Somaliland & GTS Launch Government Registration Exercise: A Beacon Of Hope Project



GTS had already implemented the project of changing manual log book to a computerized electronic card.

By Gulaid Dalha

 VP of Somaliland H.E. Abdirahman Zeili has officially launched government vehicle registration at the presidential palace.

The project was implemented by Global Technology Solutions (GTS) together with the Ministry of Transport.

Speaking at the ceremony, Hon. Ismail said, “I hereby ascertain that that the project of registering government transport has officially commenced. This is aimed at knowing the exact number of vehicles we have as a government; the effective transport and non-effective vehicles.”

The vice president has also stated that knowing the number of government vehicles will facilitate the budget allocations. “This project will allow us to take the number of vehicles we have into account and bear in mind the effective cars, while repairing the non-effective ones, “said Hon. Abdirahman.


Urging the facilitation process, the VP called the ministries to closely work with the implementers – GTS towards the acquisition of relevant date pertinent to the government transportation. “Launching this exercise at the Presidency depicts the priority of this task to the nation. So I urge all ministries to participate and closely work with the implementers, “said the vice president of Somaliland.

In his remarks, the minister of Transport and Roads Development Hon. Abdillahi Abokor revealed that the exercise will be carried out at various ministerial headquarters and all government institutions. Hon. Abokor said, “In accordance with the Ministry of Transport Act which was endorsed by the Parliament, we have decided to undertake the registration of government vehicles – and with due its priority, we have launched the exercise at the Presidency. In the first phase, we will register government vehicles and will launch private vehicles inshaa Allah.”

Stressing the vitality of the task, Hon. Abokor, said, “The exercise will provide relevant data pertinent to the government vehicle conditions, and in 5 minutes time, the system will know the location of every vehicle. The non-effective vehicles will be auctioned and the project will last on 28 days.”


The minister of Transport and Roads Development, Hon. Abokor thanked GTS for undertaking this huge project. Said he, “I must take this opportunity to thank GTS for its help and relentless efforts for carrying out this huge project.”


The move comes portrays as part of the accomplishments of President Bihi for his first three months in office

at the ceremony, the Director General of the Presidency, Mrs. Kadra H. Geidh has remarked an extraordinary task for the nation. “This is a reached milestone. The data of government transport will be available in due time.”

source Somali Commentator


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