Somaliland: An open letter to the UN Secretary General, His Excellency, Mr Ban ki-Moon



Nicolas Kay’s multifaceted mission to Somalia: Is he in a grave peril of the Region?

Date: 31st August 2014

When I read the statement made by the head of the Un mission to Somalia, Mr Nicholas Kay on 29 August about Somaliland’s efforts to bring its most southern peripheries under its control, I had been expected to congratulate our government for owning up to its responsibility to provide security and stability to all of its citizen by eliminating the threat exposed from terrorism not only to Somaliland but regionally. He appears to be encouraging lawlessness and undermining our statehood when he said in it “all armed forced to withdraw SAAX DHEER”. It is a small border town to Ethiopian border in the Sool region. He seemed to have been dogmatic by denying the Somaliland territorial integrity and its statehood and above all fostering instability in our country.


Furthermore, he does not seem to be considerate to Somaliland’s historical perspective to have been voluntarily united with Somalia within days of its independence on the 26th June 1960 but on the 18th May 1991 reverted to its sovereignty at heavy cost. The question Mr Kay needs to answer is why does he seem  to be fomenting a save heaven for armed terrorist group that aligned Alshabab and ONLF by requesting downsizing Somaliland armed forces effectiveness to have full control of the entirety of its territory where he failed his responsibility to bring about peace in Somalia with huge resources and strong African Union armed forces presence estimated to be 30,000.


The head of the UN mission to Somalia was appeared to be impinging upon Somaliland’s armed

forces over the wicked militia that bent to exporting violence to the most secure and democratic state in the horn of Africa. This is the truest fact when he discernibly deciphered an equal dimension to the Somaliland armed forces to that of the terror group when he had stated that all warring forces to withdraw the area. This is a term (all armed forces) he was alluding to be showing no respect to the Somaliland government and our armed forces, and did not make a subtle difference between the armed bandit creating lawlessness not only in Somaliland but also its immediate neighbour of Ethiopia.


In that negating statement to our statehood, it triggers me to ask myself a myriad of question why he should have been sympathised by a violent militia aimed at fomenting lawlessness in a meagre part of most southern peripheries of Somaliland. That statement was a pernicious claim to us and one should ask why he is inducing lawlessness in part of Somaliland region. Conversely, his mission continues to deluge foreign troops into Somalia to stem out terrorism and lawlessness while paradoxically  in Somaliland creating an enabling environment for terrorism to get a foothold.


Mr Kay was quoted to have said that the UN and AU objectives in Somalia were to rebuild a strong Somalia that can maintain law and order the entirety of its territory. Elaborating on that, he stated that African UNION are there to help the Somali government achieve that goal by defeating ALSHABAAB and all armed groups in Somalia. However, his statement was inept at our sovereignty, and unwittingly supports the Alshabab’s claim that the UN and AU mission in Somalia are there to colonialize, to corrupt and erode their culture and religion; and to undo parts of Somalia that peace prevailed, including Somaliland.


With that context embedded in Alshabab’s core recruitment drive to perpetuate, the UN Somalia mission appears now to be multifaceted by fostering terrorism in Somaliland. Mr Kay needs to realise he was wrong to be supporting an armed bandit that aimed at destabilising Somaliland to create afresh hostility within the people of Somaliland. He should have been aware of Somaliland community defused local conflict resolution in which all the past inter-clan animosity were resolved. That led the reborn of Somaliland that was evidently claimed to have produced the most advance democracy not only in Africa but in the developing world. The Ethiopian late Prime Minister, Mr Meles Zenawe was quoted to have said the democracy in Somaliland is not only an example for Ethiopia to see its height but Africa countries as a whole.


Finally, the Somaliland people were perplexed to see the head UN mission to Somalia to be injudiciously supporting illegal armed groups that are not accountable to anyone. We have expected the UN mission to supporting and respecting the right of our people to be internationally recognised as it will be a panacea to the region’s endemic conflict, particularly Somalia. Notwithstanding that our people are very grateful of the huge humanitarian assistance the UN agencies provides to our people, but the current head of the UN mission to Somalia denigrates the good image of the UN agency and lost our trust and confidence in the UN. In conclusion, Somaliland saw your mission to Somalia as irrelevant to them and is in peril of the stability of the region. Your Office needs to get connected to our country by creating a new UN mission specific to Somaliland with a mandate to creating enabling environment to get Somaliland internationally recognized.

Ahmed Abdi Isse

Ahmed Abdi Isse

Academic in Social Science


This letter was also sent to Somaliland President and the Ethiopian Prime Minister


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