Somaliland: FAO built Canals and Drinking Water Wells in Baki Aimed at Improving Farmers Livelihoods

Recently FAO built Canals in Baki


Recently FAO built Canals in Baki
Recently FAO built Canals in Baki

By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somalilandpress-A high level Ministerial delegation led by the Minister of Agriculture Prof. Farah Elmi Geedole this week toured the recently FAO built canals and wells for farmers in the western District of Baki.

The agricultural minister during the tour of farms in Baki district of Awdal region was showed the recently built canals and water wells built by funds provided by the FAO and was later briefed by farmers on how they have benefitted from the recently built canals

The farmers, most who were in an ecstatic mood after one of the canals reached their farms a month ago. “We don’t have to wait for the rains any more but thanks to the numerous canals and waterways, the town is lush and green.

FAO continues to deliver direct assistance such as temporary employment for the rehabilitation of irrigation canals. This is essential for laying the foundations for building longer term resilience.

The Somaliland ministry of agriculture has identified this project as a key element of its focus on food security in its new strategy for the Horn of Africa.

The Minister of Agriculture was accompanied by the director general in the ministry Mr. Abdullah Farah Ismael, the minister personal advisor Mr. Ibrahim Arab, the Ministry spokesperson Mr. Saad MuseAbdi and Dariaand Mallukuto both FAO officials.



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