Somaliland Investment Theme


“Virgin and Fertile Country”

Somaliland go through three sequences of Presidential democratic elections fascinated the world’s eye predominantly the Horn Regions, since those elections held the country had not acknowledged resilient assistant towards investments and governmental supports apart from small number of humanitarian assistant that have not equivalent the country and community necessities.

Somaliland area mostly engaged coastal and tropical that should strongly encourage the economic and foreign investments to generate wide mutual opportunities both the Somaliland population and government systems. Somaliland has got resources sprinkle in mainly regions while regions are more concentrating vigorous resources, as example; Awdal and Sahil Regions has the high quality of mines, gemstones, tourism, sands minerals, rangers, fishery (marine resources) and more, whereas Togdheer, Sanaag and Sool regions are highly enriched livestock and Mordijeh region strong very well-matched business and industrial investment due to mass population and services available.

Somaliland has acquired the most beautiful places situated the Horn countries that fascinates tourism and urgently needful to invest the nice tourism places in the country as such; Sa’adadiin, Daalo and Laas-geel including more others not mentioned.

For stance; bygone systems administrated Somaliland government had not been addressed the important roles of foreign investment that could put up the economy and growth up GDP & GNP country, mean while those systems had done rare investments with concealed shadow and agreements and corruption interests that not advantageous the country and population.

The new system of Somaliland government steering President Muse Bihi has converted the superior system that precisely understood the economic pillars and legitimately appointed Somaliland Ministry of Investment, from now on, there will be a spot of candle lighting in the country and the new government for the time being Somaliland foreign investments transformed the legal pathway could plan and navigating the rights of ownership including the type of agreements.

The ministry of Investment prior should have to strategy the entire policies that basically setup the strong root of the Ministry, also the internal regulation, hierarchy structure and staff criteria selections of Hiring.  Also an overall view area that should need to address the internal & external invest figure out both positive/negative and major constrains in order to overcome those any kinds of obstacles the country had been faced of the last decade.

The country’s resources are virgin and fertile that only entails systemic policy and legal framework based on mutual interest brings economic development and country’s stability. For the last decade the entire country floating live risks and acute periods due to repeating drought, food insecurity, law rainfall, strong inflation, poor agricultural production, livestock declining and unemployment.

The innovative government has to take thriving footstep to manage and shape circulated opportunities that lost publicly and privately associated with what so ever the past systems called Investments, and the Ministry of Investment should have to hand the declared and authorized documents that abide the system constitution and the legal law of Investment. Those up risks mentioned are still suspending the economic growth and sustainable livelihood. In a way the country survive and attainment recover the selected government should be conduct Survey and problems analysis relating available resources and specific rich areas in order to demonstrate the wealth companies and investors with a legal transparency that accountable to the Government.

The major areas require extra-investments and power input to provide wide cash flow and promote governmental fiscal policy, here are some key major areas:

  • Slaughter industry and meat packaging (economic growth & job creation)
  • Mines and Gemstones ( economic growth & job creation )
  • Fisheries and Marine Resources (economic growth & job creation)
  • Agricultural production/wheat desert plantation. (economic growth & food security)
  • Promote private investment ( job creation )
  • Social Investment sectors ( job creation )
  • Energy/Wind electricity Investment ( cheap power production)

In addition, Somaliland government had fully overcome the whole principle requirements of investment conditions that should companies and internationally agent trust commencing mutual investment, also the government needs to visualize those virgin resources kept the country to operate its national policy. Commonly those are some principles of criteria always where select a head to implement investment.

  • Security and countries area locate
  • Administration power and system institution policies
  • Source available
  • System and human resources capacity

According to an international policy associated external investment reliable all required aspects country should have, in other word; Somaliland government and parliament should pass ministry of investment their law policy and its authorizing constitution concerning mandatory policy that has permitting any kind of companies, investors and investment valuable to the country.

During preparatory processes and mandatory the ministry had have the concept of an ongoing private investment that wastes the country resources a group interests that had not known  advantages and magnitudes of those resources, while worsts issues underlining those groups are deficiency of knowledge and in insufficient experience of examine  instruments that uses the resources.

Those up issue currently dispersed the country are under the arms (duties) of the new candle lighting the government ministers, consistently (Poverty, employment, economic growth, drought, inflation and disaster risk reduction) those are cross-cutting issues that directly proportional to investment lifting up economic growth that promotes governmental political system views and sustainable livelihoods through transparency and accountability method.


  • President Bihi should have to formulate investment policy law that clearly demonstrate the mandates and pass to parliament in order to vote and declare its approval.
  • The ministry of Investment has to draft of rules and regulation of investment and do expert consultations concerning the bilateral policy plans and agreements.
  • Ministry could think new approaches of ministry work and support staffs communication due to cutting waste budgets during work environment and activities plan in a modernizing system.
  • Selection criteria of employee and directors appointment have been depended on qualifications and good experience of work communication and skilled towards internal and external of ministry’s business affairs and communicate the ministry’s goals and objectives.
  • To prepare in a way to grasp the global investors do easy to acquire the information opportunities exists, policy of investments, main areas of investment, investment profile and country geographic location.
  • To operate main reflection and comfortable residence of ministry of investment including good buildings, appropriate vehicles, good logistics, office furniture’s and nice work environments could promote the ministry’s esteem and trustworthiness of investor’s attainment the country.
  • To conduct survey/research to categorizing mass resources and providing efficiency and effective reports to scheme investors local and internationally, in order to getting the resources snapshot view reveals the types, colors, categories, family groups, species and so on in details.
  • Government and ministry of investment should expose fertile transparent and accountable mode that freedom from personal or group interests and avoiding any agreements related corruption by any means.
  • Ministry of investment on behalf of and responsible those matters and have to brought back the people’s confidence and rebuilt the trust-worthy misplaced.

We Pray the New Elected President Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi and Re-Elected Vice-President Mr. Abdirahman Abdilahi Saylici and also government minister’s success and stability.                            




Name:  Abdikadir Jama Abdullahi (Abdikadir Wadaad yare)

Title:  Freelance Writer and Conflict Analyst

Twitter: Abdikadir Jama (@A_Wadaadyare)

LinkedIn:  Abdikadir Jama Abdullahi


Tell: + 252 634453327 / 0634249612 / 0634442995

Hargiesa, Somaliland


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