Somaliland Demands Recognition



In 1943 after the defeat of the Italian Colonies in East Africa a British Military administration took over all the Somali inhabited territories in the Horn of Africa
The international community has made several brave efforts to rescue and reconstruct the disintegrated State of Somalia. All these brave efforts had however failed and Somali proper still lies in ruins and is still a theatre for marauding warring militants. All the experts, the political analysis’s and the experienced anthropologists called to help, have in their turn also failed to diagnose accurately the causes of the dilemma.
These experts have for the first time came up against native problems, which defied their pet theories, their quaint conclusions and their misinterpretation of the abstract indices of native cultures.
The poor eminent men and women could not admit that all their learned treaties were wrong, it was more convenient to accuse leopard of changing its spots. The search for a solution of the Somali problem was always dogged by anomalies and ambivalences, which in one form or another emasculated every reconciliation effort. To understand those anomalies and ambivalences we must go back to the recent history of the Horn of Africa.
In 1943 after the defeat of the Italian Colonies in East Africa a British Military administration took over all the Somali inhabited territories in the Horn of Africa. For the first time in one hundred years the Somali people were under one common administration, with a common currency and a common tariff. With the help of the huge military expending of the conquering British forces, there was an unprecedented boom in the Somali territories. The idea of remaining united and holding on to this bonanza of the union took hold over the minds of Somali leaders.

The British Labor government of the time welcomed the Somali aspirations and proposed an expanded British Protectorate over all the Somali territories except the French Somali Coast; as the present Republic of Djibouti was known then. The proposal never found support in the council of the great victorious powers but the Somali clung to their hope and Greater Somalia was over since then the centerpiece of their political aspirations.

In 1960 British Somaliland Protectorate and the Italian Trust territory of Somalia gained their independence and immediately united as the first step towards Greater Somalia. In 1963 the third step was almost taken when the British conservative Government of Harold Macmillan showed some sympathy and undertook to ascertain the wishes of the people of the NFD, Kenya and promised to act according to those wishes. Then an alarmed emperor of Ethiopia appealed to President Kennedy and a phone call from the Oval Office in the White House to No 10 Downing Street upset the Somalis for good. Consequently a disappointed and a bitter Somalia took up unrelenting confrontation with its neighbors and Horn of Africa had never known peace or constructive development. Eventually the rebellion against the Siyad Barre Dictatorship broke the spell of extreme nationalism.

Now all the great powers, the AU, and the Government of the Horn of Africa countries, who is the 1960s denied Greater Somalia and made it into a pernicious concept, are now talking in a confused ambivalence about the Territorial integrity of Somalia. The Territorial integrity of the Democratic Republic, which was ruled by Mohamed Siad Barre “Af-Weyne”, is that of Greater Somalia but the Territorial integrity of Somali is that Territory which was once an Italian Colony. What is required for the solution of the Somali Problem is clarity of objectives and expressions. The politics of the Nile River must not be allowed to bedevil the Somali reconciliation and the Ethiopian ambivalence over Somalia and Greater Somalia must be resolved. A truncated Greater Somalia composed of the former Italian colony and the British Protectorate is impractical and unacceptable.

What then? I am proposes that if the Territorial integrity of the Democratic Republic of Somalia is to be preserved, then I am asking that the Government of United States of America, the Government of France, The Government of UK, and the Government of the Republic of South Africa should form a panel to organize the formation of a state of the Somali inhabited Territories in the Horn of Africa. Then were a golden opportunity, which was missed in 1960, and a humanitarian mission of the first category. The problem of the warning factions will immediately evaporated at the moment this mission is announced and a new grateful nation will appear in the Horn of Africa, bringing constructive contributions to the region and an everlasting peace to the Horn of Africa. We abjectly beg this Government to pity the agony of this tortured nation and to do the right thing at long last.

Without embracing this noble scheme of building the only homogeneous nation if Africa, the nation of any other territorial integrity is a blasphemy, under such circumstance SOMALILAND DEMANDS RECOGNITION of its sovereignty and resents vehemently and equation of itself with the factions of Somalia.



  1. We approaching for right moment and wending up our full recognition as country as unit of somalinders ! rise ur thumb viva somaliland viva silanyo

  2. I never seen or heard silanyo addressing any world leader or even the media demanding full recognition for Somaliland, if he did please let me know when and where. Just show a written proof at least, otherwise let us just dismiss him as another self enriching figurehead.

  3. Mohamed
    I think there is a letter at the top of this page which says he does ask for recognition. And i think your accusation of the man of self-enrichment is despicable. He is clean as whistle.
    But yes Silanyo has been an utter failure in the campiagn for recognition. His administration did sweet eff all in the near four years it has been in power. On the contrary it did harm through sheer incompetence. Apparently David Cameron tried to find some current information about Somaliland just before he organised his Somalia conference in 2012. He googled for Somaliland govt websites and got nothing. He checked twitter account. It was upadted three months earlier! Facebook was virtually dead. No wonder he thought it was feasible for Somaliland to attend a conference emblazoned with the sickly malnourished blue of Somalia not knowing it is akin to inviting Jews to an SS candlelit march. How was he to know? It was criminal act of negilgence on the part of both the Silanyo and Riyale govts.

  4. The black Gold in Somaliland.

    In early history traders from Egypt (Pharoas ) were in Somaliland. In 15th century Jewish, Indian and Arab merchants mostly from Yemen, Syria and Oman were in Somaliland as traders.

    In 16th century a war broke out between the Muslim Somaliland tribes leader Ahmed Gury and Christian Abassinian kingdom (Ethoipia) which lasted many years and caused many casualties.

    In 19th century Somaliland tribe leaders signed an agreement with the Ottoman Empire in the redsea port of Berbera in Somaliland, inorder to get a strong milatry aid in case of a war with Ethiopia.

    After the collapse of Ottoman Empire the Somaliland tribe leaders again signed an agreement with the British Empire in 1884 in the same sea pot of Berbera. The ( leader agreement ) was not signed on the Somaliland soil but on a British Navy Ship. The content of the agreement was not to colonize but to protect. That was were the name of the country came from ( British Somaliland protectrate ). And from 1884 untill independence day on 26 june 1960 the country remained as a British Somaliland Protectrate.

    The ex British Somaliland Protectrate now known as the ( Somaliland Republic ) is full of natural resources like petrolium, gas, uranium, lime, aqua marine and many other natural minerals.

    Explorations that were taken by british geologists in early 1930s has shown positive signs of potential oil and gas resources in off shore along the red sea coast as well as in shore around Guban, Nugal, Hawd and Zaila regions of the Republic.

    Before Somaliland Independence on 26 june 1960 the british goverment and companies were not in hurry to drill oil and gas from Somaliland because the arabian golf states were the major oil and gas suppliers, so there was no rush…

    Somaliland Republic gained it´s independence from Britain on 26 june 1960 and became the 8th independent country in the whole African continent. 34 countries around the world conguratulated the newly born republic.

    Seven days later on 1st july 1960 South Somalia known as (Italian Somali Colony ) obtained their independence from Italy. On that same day (1st july 1960) the ex British Somaliland Protectrate decided freely to unite with the ex Italian Somali Colony without any written agreements. The union were never ratified.

    For Somalilanders the union with the ex Italian Somali Colony and the hope of a Great Somalia turned into an unforgetable Nightmare, after the southrens over took the power and occupied every key major goverment positions.

    Poverty, oppression, corruption, triblisum, nepotisum, missmanagement, unjustice, killing, arresting, missplaced millions of Somalilanders, asylum seekers around the world, bombing cities and villiges, genoside, hundred thousands of mass graves, lost of wealth, and distruction of everything were the result of the useless union with the south.

    It took 31 years of deadly war with 70.000 Somalilander victums to declare indenpendence again and withdrow from the union with the south in 18 may 1991.

    Since 18 may 1991 up to now Somalilanders enjoy unlimited freedom in a peacefull fully functioning democracy with multi party system based on one man one vote.

    Though Somaliland is not yet fully recognized by the rest of the world, many countries have diplomalic offices and treat Somaliland as a Republic.

    For the last 23 years Somaliland has it´s own Flag, Currency, President , House of Parlament, House of Elders, Ministries, currency, Milatry, Police, Marine, Multi party system based on democratic principles with three local and presidential elections, Peacefull power transfere to the new President. ( A wonderfull miracle in burning region).

    The Somaliland goverment resently signed an oil drilling agreements with some westren major oil companies in order to improve the economy which is the most improtant problems that face the country.

    Revenue from oil and gas export increase goverment budget and devolopment projects will take place but unsecured oil and gas pipe lines can turn into a disaster for somaliland nomads who live in that area. The result will be a contiminated water and grass, and that must be handled wisely.

    Somaliland goverment, companies, consultant Engineers and all necessary institutions must word together and efficiently. That is the only way in which everyone will benefit from the natural resources.

    Written by Big Joe.

    Munich, Germany.

    12. Mai 2014.


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