Somaliland: Djibouti donates food baskets to 9000 drought affected Families in Awdal and Selel Regions


food AidBy Omar Mohamed Farah


Djibouti government has donated much needed aid in form of food baskets to at least 9000 families’ drought affected families in Somaliland western regions of Awdal and Selal.


Djibouti consignment consisting of one thousands of tons of assorted food stuff was officially handed over Somaliland’s national emergency drought response committee.


Djiboutian Minister of agriculture Hon Mohamed Ahmed officially handed over the aid consignment to Somaliland officials in lowya-ado located the border between Somaliland and Djibouti on Tuesday.


The Djiboutian minister speaking during the handover ceremony has noted that Djibouti President Ismail Omar Gelleh has sent after when he saw the severity of drought hit that hit most parts of the country recently threatens the lives of families living in remote areas in Somaliland.
He added, “This was in response to Somaliland’s President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo appeal for help to the international community in dealing with the current natural calamity


Dr. Ahmed Adan Buhane, members of Awdal and Selal regional emergency drought committee, thanked to the brotherhood donation from Djibouti, and he stated that this food had been submitted to the needy families which the drought has displaced. He said that the food had shipped 41 trucks.


Somaliland government stated earlier that nearly 200.000 worst affected family’s needs urgent food aid.



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