Somaliland: Is this Man A Unionist in Our Midst ?


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Despite the clear messages out of Mogadishu calling for the demise of Somaliland our Kulmiye elites continue to betray the trust of the people of Somaliland who entrusted them, wrongfully to defend the country against foreign enemies. Minister of foreign affairs Bihi is at it again undermining the will of the nation and eager to strike deals with the devil, in this case the redundant, powerless Somalia failed warlords masquerading as legitimately-elected politicians.

Somalia’s so-called government can barely control its Villa Somalia compounds guarded by African Union soldiers paid for by Western powers to do their dirty work,unfortunately the AU forces are not eager to finish the job for it pays very well and are not in a hurry to clean up Mogadishu anytime soon from Al-Shabaab. Also, Somalis in Somalia themselves are not ready to govern themselves effectively and are interested in looting whatever bread crumbs the donors spare.

The talks between Somaliland and Somalia was a big mistake from the beginning the two parties have two distinctively opposed agenda. Somalia wants a union with Somaliland and on the other hand Somaliland does not want to repeat the mistake of 26, June 1960 and reunite with the Somalia. The talks can only resume if the Somalis are genuine in their efforts to reach out to Somaliland, however, the recent appointment of a war criminal to head the Somalia police force is a clear indication of how the Somalia crowd are not interested in real dialogue and want the status quo to remain to loot more and more while ignoring the real issues facing Somalis. Their position is understandable and consistent with their behavior towards Somaliland, what is not palatable is this erroneous quest by the Silanyo government to reach out to Somalia time and time again in light of their total disregard to Somaliland’s wishes to be a sovereign nation once again. Even the single point agreed upon to control Somali airspace from Hargeisa was once again torpedoed by Somalia.

So one asks why is Kulmiye so eager to keep talking to Somalia in the face of Somalia’s blatant and I may add arrogant stance towards Somaliland. What is the main goal here, fruitless is one word to describe this useless exercise in worthless diplomacy. Mr. Bihi is playing with fire here, he and his boss along with the treason Kulmiye lobby must be all thrown out of office before its too late. To the opposition parties, I say it is now or never, this young nation can not undo yet another catastrophic mistake by child-like politicians who do not weigh their actions and the consequences of it. Wadani and Ucid must press Silanyo to pull out of the talks with Somalia once and for all or else the republic will be lost again, this time forever.
Khadar Wacays (



  1. I undersant and share some of your concerns about negotations with a Somalia backed to the hilt by US, EU and now Turkey. It holds all the cards and it is always risky to negotiate from a postion of weakness. However I suggest to you brother Wacays that using such inflammatory language in your critique takes away from your other wise valid arguments. can I request that we use a more temperate language when criticising our nation’s leaders? Accusing the FM of betrayal and treachery are.not justfied. Pity because I think we should all be more engaged with the issue of negotiations with Somalia.

  2. I totally agree with Dheeg for writing with care especially when criticisms are targeted to individuals in the government. Let me remind you though that the Mediation process between Somaliland and Somalia predates the current FM and I know his intentions are good but as we are used to seeing the failures of this incumbent government in many aspects of its undertaking, he will be blamed for slight failures here and there. For sure he has not been given the proper environment in his Ministry to properly deliberate such important issue and communicate it well as to what the end goals and objectives are. Let’s not forget this man has enormous experience in communicating and establishing a rapport in a way no one in Somaliland can do. I saw that myself when the ‘then’ Turkish Ambassador came in Somaliland. He was only interested in meeting and discussing matters with Mr Yunis, which obviously didn’t win him friends!

    Personally we have gone past the point where we say we shouldn’t be negotiating with them but what issues and how well can we achieve our goals, rather being isolated like before.

  3. Wacays is 100% right, and that’s what every Somalilander sees happening before his own eyes. I don’t know if these people see us as human beings worthy respect or just some animals and ants. When we treat them with respect and dignity they respond to us with disrespect and utter arrogance. What’s worse still is that they don’t want us to involve our selves in our country’s affairs as if though they’re the only super heroes in Somaliland. Well. We hope they could be the Napoleons they think they are, but they’re not Napoleons.
    I advice these people not to involve themselves in negotiations with others who are more serious in politics and want to serve their countries interests the best way they know.
    Politics is serious business and is nothing like the cheap shows you are running.
    May Allah The Almighty Protect Somaliland.

  4. Not only is he unionist, he is also working for Djibouti inerest at Somaliland expense. Behi is a failed foreign minister who borought mismanagement, low moral and corruption to the ministry. Somalilanders are extremely disappointed with his rudderless diplomacy and complete failure of his foreign policy. He is busy with Hargeisa water issues, Clan politics, interfering with other ministeries business, Kulmiye internal politics and port of Berbera with Bollore group. Does this sound like foreign policy, I beg to differ

    • Dear Handulle, when we are criticising our FM it’s not because he really because he is a unionist or anything like that. Our real motive is our country and our people’s wellbeing, no more no less. We should know that collectively we can achieve much more, so no need to carry things that far.

  5. xandulle
    Any evidence for your accusations of traechery and corruption? If not then brother they are libelous. The sad thing is when people throw arounfd such unjustfied accusations it bexcoem very hard to have a grwon up debate with them. I would’ve really liked to discuss the issue of competence or lack of it of the ministry of foreign afafisr but I cant do that now because of your silly accusations.


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