Somaliland: Jamal Ali Hussein Warns SFG Against Interfering in SL Affairs


jamal ali 2

By Goth Mohamed Goth

Hon Jamal Ali Hussein, justice and welfare party(UCID) Presidential aspirant is the latest Somaliland politician to warn the federal government of Somalia against interfering with our internal affairs and as an independent country Somaliland was the solely responsible for the its own natural resources and had the right to deal with any company it deems right .

The youthful banker cum politician warned the federal government of Somalia against interfering in the country’s affairs was responding to allegations made by the federal Government Somalia Minister of Energy and Minerals that a foreign company (DNO) will instigate clan warfare and insecurity in the region due the proposed deployment of armed contingents to protect oil installations in the Republic of Somaliland and the SFG will submit letter of protest to the United Nations and the countries which this oil companies are owned.

“SFG official was recently quoted as that they shall use all means in their power to, block oil companies from exploring oil in Somaliland and instead bully investment companies into registering with them which is something impossible, I would like to urge the federal government of Somalia to first of all to deal with the pressing and urgent needs of the citizens of Somalia and should not waste time in matters which less concerns them”, Jamal said.

Hon Jamal Ali Hussien added , “It was a high time for President Hassan Sheik Mahmoud to stop day dreaming and start to concrete on how his government should consolidate s power on the whole of Mogadishu instead of

The SFG led by President Hassan Sheik should know by now (and the world) that Somaliland reclaimed her independence hence had fully functioning government arms and institutions with its own national security apparatus.

The Somaliland minister of Energy and Minerals in his official press release was irked by the fact that the SFG natural resources minister was reported to have told some companies that are currently indulged in SL to seek Mogadishu authority.

He was especially perturbed by the continuous acts of successive SFG minister who global-trot while claiming that SL used (tribal) militias as security personnel guarding areas of investment operations.


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