Somaliland: Court Lifts 238 day Ban on Hubaal Newpaper




By Goth Mohamed Goth

A Regional court in Hargeisa has ordered the immediate lifting of a nine month and half months ban on the Hubaal, a popular Somali language daily and The Independent, its English language sister.

The Hargeisa regional issued a warrant ion the 13th of December, 2013 which paved way for the ceasing of the headquarters Hubaal, Somali language paper by special police unit due to phony accusations

The Hargeisa regional chief magistrate Feisal Abdullah Ismael “Dhago – Dhago” ordered the full and immediate lifting of the 238 days ban and the immediate removal of crack police units who having being occupying the newspaper premises for the last nine months.

The chief magistrate ordered the immediate lifting the 9 month and fifteen days ban of the paper at the same time issuing an official apology to the owner of the paper for inconveniences on behalf the state at the same time criticizing both the prosecution and the police for being incompetent.

The prosecution and police failed to present any evidence of wrong doing on the part of the paper hence the decision by the court to ordered the lifting the ban after considering the case filed in the regional courts by the founder and proprietor of the newspaper back in February, 2014 demanding the immediate and unconditional lifting of the ban on the paper.

The Chief Editor of Hubaal Mr. Hassan Hussein Abdullah populary known as KEEF –KEEF in his social media site termed the court’s decision to lift the unlawful ban on the paper as being bold and wise , adding he had not completely lost faith in the country s judiciary.



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