdi have for the first time meet face to face last night at the Presidential Palace since their previous meeting which took place on the 24th of June, 2014 and said to have ended without any outcome whatsoever.

Although there no official news outcome regarding last night meeting, reliable sources close to Geeska Afrika, Somali language paper said, “Last night meeting was requested by President Silanyo because he was leaving the country for a overseas trip today and its said that President Silanyo meet with Muse Bihi and his deputy Mr. Mohamed Kaahin Ahmed not to discuss and finding solutions to outstanding party matters which are thought to be the root cause of the longstanding conflict between the two former allies turned foes instead it’s said President Silanyo used the meeting to warn and request his former ally to shelve all outstanding matters until when President Silanyo comes back from the overseas trip he was about to embark, stating the need to reconcile their differences.

On the other hand, Chairman Muse Bihi is said to have welcomed both suggestions made by President Silanyo during last night meeting and which are shelving of all outstanding party matters and the need for them to reconcile and put aside their own personal difference.

Although details of last night meeting are still sketchy confirmed reports state the meeting took place in different settings from previous ones this considering the absences of the usual cabinet ministers who are present most of the time.

The rivalry between President Silanyo and Chairman Muse Bihi was prompted by revelations made by Muse Bihi for his intentions to run the ruling party 2015 Presidential bid against his mentor President Silanyo , this triggered a political row which almost caused the political career of chairman Muse Bihi after the President Silanyo unleashed an all-out against him but luckily businessmen from Muse Bihi Sacad Muse Clan intervened to save and persuade him to relinquish his halfcocked ambitions to compete against President Silanyo.

This is the first time, the once best of friends now turned to be worse of enemies to have meet face to face since 24th , June. One must note that it became obvious to many people that differences still existed especially after Muse Bihi declined to attend the 26th, June independence night event at the Presidential palace.


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