Somaliland Declaring Senseless War To Postpone The Next Election


Careless talk costs lives.

By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye

I wrote this piece though it’s against the consensus; despite the fact Somaliland democratic only in the internet world, I knew that some of you, the readers, will call me the un-patriot or fifth column or similar or block the internet to prevent my standpoint from spreading, how hateful you are, but I speak my mind to highlight overriding issue that concerns me and you perhaps. However; earlier this week, the president and the three national parties dined together and surprisingly declared a war against ill armed tribe, a one of our own. Given the disastrous famine of a rainy season failure, the tribe’s loyalty to Somaliland or Somalia looks somewhat joke. The Guurti, and three parties agreed to wage unnecessary war against a phantom enemy. The three parties with little in common had different views on building hospitals, but today they agreed to wage a most meaningless war, to kill youth, and to shed the blood of innocent folks who have no access to media whatsoever and thus unaware of Somaliland’s existence. But what a remarkable consensus! “Oh my Gosh, are they sane?” or the military operation is a smokescreen to hide elements returning to “Democracy-sans-freedom” of Somaliland.

President Silanyo didn’t send his children to SNM war to die but instead to UK to further studies to rule the country with credentials, neither today, the men and women he sent to the war were not his close relatives. If Silanyo always sends children of other families to die in civil strife while his children are making vacations with levied tax from SNM’s ‘orphans’. Would that be a fair? If President Silanyo avows to displaces and dismisses public servants of other ethnics to create jobs of Gar-adag men and women , 8 people of the same ethnic from Borame were dismissed from the State Radio, would that be a fair?

Somaliland is not better or than Somalia regarding to leadership, but the fundamental difference is that Somaliland reacts to conflict when the war become inevitable whereas Somalia leases its territory as a battleground for proxy wars to cause her people massively die in vain! But Silanyo’s call to war with our own people is act of insanity. Wars drain out the economy, there is no “good” war or good Jihad.

While Hargaysa Upper areas water almost inaccessible; donkeys and small water vehicles provide water to thirsty residents, the money aid meant to upgrade infrastructure misspend on senseless war is an acceptable.

The declaration of the “leaderless” war against pastoral community in famine was motivated by the perception of two factors: Somaliland is always right and the West including Britain, in particular would be in our side for the foul play of “mere elections”. Both are wrong. The UK doesn’t discriminate Somali tribe against another; in addition, the throwing a ballot into trash can by theocrats of hidden agenda doesn’t make Somaliland look pretty nicer than it actually is.

if Erro of Wadani Party asked me a piece of advice, it would be this: consult with your cadres in and out of the party before the Party became “ Party personal bag” like Faysal Ali’s weightless Party Bag or Xisbiga shandada lagu sito, when Faysal flies back to Finland, the party disappears because is only him. Sometimes I think Finland is the home of political losers or bogus statesmen. Erro’s second reckless mistake after Parliament reshuffle is his hasty approval of

unneeded war that serves against his personal ambition and the country’s interest in general.

To wage a war serves no purpose other than Silanyo’s ulterior motive of postponing the election, but I wonder Abdirahman Erro’s sudden approval of war, I once called him a great diplomat. But is he a lame? He precipitously approved the death of many of his fellow compatriots for the sake of hangover of a man whom he opposed for four years! Following the Movie of Maalin Meel Bay Ku jirtaa. President Silanyo has been stoking unrest in the Eastern regions since his election to overstay in office despite his notorious remark in his first day sworn in ceremony which was filmed “I’ll never oversleep in The presidential Palace in one single day when my term expires” but his power hunger along with his backing clan alliance of Hubasha singing beeshu way haraaday overwhelmed him “ he neither honors The Quran nor his constitution” . He sends an army to Taleex village several times to provoke and then orders the army to retreat to keep the ball rolling. Taleex people are Somalilanders like other people but without rights. All they see from Somaliland are tanks rolling past their houses!

The President is moving leftover of ex-Somalia’s military machine and firepower closer to the vanquished tribe when Siyad Barre was ousted from his cozy mansion to ignite unnecessary war to convince opposition parties for sake of securing borders which is untrue and then says that his government is unable to hold an election due to ongoing war in Eastern regions. Only naives buy that. Somaliland needs no war but free and fair elections in 2014 to attract international investment, lame excuse for postponement of internationally funded election won’t be acceptable. The next election is critical for the country’s future to gain global recognition if Somaliland is so dear in our hearts and minds otherwise lets us wage unneeded wars and shed the blood of innocent Muslim faithful at the age of 87 years. I see no interest of waging Silanyo’s personal wars except his intention to stay in office longer. He can perish innocent masses with acceptance of so called three parties but not in my name, for I voted none of them.


  1. Why would SLP publish this incomprehensible trash and destroy its reputation? why cant we Sonmalilandesr have a single website as well run and well editoed as Hiiraan or Wardheer?


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