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Published On: Wed, Aug 3rd, 2016

Somaliland FM comes out in Defense of Raila Odinga

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saadBy Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Affairs Dr. Saad Ali Shire come out in defense of the former Kenyan Prime Minister and CORD leader Honorable Raila Omolo Odinga terming him as a Man of Integrity.

Dr. Saad Ali Shire speaking during an interview with a local Television reporter stated, “Hon Raila Odinga has every right to express his opinion and also to comment the regional politics.

I would like to express my sincere appreciations to Hon Raila Odinga for his courageousness and encouraging speech at Chatham house. He was very honest and frank on Somaliland recognition. We have already extended an invitation to him to visit Somaliland for the third time.

The government of Somalia angrily blasted CORD leader Raila Odinga after he declared his support for the breakaway Somaliland.

SFG Ambassador Gamal Hassan of Somalia called Raila’s comment as irresponsible and would damage the country’s territorial integrity.

The criticism of Raila comes after he called on the international community to recognise Somaliland as an independent state.

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  1. M. Yassin says:

    Raila Amolo Odinga is a respected leader not only in Kenya and Africa but also worldwide. The son of the doyen of Kenyan opposition politics, the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. Many Kenyans believe he won the 2007 General elections. He is a fearless fighter who speaks his mind.

    I wish Raila had spoken earlier about Somaliland when he was in the coalition government as the PM. Its not too late though. Nice to see the Somaliland authorities come to his defense.

    He has the right to express his views. Many have tried to silence him before but that has never deterred him. I doubt those dissenting voices from Mogadishu would muzzle him either.

    Karibu Somaliland Mheshima Raila. Hapa pia ni nyumbani (welcome to Somaliland Hon Raila. This is your home too).

  2. Not only Somalilanders but all Somali DIR tribes of Somalia , D’jabuti and Ethiopia. We are complementing Hon. Rail Odinga is one of few African leader who see the light. We as DIR people living other countries out of Somaliland such as Dir of Ethiopia, Dir of south , Dir of Kenya we all support of cousines in Somaliland to get their recognition, which real they deserve. We are asking Somaliland commission of recognition searching not to confine pro-Somaliland demonstrations and petittion signiture collections to invite all Dir people to take this activities.
    God bless Rail Odinga and his party.

  3. Omar Samater says:

    Somalilander website
    Why you erased my comment?
    Freedom of speech is a myth in somaliland

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