Somaliland: Country Marks 23rd Independence in Style


DSC_0111By Goth Mohamed Goth

Thousands upon thousands of Somalilanders thronged major streets of a Hargeisa in what seemed to be the largest commemoration in 23years since Somaliland broke away from the Somalia back in 1991 crowds marching along Independence Avenue; similar ceremonies took place in major towns across the country.

The day was marked with various festivities with people of all ages taking part in processions made of colorful groupings which comprised of private companies ,Students, civil societies, Government workers   marched, walked, or danced along Independence Avenue, followed by a full military parade.

Somaliland’s president Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo and other dignitaries watched the 18 May Independence Day procession in a temporary shade erected outside the heavily guarded Presidential palace in Hargeisa.

President Silanyo said, “This day provides not only an opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments but also a chance to look at the future ahead,.

Somaliland leader in his independence day speech said,” On this day we reflect on the achievements of Somaliland has booked over the past 23 years and we also look forward to the future, which is to attain our ultimate goal of international recognition.


  1. This is more like a celebration of one clan that is confined in the triangle of Burao, Hargeisa and Berbera. We already know that there is no celebrations in Sanag, Sool and Cayn but now we are also learning that the rapture of celebrations in Audal State is nothing but a Garadag fiction. See it for yourself here
    Long life united and free Somalia!

    • I have no idea how you can connect Darawiish(the original ones) with Somali nationalists. You are either historically illiterate or simply distorting facts to suit your views. Sayidka and the Darawiish were anti-british colonialism that’s it. The dream Somali of a unified Somalia didn’t even exist then.

      Another thing is immature Daarood tribalists seem to think darawish was a darood army fighting against Isaq clans. Major tribes from the Isaq clan formed a significant portion of the darawish forces. And many of the Sayid’s top lieutenants were Isaq.

      Darods don’t have a monopoly on the name Darwish. Darwish had little to do with Somali nationalism it was a jihad movement against the british colonialists.

      • We don’t want to bring back a garbage like your ignorant sayid, The guy is burning in hell fire now for his dirty deeds and crimes against the humanity. We in Somaliland then were free and generous nation and didn’t need an ignorant mad man to liberate us, so why didn’t he fight in the South to liberate from his clansmen from the worse slavery ever recorded in human history. The italian one.

  2. Dadbay meeli bugtaa,
    For some ill people Erivavo is not in Sanag, Las anod is not in Sool Ainabo is not in Cayn. I
    We should not listen mad man who is not going any where!!!
    Viva for the somalilanders really this day is happy day this is the day of this youngest nation in Africa The republic of Somaliland.

    • Viva Somaliland indeed. Forget about the mad man, maybe they are inching their small heads for a fight because nobody shown them the way. The way Hawiye shown their hosts in Mogadishu and elsewhere in somalia after the collapse of faqash in 1991/92, those memorable years.

  3. Ultimately, Somaliland is one and this small planet is our only home. If we are to protect this home of ours, each of us needs to experience a vivid sense of universal altruism. It is only this feeling that can remove self-centred motives that cause people to deceive and misuse one another. If you have a sincere and open heart, you naturally feel self-worth and confidence, and there is no need to be fearful of others.

    I believe that at every level of society – familial, tribal,national and international – the key to a happier and more successful world is the growth of compassion. We do not need to become jealous, nor do we need to believe in an tribalism or hatred. You just need to develop good human qualities.

    Put your life with its patterns into perspective; by doing this one can enjoy the richness of life, within and with others.

    Tribalism, anger and hatred are our real enemies. These are the forces we most need to confront and defeat, not the temporary “enemies” who appear intermittently throughout life

    • This comment sounds like it is out of this world and out of any known planet for that matter. The material seems to be copied from some sort of self improvement text and rhymes very well with Jehovah Witness literature. The point discussed here escapes me.

      • Agree with Fintir… Kuluc’s verbiage is more suited to a yoga session than in support of Somaliland separation festivities. Advancing benign values such as non-tribalism should be welcomed provided that Somaliland’s dominant tribe of _Isak stops the illegal occupation of another tribe_Khatumo. Liberty and Freedom of expression, Right to Self determination, Natural Justice, should mean a lot to many a Somaliland dreamer. Shouldn’t the same be accorded to a Khatumo-land resident.


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