Somaliland after 26 years

Photo: Somaliland President Ahmed Silanyo arrives at Lancaster House for the Somalia Conference in London, Britain, 23 February 2012. EPA/ANDY RAIN
Photo: Somaliland President Ahmed Silanyo arrives at Lancaster House for the Somalia Conference in London, Britain, 23 February 2012. EPA/ANDY RAIN

by abdirask Hassan ali { irgin]

‘’ sounds  of birds ,     blaring of  horn cars  are among the stability  that   fully developed in Somaliland ,  over  quarter  century  it was   developed  towards the  economic ,  standard of living and the social amenities,  despite these  immense progress   Somaliland   don’t  get  full recognition  from international  communities  ,  however Somaliland  appeared to be well developed  towards  the standard of living , ininfrastructure  and  the good governance  which Somaliland has been moving during these long  period  without receiving  any help in the world communities .

 In the  2000  at the beginning  of this  century , a constitutional referendum  was held  in Somaliland  on 31 may  aimed to show the independence of  the Somaliland  people from the rest of Somalia , the  referendum  was  held on  a draft  constitution  that  affirmed  Somaliland’s independence day  from Somalia   as a separate  state . two thirds  of eligible voters  took part in the referendum  and 97.1% of them voted  in favour of the constitution ,still now people are adopt from this constitutional  and  implement to their  daily life and respect  him as it is the constitution that  entails  every ones right  and preserving  the constitutional right  is everyone’s  duty  that is  among the nation , the continuous  struggle that  Somaliland  retained its independence  didn’t stopped  just by placing  to the national constitution  instead it  continued to the onset  of new democratic phase since  the fallen  government  of Somalia was among  communism  rules  originated  from Russia,  so after  making  the national  constitution  Somaliland  was choose to take the multi-party systems  which was  arised   from three official parties  which is now called  ‘’kulmiye’’ ucid ‘ and  wadani,  kulmiye  was ruling the  country  since  2010   indeed it is the mis-leading  party  which hold the  rule of the  country  during   the reign   of his rule it will remembered  for the widely  spread of  corruption across the country  that  theft of national property  become an ordinary despite this, anew political figures  will be  more  preferred  rather those  who are candidate  for  the president in now  also the  kulmiye  party  will be remembered  for the  prolonged droughts  that hit much of the  country  which  in turn caused  severe causalities  amongst women’s and  children  which are  more vulnerable  for  mull-nutrients   apart from these  people  were more stiffness  to these  harsh problems – they were pleasure ,satisfactory and willing  once upon a time  to a  change   that will come  to  improve these current situation 

Somaliland  which is among the  countries  in east Africa , is  ‘’ self proclaimed state’’  as they said whose populations   is estimated 4 million people  mainly under the  age of 35  is seemed  to be an alarming rate to the growing population  in the last two  despite this  Somaliland was making  a progress  towards economic development and the  social  amenities  in spite  there is  divergence  between social cost and  private cost  these  divergence  between private  sectors  and public sectors  bring  harm to  the vulnerable groups  low class  peoples  who cant afford to  pay  the  extra income  generated from these divergence

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Abdirasak Hassan ali is an environmentalist , who always  focus to the environmental  affairs , he used to write  both  language Arabic and English


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