Somaliland: Book Presentation on 17 December at Hargeysa Cultural Center


Sooyaal English VersionDate and time: 17 December 2014. 18:30
Title: Sooyaal: Ina Cabdalla Xasan ma Sheekh buu ahaa mise …?”
(“Sooyaal: Was Ina Cabdalla Xasan a Sheikh or a …?” )
Author:  Cabdiraxmaan C. Faarax ‘Barwaaqo’

Dr. Georgi Kapchits commented this book as “it forces historians and literary scholars to subvert all previously indisputable authorities and most hallowed myths.” When in 2012, Cabdiraxmaan C. Faarax
‘Barwaaqo’, published “Sooyaal: Ina Cabdalla Xasan ma Sheekh buu ahaa mise …?” (“Sooyaal: Was Ina Cabdalla Xasan a Sheikh or a …?” ) , in which the great Somali poet, preacher and warrior is desacralized, thebook created heated discussion in several Internet sites.

It book contrasts in many ways with what has been written about him so far on Mohamed Abdalla Hassan. It adduces indisputable evidences of the protagonist’s difficult nature and shady deeds.

Khaalid Jaamac Qodax, author of Diihaal-reeb, who read the book, will share his comments and will ask the author a first question to openthe discussion. The author of the book will respond to the audience
for long Q/A session. The event will be chaired by Muuna Axmed Cumar, author of Baadidoon and member of HCC team.

See you all!
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