Somaliland :Health System ;A panel discussion ( Sunday 8/6/2014)



Join us for a discussion about Somaliland health system, on Sunday 08/06/2014 at Oxford House, Derbyshire St, London E2 6 HG, 4pm-7pm, night of insightful conversation and discussion about health in Somaliland and the changes to come.

SHiFAT is a civil-society organisation based in Hargeisa, striving to meet the health care needs of communities by mobilizing for health at the grassroots level. The organisation is grounded in a community-based/ health system development initiative that requires cohesion amongst primary, secondary and tertiary levels of health care across Somaliland. SHiFAT’s mission is to engaging with communities at a grassroots level to ensure short and long-term health care needs of the population are met by an integrated health system in which the population are in control of their own health.

This discussion will be a review of the situation, plans and strategic programs that the ministry along with partners have. It will be a great opportunity for you to contribute to the discussion and see how you could contribute to the development of the system. Diaspora healthcare professionals will find out how SHiFAT will be developing a volunteering and internship opportunities.

The panel will included, Somaliland Minister of Health Dr. Saleban Ahmed, Director of Hargeisa Group Hospital: Dr. Ahmed Askar, VP of Hargeisa University/ Dean of Medicine Dr. Dire Ereg and the President of Sanaag University Mr. Hassan Bulsho. They will be Joined by the SHiFAT team Halima Mohamed and Musa Yousuf.

This event will charge £5 at the door as a donation to support the great work SHiFAT will be carrying out in Somaliland.

Light refreshments will be sold on site.

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  1. Why such short notice? Where was this advertised? What protection is there for our Minister?
    I will attend but only if the men and women are not separated. I am sickened by the takeoever of our culture by Salafism that I will not support anything that smacks of this sinister cult.


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