Somaliland: Apology Letter to Awdal Regional Ministry of Health and Borama hospital


NNNEvery action has an outcome. Some of our actions have long and series impacts while others have ephemeral and meretricious consequences.

In accordance of this, the recent article of mine came up with a catastrophic impact to the life of Awdalites and somalilanders as whole. by the way when I saw the supernatural power of my writing might; when I saw the nearly irreversible personal, economic, and humanitarian aid damages that my article might came up with; When i saw the grave complaints from the victims including the targeted doctors; When I considered and I reviewed my article, it came apparent for me that I had gone too far to several points in the article. Therefore, I decided to express my excuse for the victims and the society as whole. Dr. Ismail Haji Muhumed Aye, an admired doctor in Somaliland country and the entire of east Africa was hardest hit individual that the article injured.. Being a distant uncle of the deceased nephew whom her surgical case was carried out by doctor Ismail Haji Muhumed Aye, I am standing for that the surgical case and the way I explained it was an anger-driven one and I am also empathically proving that Dr. Ismail Haji Muhumed Aye did his best to save the life of the lady. As human being we are not the masters that control the final destinations of our lives and the time our spirits directly returns to Allah, the absolute master of all essence of existence. I am witnessing that Dr.Ismail Haji Muhumed Aye is excellent professional surgeon and has a dependable knowledge to save any patient with any anatomical and physiological complications which is not out of the circle of the surgical feasibilities in east Africa. Equally important Dr.Abdulrahaman Jama Hadi, who is devoted and incomparable general physician, was hurt by the article because he had encountered a libellous propaganda from his ill-wishers. This propaganda was greater then what I have mentioned in the article. By hook or by crook, I am ensuring for him that these allegations cannot put only one stain on his profession and his governmental career.

The same case is true to Mr: Sied Bile. The director of the immunizations programmes must be apologized about the verbal gaffes my touchy article inflicted to him. Sied Bile, the bravo with radiant goodness and appreciable personality struggled to fight against harmful diseases. Sied Bile with keen, persuasive intellect, and hyperactive power to execute his duties and tasks showed a landslide victory of the haunting epidemic diseases which otherwise claim a massive human lives. He also became the strongest pillar, which anchored and empowered the health sector of Awdal region.

Ever since, Sied Bile, the director of vaccination programmes, remained a sharp chainsaw that cleared a reliable path for secure health. Sied Bile, the glorious, confident, and decisive man widened the understanding horizons of Awdalites for the efficiency and the importance of immunizations.

In addition, the other personally damaged individuals including Abdulah Yonis, Fosiya, Yabe, and Gaur deserve to be apologized.

Mistakes are the best teachers of their doers and the ignorance is not the lack of know-how but it’s a lack of attention to learn from past mistakes.

It’s good for the doctors to bear in their mind that they are not the only victims of the conflict because I am also harshly victimized and damaged by the self-righteous acts of theirs. I can remove the cancerous tumour my article left as aftermath before it reaches full spread. Together we can nurture a mentality that empowers the sense of oneness and humanity.



I am deeply hurt and saddened how my article damaged the prestigious doctors of ours who deserved better treatment.

In conclusion, I am here by declaring that the information and the data depicted in the article have no personal and sociological base.


Farah Barkahd Nour

Freelance writer

Borama, Somaliland





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