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Published On: Thu, Dec 29th, 2011

Somaliland: Final list of new political parties announced

HARGEISA(Somalilandpress)–The Committee for registration of new political parties and Licensing had official announced today that Fifteen newly established political organizations qualified for the second stage of contesting the forthcoming Local Council elections that are expected to be held in April 2012. The committee members made it clear that the registration process for new political parties has expired as of today. The committee made clear that these fifteen political organizations have fully fulfilled the conditions and criteria set for them in order to contest for local elections.

The registration Committee further announced the above listed newly registered political organizations will be granted temporary Certificates allowing them to contest ‘’’Local Council elections which are due to take place in the country early in 2012.

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  1. mohamed cheers says:

    What does no.13 SSCD –Last letter D stand for?

    • PuntlandGeezer says:

      cant you not tell the difference SSC & SSCD? this is a new strategy by the ethiopian stooge (SNM) to confuse the Dhulbahantes, but it wont work since dhulbahantes are well represented in puntland which seeks the vision of united Somalia.

      • mohamed cheers says:

        Tks Geezer for helping me out. There are times the enemy is helpful lol.

      • kaboon says:

        but you are kenyen stooge darood so please stop badmouthing the great somaliland i mean for god sake we have electricity and you daroods are still struggling to light a fire

  2. Gobaad says:

    That is a joke! So many parties for so small country. As we expected J'ees' kastaa Xisbi buu samaystay. We don't need more than two. It spilts the votes and the majority government is out of the window because people will now vote along the clannish line. And that is not a good Democratic System.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      My guess all the 15 will compete in the first local elections and the majority will be losers with
      only few victors who will be forced to align with Kulmiye,Udub,Ucid or would it mean the new
      victors will replace any weakened of the old three gop parties? Some explanation is needed here!

      • Nora says:

        All 15 new parties and the 3 old parties will compete in the local elections. Of the total 18 parties (new and old included), the 3 parties to win the most votes will become the three official parties of Somaliland. The other parties will then be all dissolved.

    • Zakariy Ahmed says:

      You are violating the constitutional right of these new parties and their members. You have one vote give it to one of the two oldest party if you like them but there are millions of people who want change. They want to vote for these new parties there for respect their right.

  3. PuntlandGeezer says:

    so wer iz the al shabaab party aka Hizbullah that was recently established in hargeisa?
    shiekh mohamoud abdulahi gelle the leader of hizbullah, iz he still behind bars? cuz i enjoyed wen he said that the issaq secessionist enclave would be govern under wahhabi sharia law similar to al shabaabs sharia law. anywaiz since im a hargeisa resident whos married to a issaq sweetheart, i think i'm entitled to vote.
    no doubt my vote will definitely go to shiekh mohamoud & hisbullah party!!!

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Btw since you so often mention the Issaq Sweetheart, let me say in reciprocation M'jenia sweet hearts
      are no less appealing lol. They are equally problem on the female side. That side is
      perfect discourse lol. Care a damn for whom you vote but Hargeisa has different laws than Somalia
      and Puntland Region of Somalia. Not to worry…A dejure Somaliland Republic will have to fit you somewhere in the voting process depending on how happy the Isaaq sweet heart with Puntlandgeezer.

    • mohumed says:

      You are crazy and mad about Somaliland and its ethnic community and I feel that you are nothing but an individual who is always engaged in acts of casting doubts the integrity of our women and our integrity community. please refrain from these sort of verbal abuse that you are accustomed to and I hope that you will be rational, logic and reasonable and engage an active comment with Somalilandpress readers.

    • HMObsiye says:

      Please do not embarrass yourself. You can not even articulate what you want to say. If what whole Pirateland produces the like of you, Allah help us.

      You do not belong with this classes of bloggers, I wonder why Somalilandpress allows your uninformed comments to pup up?

    • Abdiweli2-Awdal boy says:

      Puntland Gaza
      We are proud to be Soamlilanders and our inergrity is still intact. I have friends from Puntland who are well educated bodies, and we often discuss the true picture of inside Puntland. You do not have a say in Puntland unless you originated from certain tribes so please do not fool people.

    • Abraham says:

      My friend geezer, please do vote for Hizbullah. Given how the wadaado mentality works, I am sure if they win power they will be looking eastwards o Puntland for their next jihad. According to the good old wadaado Somaliland's boundaries count for nothing and they believe that Puntland like Somaliland is drowning in sin and so needs to be rescued. I am sure nothing will stop Somaliland and Puntland wadaado with new found powers and scheming together. There will be no Faroole, no piracy, and no easy $$$.

      • PuntlandGeezer says:

        @ Abraham
        sxb the sins in hargeisa iz uncontrollable, all that democracy. i think the adoption of Al shabaabs wahhabi sharia law will change everything, cuting hands off thieves, stoning adultery, beheadings.
        and No more of being a stooge for ethiopian, no more fake election.

        • mohamed cheers says:

          Crazy stuff!..Btw did you see the latest Al Shabaabs changed policies. They changed their name
          and policies. Does that mean that they will become part of the Arab Spring revolutions and
          adopt the Egyptian brotherhood policies? I just wonder how Somalia in all the confusions is
          transforming into the unknown myths!. While it's difficult to pinpoint the Alshabab Al Islamia brotherhood motives one thing is clear that the TFG or TGS whatever you call them are not the right
          solutions for resolving the Somalia crisis under the leadership of Sharif Ahmed and DR. Gass.
          Some success might be possible if Sharif Hassan Sheekh Adan replaces the Wicked Hawiye
          President of the TGS cuz this Rahanwayn politician is in my view acceptable to all the Somaliwayn
          tribalism levels. Besides he's the shrewd and clean of all the least his background
          history was..don't know if he has changed these recent times.

          • PuntlandGeezer says:

            it doesn't matter if al shabab changed their name to Imaarah Islamiya, it does not matters to any somalis wuz they call themselves. al-Shabaab evolved out of the Islamic Courts Union & ICU evolved from Al-Itihaad al-Islamiya, soz wer are the "Islamic Courts & Al-Itihaad al-Islamiya today? destroyed by ethiopia and puntland. the people of southern somalia are cheering for the kenyans to wipe the al shabaab terrorist who have wrecked havoc in their region.

            Ps hawiya & rahanwayn they cant even rule their own backyard, majerteen are destined to rule somalia once again

  4. Kayse says:

    SSCD which is fake ragtag cover for SSC militants will only win two votes because people in those regions dont even know how to vote. They might use the ballot-boxing for milking their camels thinking its a modern bowl for milk.

    The whole thing is a joke

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Kayse give me break lol.kkkk.

    • sharmarke says:

      why are you talking about these people that way, if you conisder them somalilanders. Sometimes you beg them to be apart of somaliland and now your talking about them that way. these people are no different to the other people all over somaliland. its just that they are a bit behind becuase the most of these people dont recognise somaliland and they are just waiting and hopefull that i day soon somaliland will leave the area so they can start rebuilding the regions.

    • Zakariy Ahmed says:

      You have children mentality and the way of thinking. You just insulted a legitimate political party and you violated their constitutional rights. They deserved respect otherwise they know you and they will piss on you dummy looking face.

      • Lawal says:

        Hi ThereMy Name is Kamal and I want to register my son Lovish Kalra for Video Game dgsneier and Discovery Camp. His date of birth is Feb 12, 2000.Can you please give me a call at 604-807-6486.Thanks

    • Abraham says:

      Kayse you are fast running out of respectability, please watch your out of control mouth.

  5. mohumed says:

    SSCD stands for Somaliland Sinaaan (equality), Cadaalad (Justice) and Democracy

  6. mohumed says:

    Buddy, do you know that SSC changed the name after they were told to reform it and that is why they have come up with this name!

    • warya says:

      Ignore the trash talk brother. Our brothers the SSCD are more than welcome to join their brethren and we wish them all the best in all their endeavors.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      No Sir, the change is good for JSL Nationwide. Good for the SSC finally becoming true SLDers.

  7. Kayse says:

    No one is really interested in 15 names of useless and none sense "political parties" which are the brain childs of some old farts. It seems like going to a local soccer tournament…Jigjiga yar football club, Qudhac dheer Club, Xero Awr Danyeer football team…….I would execute them all they misunderstood democracy.

    • Elouise says:

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  8. Zakariy Ahmed says:


    You are cheap and sick because you hate your fellow country men and also, you warship some of them. Re-read you own comments then judge you ugly soul.

  9. Abraham says:

    Based solely on its name, I a, voting for GURMAD as our people need in loo soo gurmado. By the way, qabiilkeebaa soo gurmanaya in that party?

  10. AhmedY says:

    They can be as many as they want so long as the elimination proces at local elections is there.

    What is going to happen to the existing three Parites? Do they automatically qualify to contest?

  11. PuntlandGeezer says:

    @Abdiweli2-Awdal boy
    if i'm not mistaken are you not part of the Awdal communities which the SNM continues to massacre & terrorizing the unarmed Awdal civilians in magaalada of Boorama?
    wuz would you tell to your Great- grandfather Imam Gurey that you betrayed the somalia nation & sold it to our enemies? sxb somaliland wont give you nothing but death, but under somalia at least Awdal state will be an autonomous, democratic, compassionate & civilized state part of federal Somalia.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      There you go again lol. A2-Awdal boy is the heart,mind,brain college-faulty-oasis of Somaliland.
      There's no way you could destroy the high profile Awdal Communities by your despicable influences of evil intentions of mischief. These Awdal Communities are the masterminds and mentors of SLD and
      are proud charletons as such. You must be wasting your time here lol. Just look at the spring board
      of high profile officials in the SLD power sharing in the SLD Govts. Kulmiye party in power.Take a hike
      and fade away buddy lol.

  12. misslovely says:

    puntlandgeezer is ogadeen aka cagadheer i can swear on my life
    have seen his videos on youtube

  13. misslovely says:

    puntlandgeezer is ogaden aka cagadheer who loves stalking on the somaliland people

  14. warsame says:

    Back to Sixties politics. Many clan political parties. Somalis never learn to separate NATION from TRIBE.

    How can Somalis be fit in this modern nation state era?

  15. Dahir says:

    To Puntlandgeezer, We in SLD want to see all Somalis live in peace and prosper, we wish you and the rest of Somalia well
    We just don't want to be ruled by you (you know what i mean) ever again, and we have a good reason . What is your reasoning for the hate you continue to spew. having said that we are capable of defending our land, we know if you had your way we would't exist today. The fact that you live in Hargeisa is proof that we are not like you, even the Hawiye who have the same views (Somali Unity and sh….t) can not live with you. you are the cancer in the horn of africa.

  16. misslovely says:

    the funny thing is he is not even from somalia he is from somaligalbeed in ethopia
    the guy has so much hate on the isaaq clan but do we really care

  17. Borama/Harg. patroit says:

    Let me tell get the opportunity to inform the Independent-minded, democratic and educated Somalianders, your level of debate is not the same paradigm than others who are not from Somaliland. The long gone Somali unity some people wield is a tool the remanents of the former , doomed Siyad Barre regime used against Somaliland. You need to understand these are the same people who destroyed the former Somallia. You can be regional with them. Some of them also are inflicted with paranoia and dillusion. Some of them can't defferentiate realighy and fiction. That is way they are talking of a long evaporated and gone Somalia. Freedom loving Somalilanders, you need to understand, they were never honest of the so-called Somali unity they destroyed. You need to understand these people do not have the moral integrity and the fortitude to talk about unitl. putting into consideration the maturity and dept of Somaliland democracy, it will be difficult to debate with people who never witnessed a free election in their lives. Their talk is a dilusional mirage and mist. Hadalkoodu Waa Biyo Col-Dhaanshay. Dr. Osmon

  18. PuntlandGeezer says:

    Pardon me, does it matters wer im from? somaligalbeed, somalia or djibouti are all the same to me.
    you've obviously mistaken me for someone from YouTube.

  19. misslovely says:

    we maybe look the same but we have different mind

  20. Abdiwahab says:

    @puntlandgeezer why always u come up with anti-isaaq crap u sick tribalist isaaq people will wipe out u majeerten dogs in ten minutes lool

  21. misslovely says:

    he is not majeerteen he is ogaden

  22. Gobaad says:

    PuntlandGeezer, so you are a bloody cag-dheer iyo kuwii Timirta karin jiray, badownimo and backwardness-nimo waxaad ka qabtaan. No wonder, the level of hatred, fitna, envy oozing from you, moron, against Somalilanders is obvious. You were a refugee in our country and we gave you a home and hot meals. What was our reward, you stabbed us in the back. Siyaad Barre tried to replace Somalilander with Cag-dheer Ogaden. Read the article: 'Ogaden self-inflicted'. You will see how some of your people are boasting that they eliminated Somalilanders and finally took their land! You could not eliminate us and a handful young men dragged the most strongest Army in the horn of Africa to the mud.

    From now and on, we will show you, xun kaa tahay, cag-dheer!

  23. Gobaad says:

    Corrections: … replace Somalilanders, that is.

  24. Las Anod my town says:


    Continue please with you attacks aganist my clan and the REAL SSC will get more supporters…… we need more of your kind, who shows the real face…. I am happy reer las anod youth who reads somaliland press daily can view your honest opinons about us, kayse the grandchild of british puppets.

  25. Ali99 says:

    The only positive thing about these new political parties is they bring some money which is badly needed in the country where unemployment is among the highest in the world. Let them spend!. I'm sure anyone in somaliland can feel the money moving around. Most of them don't care about the people, they just want more for themselves. May Allah choose the right one for us Insha Allah.

  26. PuntlandGeezer says:

    loool how did i stabbed you in bk? i was born three years later after the overthrow of the regime.
    i'm not here to defend the f@qashs, i hate them as much as you do.
    just cuz im against somaliland recognition doesnt make me a hater. we should unite and not separate. somalia should be a secular, democratic state.
    look 20 years where did it go? nowhere man. be smart sxb & join the process of rebuilding somalia.

  27. Gobaad says:

    You don't hate F@qash, you are the real F@qash.

    Joining the rebuilding, been there and done that, sorry not really interested. Now, joining the dead, destruction and choas. NO, thanks. We are fine where we are.

    If you were born three years later after the overthrow of the regime. Then google and educate yourself, kido. Instead of negatively joining the debate, unleashing your venom against Somalilanders, talking about a history you know nothing and ptretending somebody you are not.

  28. amal says:

    PuntlandGeezer, why are you hating Somaliland that is currently hosting your daqan celis pirate a**. Had you been in Garowe you would have been kidnapped by your greedy pirate uncles so be thankful and enjoy the fresh peaceful breeze of hargeisa. And yes you are majerteen but a bad apple majerteen. And no one cares about your childish hatred, you were obviously brought up with it.

  29. lompa says:

    PuntlandGeezer is a faq@ash kid. Go and chase some ships with your da da hunguriwayn jealous pirate what can buqland do, majerteenis are fulay they hide behind dulbahantes.

  30. Gobaad says:

    Amal, he happens to be Ogaden, cag-dheer, timir-kariye, Isaaq hater. Somebody who knows him just identified him. So, give him the finger, he is good for nothing, SOB!

  31. Kayse says:

    If Piratelander is Cagdheer there is only one way to confirm this. I will tap his cagdheer cellphone and at the same time mail him some dates (Timiir), if he says "Agaa awoowga Allah gub war tii hooran dab (fire) uu wayeey" on the phone, then we know the truth.

    Piratelander check your mailbox son.

  32. isse says:

    15 political parties for such a small country, it tells a lot. It’s the same old lesson, democracy is not for somalis (remember Somalia in 1960s). I wonder what works for us since we had dictatorship and it didn’t work either.

  33. Abraham says:


    Your aflagaado is as bad as Kayse's. Do you really need to insult the entire Ogaden tribe because of an immature troll serial posting hate on this forum? Don't you know that a tribe is composed of individuals like you and me with different personalities, characteristics, values, believes, hopes and dreams? Walaal yaan lagu danbaajin waa iga tolo.

  34. Gobaad says:

    I don't a sh@t about Ogaden because these the same people whom Somalilanders welcome into their country and gave them a home, hot meal and security. You don't the horror stories and the abuse committed against our people which I heard from Somalilanders who were there and lived it. These same people to set up check points and loot Isaaq people from their money and belongs. These same people whom we welcome into our country and opened our doors for them are the same people whom Siyaad Barre was intending to replace Isaaq with them. And these are the same people who had openly boasted and I quote: Yesterday we were collecting alms and today, we are happy that we expelled Isaaq from their lands. Isaaq will never come or claim their land ever again unquote. Abraham, read the 'Ogaden:Self-inflicted' artcle and you will realize how mean and heartless, they are gloating over their triumph against Isaaq fleeing bombardment levelled at them from the air and the ground.

    To be continued …

    • Gobaad says:

      For your information, Darood killed four innocent and unarmed members of my immediate family namely: my father, my uncle and two of my first cousins. I go around looking for Ogaden people and we all want to heal and put the ordeal behind us. And yet again, Putlandgeezer and the likes come here and taunt us, insult us and provocke us and you are talking me waad aflagaadoonaysaa?!!!

  35. djibouti says:

    he les gas don t lose yr time somaliland et maintenabd a un niveau superieure et personne n en changera rien

  36. DALSAN says:

    I hope dalsan get through and win inshallah, ismaaciil yare is the best man for the job

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