Somaliland: Abdurrahman Irro Urges Government to Hold Snap Elections



By Goth Mohamed Goth

The speaker of Somaliland house of parliament and leader of one of “WADDANI” opposition party Hon Abdurrahman Abdullah Mohamed “Irro” has called for the current government to hold snap elections earlier than the 2015 scheduled date due to the current government being preoccupied by infighting and the failure to put in place adequate preparations for the upcoming Parliamentary and Presidential election.

The chairman of WADDANI Hon Abdurrahman Abdullah Mohamed “Irro” speaking during an event yesterday in which several defecting KULMIYE officials and  supporters were incorporated into the ranks of WADDANI urged the ruling KULMIYE to solve the internal wrangles in a manner compatible with the country’s rules and regulations, he went on to say, “We as a party wouldn’t like to see the destruction of any political party and we would like to see them solve their infighting in a civilized manner and through the regulations and laws.

Hon Abdurrahman Abdullah Mohamed “Irro” added, “The ongoing power struggle in the ruling KULMIYE party should be contained inside the party because whatever happens in the ruling party affects the local populace and the national wellbeing, the citizens of this country are becoming worried by the current security situation in the country because it’s the responsibility of the present government to safeguard and guarantee the safety of its citizens and the nation as a whole because the country stability coming is being threaten by recent “Shaani” explosions; I also take this opportunity to strongly urge those behind the spate of “Shaani” explosions to immediately stop using crude and primitive methods as a solution to their problems.

The chairman of WADDANI Hon Abdurrahman Abdullah Mohamed “Irro” also touched on the wider implications of a prolonged internal conflict in the ruling KULMIYE party such as the delaying of the upcoming voters and national identification process and how it may affect the current timetable set for holding the upcoming parliamentary and Presidential elections and alienating the existing good relations the donors and international community, so we advise  the current government to immediately hold a snap elections because as thing are the current administration seems not to be capable of safeguarding the security of this country.

“The raging internal power struggle between the current administration and the ruling party “KULMIYE” may in the long term have adverse and negative effects on both our national aspirations and democratic credentials therefore we shouldn’t let the KULMIYE infighting be a reason to delay the upcoming voters registration process neither be a prelude of not holding the next Presidential in due time because the upcoming 2015 elections constitute an existential test for Somaliland, so would like suggest and I hope you shall agree with me ,that we should swallow the only medicine available to treat this ailment and that is the holding of snap elections before the slated period so as to save the country from sinking further”, Hon Irro stated.


  1. Irro is the upcoming president, whehter you love him or not. A wise and intelligent president capable to handle the nation issue into a save manner, rather than power hungry guys.


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