Somaliland: Hashi terms Hirsi as a Prime Minister in Disguise

by Hassan Ali
Mr. Mohamed Hashi and a member of the of the national consultations forum has criticized President Silanyo led government of lacking quality leadership and for failing to upholding the name of the liberation movement SNM and at the same time terming the Minister of Presidential affairs as being the country’s Prime minister in disguise and who yields  the most power in the cabinet.
The former Finance Minister  Mr. Hashi made the allegations last Thursday at an event which brought together officials from the opposition political parties, Somaliland Journalists Association (SOLJA) and National Consultations and Rectification Forum (NCRF) in a bid to issue a joint statement aimed condemns the stunning court judgment which is in violation of the freedom of the press guaranteed by article 32 of the constitution of Somaliland.
The hearing of the case against the journalists started after Haatuf newspaper and its sister English newspaper, Somaliland Times, were suspended by Court in 7th April 2014. On 13th December 2013, the authorities similarly closed down Hubaal newspaper
The former finance Minister added that  trial was not in conformity with the national laws and the international standards. The defendants were not given chance to defend themselves in contrary to article 28(2) of the constitution and article 116 of the Criminal Procedure Code. The court only heard the prosecution office.
Mr. Hashi has clearly stated that the current and most powerful presidential affairs minister Hon Hirsi Ali Hassan functions as undercover Prime Minister that has not been officially appointed but is in existential.
The former finance Minister  accused the Presidency minister of stealing the show from the Minister of Interior Ali Mohamed Waran Addewho had being responsible for leading having led the ministerial level delegation to the town of Taleh  a role which was reserved and  that the Presidency Minister had previously  hijacked the conference in the USA where the current foreign affairs Minister Hon. Mohamed Bihi Yonis was supposed to lead that gathering.
Mr. Mohamed hashi went on to say ,”President Silanyo has betrayed himself as well as the name of SNM as a whole this because all the things happening in this country today are the same things we fought against in the first place and that means that all we sacrificed in terms of wealth and precious lives have no meaning at all.


  1. MR EX FINANCE MIN/ Engneer Hashi. is he dreaming or else sure is this Mr.HASHI WHICH WAS ONE OF THE Herios of SNM? i DOUGHT? Show the achievment which u was leading this Nation.let is see what u have done 4 this country. u r one of the SNM Members who was encourching us to fight 4 our freedom. And now you misleading the Nation of Somaliland to a wrong direction. This Govt is ur Govt .if it is bad or good what is needed from u as heavy weight person to make a correction if the leadership in a wrong road map.
    u was member or was present whan Late Egal was preparing the Temprary consitution .in that respect is this cositution permanent or Temprary and what was the main target 4 this Consitution????? Let me till u the main target was (World to recognised as a Nation. of sovereignty , Territorial Integrity and Political Independence.(b) Reconstruction of peace, development,and achieving our main interist ,) from that point of view we need u to work and cooperate with ur leadership and its subordinate organs in a spirit of full Transparency and mutual Respect..we need u to eradicate all barriers that will harm u r Nations Sovereignty and political Independence. our main aim is focusing on peace which is the most vital our Nation Sovereignty.if u feel some thing is misleaded keep talking with the leadership or your opponents no matter what the setback. ( War is Politics)
    to stablize a Nation like ur a man of good history and very senior person do not issue any report to local media or international media that will be side effect to your political degnity….
    Political must replace Tribal believe.our target is only one( Unity.Peace. National Recegnition and Justice) do not be spoiler but be peace other view u have to understand this Nation of Somalilaners are 98% un qualified or educated??? our Nation building is very long road like the road of Burao and Erigavo .this is our nation which never be civilized . Somalis as generaL NEVER UNDERSTAND NATION INTIREST?
    pLSE Engineer Hashi the debacle of the bervious years not be repeated.
    Mr Hashi do not be crixic person . Discreet every point of ur opinion.Somalilanders are novice Nation.becouse still they speak Tribal language .plse find out how we might over come Tribal obstacles??????
    To foster a nation is rapport understanding.. MR.HASHI IF U DEFY THE LEADERSHIP (PRESIDENT)OF SOMALILAD FOR DEFUSE OF O ENJURY/?????
    i will advice Somaliland leaders (President) People and circumstance will keep challenging u ,and if u remember this 2 factors u have to use u r intellegence. that is the essence of life.)(
    best Ramadan kareem
    Gory UK

    • Mr. hashi has dissapointed us again with his diarhea mouth. He should be ashame of his self and stop regurgutating the same old nonsene. We know you have no leadership skills and fired fromthree different adminstrations. Give your mouth a rest no body is listenin

    • Mr. gorayo, in your humble but readable english you pointed to your leadership that has lost the road map, but you’re still urging the man to gag his own mouth, then how you fucking want him to point to the right direction to show those lost leadership the right way to take. You’re all contradictions pal and i do not think Hashi is day dreaming even though i don’t see the man as a visionary, but to get silent to punch of thieves is even worse and as they that’s the hell of it!!!


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