Somaliland: Government Warns SFG Hired Mercenaries to Stay Clear of Country’s Territorial Waters


somaliland-coastguard1By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland government has once again warned the federal government of Somalia and the Atlantic Marine and Offshore Group, a foreign firm hired to train and to develop an effective and sustainable Coast Guard for the federal government of Somalia, to stays clear of Somaliland territorial waters these after Somaliland coastal guards chased a marine vessel operated by the Dutch company which ventured into Somaliland territorial waters near Las Qorey on Friday.

Somaliland Minister of Interior Hon Waran Cade speaking on board a coastal guard vessel said “This is a massive political miscalculation by the federal government of Somalia and we are aware of the ill motives of federal government undermine Somaliland territorial waters, lets them know Somaliland coast guards are vigilant of their waters and shall not hesitate to use force to deter such violation of our sovereignty.

“It’s a high time we (Government) introduced stern measures to deter foreign and illegal fishing vessels from venturing into our territorial waters without permission, therefore I want to make one thing clear that we shall use all means in our disposal including the sinking of vessels by our coast guards,” Hon Waran Cade stated.

“We shall not relent until we overcome those bent to plunder the wealth of our nation and this which amounts to crime against a sovereign nation and the violating international laws by stealing and looting the natural resources of our nation, “said Hon Waran Cade.

The Interior Minister added that the actions of these foreign illegal fishing fleets have seriously violated the laws of the country by adversely impacting fisheries, marine ecosystems, food security and coastal communities living Somaliland.

The commander of Somaliland Coastal guards Admiral Ahmed Aw Osman also speaking on board the Coastal guards vessel said, “A quick response by our marine forces blocked a marine vessel which was about to enter Somaliland territorial waters near the Las Qorey situated in the Somaliland western coast this after they were alerted of presence of a mercenary operated marine vessel which is said to be hired by the federal of Somalia which had intentionally in a sign of provocation was about to venture into Somaliland waters.

In a coastal protection contract deal which was signed last year by the Minister of Defense for the Federal Government of Somalia with the Atlantic Marine and Offshore Group to deliver structure, assets and services in order to develop an effective and sustainable Coast Guard in Somalia including Somaliland territorial waters.


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