Somaliland: Busy Summer Season expected to Propel Egal International Airport to a Record Year



By Goth Mohamed Goth

Egal International Airport Authority official has announced the start of the busy  summer season and at the same time saying that  that they are fully prepared and ready to handle the increased number of flights to the airport with the busiest being June, July and August are always the three busiest months at Egal International Airport with the number of passangers expected to reach a record high this year.

Mr. Mohamed Yusuf the Chief operations manager at the Egal International airport, speaking to reporters said, “With the resumption of Ethiopian airlines operated Boeing 737-700 flights carrying more than 138 passengers of whom most are Somalilanders living in the diaspora who are return home to visit their relatives this summer season and which also expected to be the busiest on record as more and more airlines such Kenya, Al Etihad airlines and Turkish show their interest in plying the route.

The airports Chief operations Manager said, “We have put our focus on attracting a multitude of new routes as well as increasing services on the ever expanding route, so we’re delighted that the offering at Egal International Airport has increased significantly and we’ll be looking to continue our progress into summer 2015.”

The month of August is historically our busiest month at Egal airport, followed by July and June; and with the increase in flights and seat capacity this summer, we are well-positioned to break last year’s passenger record, Mr Mohamed Yusuf said.

The Chief Operations manager added, “With the modernization of the country’s airport facilities and the improved airport services, many airlines have expressed their  plans to use Somaliland as a stoppage and rest hub link routes in the Middle East and West Africa.

With the resumption of Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737-700 nonstop flights,Egal  airport authorities are very confident that volumes of passengers and goods passing through Somaliland will rise this year.


  1. No figures at all in this article about growth and volumes — “record” season when they don’t even know how many passengers arrived in 2013! Typical.


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