Somaliland Government Wont be taking part in EU/Somalia Conference-President Silanyo


By Goth Mohamed Goth

H.E Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo, the president has sent a cable extending his personal wishes of good tidings and heartfelt felicitation to the people of Somaliland and those in the diaspora and the whole Muslim world on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.

The president in his message said, while sharing the joy and happiness with Somaliland people on this festive occasion I pray to Allah almighty to reward all Muslims for their prays during the holy month of Ramadan  and all the Muslim Uma all over the world on this glorious auspicious happy occasion of Eid-ul-fitr.

“I would like to take this opportunity to state the position of Somaliland government not be taking part in conference EU and co –hosted by Somalia on which is due to be held next month in Brussels this coming September that would allow the international community to pledge support through the new deal, the reason being the Brussels conference is not in the interest of Somaliland, “stated President Silanyo.

President Silanyo also thanked serving members of the armed forces, military families and veterans for their service and urged all somalilanders to express their gratitude to the armed forces at all time.

Lastly President Silanyo urged fellow countrymen to safe guard the peace during the Eid-Ul-fitr festivities.




  1. Eid Mubarak brothers and sisters,

    I'm 18 and my name is Jibeel

    Recognition is not coming anytime soon. 23 Years!!

    These are the reasons why:

    1) SNM were funded by Ethiopia, both militarily and financially. Ethiopia also funded other groups in 80s and 90s, notably the USC (No government recognised Aideed's government) and SNM. Ethiopia were a major catalyst and instigators in the Somali civil war. I hope that the government in Mogadishu after stablised will do a national inquiry into Ethiopia's part in the Civil war, and perhaps an International lawsuit at the ICC.

    Ethiopia's funding is the major reason why no Government has recognised SL over the last 23 years, if any were to recognise SL, Somalia would be eligible to file a MAJOR 'Billion dollar' international lawsuit as this infringes the national territorial interrogatory of Somalia.

    2) SL does not have a definite terrority. Khatumoo, Awdal and Makhir are often contested and do not want to secceed from Somalia. These territories have warned that if any nation were to recognise SL. they were would leave. The south is already unstable, no foreign power would want to create another civil war up north.

    3) The 2010 massacre in the SSC region is ironic, one clan in SL wants self determination, but does not allow Awdal,Khatumo or Makhir the same rights. Do you see the paradox?

    4) The reason SL want independence is questionable.The massacre commited by the late Siad Barre was not only confined to the SL region, nor was t confined to only the Isaaq tribe, many others down south were also massacred. If you leave, what will stop the tribes from leaving the Union?

    Also, many people who were from the Siad Barre administration were from SL, and Isaaq's were prominent in government and some were known to be involved in the massacres. Your current president Silanyo was in the administration??? – Again Ironic.

    5) Ethiopia will not recognise you? Can you tell me why? They say that SL is a major ally for ethiopia, but why can't they as head of the African Union recognise you? – They are only using SL Cheap ports, and a strong Somalia would not be to their interests. Also, they've got their own problems with Ogaden and the Oromo who want independence. If they recognise SL, Somalia and the Arab league would immediately recognise the Oromo and Ogden's as independent entities.

    6) Arab league, African Union, EU and U.S are completely against such unnecessary seccession. Somalia is ONE Ethnicity, one religion and one of the only countries in the Africa who speak one language. Unity is best, if not for ethnic relations, then we should unite due to our muslim brother and sisterness….

    5) Finally, on this blessed day of Eid…What would prophet Mohamed (pbuh) say to a Muslim country divided along tribal lines? this is disgraceful, we really need to look at our priorities and not let these colonist who split our people up for power rule us….

    • Look at this faqash junior who talk BS during Eid day.. Please enjoy Eid and go help ur people in Somalia who need more and leave our country. Somaliland will join soon as sovereign state inchalah his brother somali state Djibouti which live in peace and happiness far from Zoomalia problem.

      • I don't know hornid but the man has a valid points. Its seems as if you can't refute it but instead resort to hateful and childish tribal name calling.
        I don't even see how he is wrong about Ethiopia's promises and duty to the people of the northern Somalia. Surely, after 23 years, Ethiopia is not even ready to initiate talks about recognition. Ethiopia funded and created the North's rebellion against the dictator, leading up to the fall of the regime. You can't argue that Ethiopia had everything to do with the creation of Somaliland. May be its time we should face the reality of the situation and start speaking. There is a lot of debt the successive Ethiopian governments owe to the people of Somaliland and yet you see your enemy as a single qabiil. We need an ally sometimes that would stand by what we believe and its not Ethiopia. Nor the Arab league. Come up with a good defense than insulting everyone else, dead or a live. You don't have to be sensitive. How would you believe that I'm from the north, from a powerful and popular family but don't buy into this separation of lands when our interests are intertwined. I can disagree with you and calling me "faqash" wouldn't hurt me a bit because am not. Look beyond tribal goals, its always better if we are united than we are separated. There is a lot of potential and we have our people as assets. More educated and more resourceful, more open minded and clearly, our enemy is not them. Now stand down with your garbage throwing.

        • Etu Bruto,
          Difficult to understand your confused comments. True Ethiopia had much to do with
          the SNM when the the Siad Barre Regime was also fueling the ONLF/OLF.
          What's your silly arguments???

          • Point out where I confused you. Its just that I see and acknowledge there is a big problem with separation and I think I know where the fault lies. Mohamed cheers, say it aint so but if Ethiopia wouldn't do it for us, who on earth else would? Just answer that simple question. See, I see you everyday speaking for the well being of Somaliland, throwing in your two cents, and its just that I see clearly a different route to our goals.

      • Hornid, I did not mean to offend you. I was just having a mature discussion, if you feel like I was wrong on any thing please feel free to refute them.

        • Jibreel why u need to talk politic on Eid day just enjoy it. Beside For ur questions Somaliland joined Somalia in 60 only with goal to unit all somali terriroties aka Somaliwyen dream. Even union was not legally passed in 60, Somaliland reclaim his tulost sovergnity in 91. How u explain Somaliland is becoming stronger year after year politicaly and military and economicaly if Majority do not support it? Former president was from Awdal and Somaliland institution was born in Borama in 93 for SSC they realised now they belong to SL and Forget Puntland Only few diaspora angry want create no harmony among people of SL. Nobody say 100% are in favour of independence just like Djibouti while Isse were more pro independence while Issaq and Gadabursi more pro Union in 77 Most important is what Majority want whatever his clan in SL..

    • Yea mohammed also married a 9 year old when he was 52 Yuck! I think I will take my advice from someone with a little bit more self respect and not pedophilicly inclined. Laters!

      MY Friend you are dreaming. your comments is out of reality SNM NEVER Funded by Ethiopia.your naked and uncivilized report is boggy. Somali land Govt and its people fully understand what is their political interest and decision making. Ref . your narrow knowledge of Somali land history is Zero. Creation of Somali land History witness.????

    • Somali land have no Interest to be Recognized . Somali land is SWITZERLAND OF AFRICA . SOMALI LAND SOON OR LATER WILL BE THE HUB BUSINESS OF AFRICA.
      Ahmed Abyan London

      • @Ahmed,
        Your age 18 says it all. Baby son teenage, stay out of these Somaliland quest.
        You are too young and out of touch to know and understand the real complexities
        at stake. Not to worry, bigger brains are handling the Somaliland and Somalia
        political issues. These matters only concern Hargeisa and Mogadiscio Govts,
        none else. Turkey III round talks in October 2013, hopefully, would gain certain
        upperhand progress for both ends. Eid Mubarak greetings. Bye for now.

  2. Jibreel,
    A unity might had been be a good thing should it be considered over 2 decades ago.but it's too late now. Granted, Somaliland is not recognized internationally but that's no matter to us since we're able to prove to the world that we're not only determined to beat all odds against us but we also will set great examples for others who are in the same circumstances as we're in.

    To touch on a few items for you just in case you haven't been following the latest world affairs: Somaliland has established to secure it's own borders, invited international investors to invest in the peaceful and stable somaliland, welcomed vulnerable displaced Somalis just to name a few,
    Oh. it's needless to say Somaliland has been an independent state of it's own right for 23 yrs and earned "the best kept secret in Africa" title.

    Thus, for the sake of simplicity, before you attempt to come up with unfounded allegations of there're divisions within Somaliland. We, Somalilanders collectively, will not risk our hard fought achievements just because a few individuals like you are angry at us of out of jealousy.
    Eid Mubarak to you too… mate..

    • Thank You for your kind and mature response, it's appreciated. I understand that it may be too late for unity, after all it has been 23 YEARS! A lot has changed, but it doesn't change the fact that the seccessionist movement was funded by a foreign government, this is 100% fact. This was the same for Aideed's USC, International law stipulates that no government can secceed that is financed by another foreign power (Look it up)

      • Lol Junior Jibreel South Sudan mov was funded by West country speacialy USA. Eritrea receiv money from Bare regim to weaken Etiopia and West Sahara always funded by Algeria against Maroco so keep reading ur Int law but never Forget only Strong Has rigth just check how Israël deal with poor Palestinian !

  3. If you are 18 you should be doing better things like I dont know going out with your friends, studying etc……

    Lair! This has puntaland cajuus written all over it

    • No. I'm studying International Law for a degree this September, naturally I would be interested. I don't see how this is relevant to what I said?

  4. My Fellow countrymen,

    "Any home filter has to be changed regularly to work right and keep from becoming a health hazard in itself. The ability to turn on the tap and take a long, cold drink of clean water is something Somaliland people have not seen.. We must have to begin thinking hard about what needs to be done about Siilaanyo and his likes." It was Mr Jama Falaag who said that.

    Today I say it so happens at the sharp, crucial turns of history that moments of truth are as real as the breath of a life. The defining moment has come and the need to oust Siilaanyo is greater than ever before. The best minds and the right thinking individuals had already given all of us the warning and the alarm that the country is not going in the right direction, and that this is the time to have a frank talk and start to address the pressing issues before it is too lat to cure them.

    Somaliland is a country that has seen great cruelty and hardship in its time. It has seen the illusion of power and its ignorant organization. The lessons of yesterday have been that illusion was a laggard and blind. We see and experience the same things today in Somaliland.

    The ability to anticipate public events is something to which right thinking individuals aspire. The events and actions to say "enough is enough" to Siiaano administration in peaceful way is something to which I very much aspire today. The push and pressure must come from the public.

    Viva Somaliland. God damn those who hate Somalilland. God damn those people whose aim is make money out of the public purse.

  5. why is sillanyo not intervening in the money transfer saga?or is he no leader with power?no wonder he lets gaab make the place his play thing come on sillanyo wake up from sleep.

    • @ololoo,
      Why coz SL has no problem with money's mainly Somalia's SFG problems.
      Dahabshiil INC. is capable defending their business interests, but if they need HE President
      DR Muj Silaanyo's help, then definitely his new FM would be dancing around with the UK

  6. on why sillanyo has decided not to take part in the september conference it is a wise decision since he is not yet an accepted or known head of state at the same time the conference holders are only giving legal recognition to an elected government which is not all inclusive among all somali clans it is perfectly right to say hassan shiekh adminstration is only southern dominated.the spoilers are only the westerners who only are too quick to back one against the other therefore no matter how many assemblies are held for somali unity or developments the end is fail product and only solution is grass roots let somalis agree them selves .somalia to back to the status of unity is not possible in the for see able future,it is not the destroyed buildings that need to be rebuild or repaired.that is easy but the souls of somalis are not for unity.the sooner the various clans pack up and move on with their desired manifests the better other wise somalia risks political stagnation forever.the writings are on the wall a perfect solution would be for somalis to share equally any outside assistance but not unity it is not force able on any clan.

  7. hon silanyo !!!!!! cheers we consider interior problems rather than exterior onces. we have many possession to increase our economic and boost tremendously by using best methodology, we don't need the begging money as refugees !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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