Somaliland :A Nation of Courage and Wisdom of Political Prospective


The State of Somaliland received its independence from Great Britain on 26 June 1960, by Royal Proclamation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. In accordance with United Nations procedures pertaining to decolonization, the documents establishing the transfer of sovereignty were deposited with the United Nations. 1

 On July 1st 1960, Somaliland and Somalia declared their union as the Somali Republic. The merger was intended to pave the way for unification of all the Somali territories under a single flag.

 Somaliland Parliament was passed a law which intended for the legal political union of the two countries this time was one day after the independence (27 June 1960), but authorized representative from Somalia declined to sign the document, then the document remained without force in Somalia side.

 Another legal problem came after, because Somalia legislature approved on 1st July 1960 a different document called Atto Di Unione (Act of union). Atto Di Unione was conceived without the knowledge of Somaliland. This union cut the bridge and purpose of the real union by the way Somaliland was never signed this document and document without sing cannot be enforced.

After that Somalia attempted to compensate this legal limbo, so it was made on 31 January 1961 and Muqdisho National Assembly repealed the Somaliland and Somalia Union law (New act of union was introduced retroactively). This act was not effective because it didn?t compromise both side (Somaliland and Somalia).

After the deceive and illegal union Somaliland people receive a huge human rights violation from Siyad Barre regime. If we look the international law of self-determination a people can declare their independent or their political and economic interest if any international violation faced to their dignity and humanity.

Essentially, the right to self-determination is the right of a people to determine its own destiny. In particular, the principle allows a people to choose its own political status and to determine its own form of economic, cultural and social development. Exercise of this right can result in a variety of different outcomes ranging from political independence through to full integration within a state.2

The right to self-determination of peoples is recognized in many other international and regional instruments, including the Declaration of Principles of International Law Concerning Friendly Relations and Co-operation Among States adopted the UN General Assembly in 1970,  the Helsinki Final Act adopted by the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe (CSCE) in 1975,  the African Charter of Human and Peoples´ Rights of 1981,  the CSCE Charter of Paris for a New Europe adopted in 1990, and the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action of 1993.  It has been affirmed by the International Court of Justice in the Namibia case, the Western Sahara case, and the East Timor case, in which its erga omnes character was confirmed. The scope and content of the right to self-determination has been elaborated upon by the UN Human Rights Committee and the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.3

All this international law can be legal argument of Somaliland government, also at Metevideo Convertion (treaty was signed in Uruguay on December 26, 1933. It entered into force on December 26, 1934) lay down the basic requirement of statehood as the following

1.       A permanent population

2.       A defined territory

3.       A stable system of government

4.       Capacity to enter into relations with Sovereign States.

It is proof that Somaliland have all this requirement so it is unclear why international community still blind what is going on in Somaliland?

Somaliland is nation of courage, because its people achieve many successes which can be lessons to other African nation let alone other far nations look Somalia (failed state).

Somaliland is one of the un-recognized nations in the world which have it?s our sovereignty, people and its own legal system which means constitution or other domestic laws. It has also legitimate government, legislation (Representatives and council of elders), and powerful troops.

Somaliland have been held a lot of fair and free election such as 1993 presedential election which was elected to the power Mohamed Ibraahim Egal and also 1996 Mohamed H, Ibraahim Egal was re-elected the second term. 2001 people of Somaliland were take referendum on the constitution which 97% endorsed with Yes vote. 2003 were elected the president of Somaliland Daahir Rayaale Kahin and local government election, parliament or legislation councils were elected in 2005. The present government was elected 2010; I mean Ahmed Mohamed Mahamoud was elected the office in that year. Nearly, 2012 the local elections were held fair and free although there were some political organizations disputed the result of some ballot stations.

Finally, Somaliland is the nation of peace and development because the last 21 years Somaliland achieving progress, prosperity and good and fame name. Its people were open heart and alert to their security.

The question is: Why the international community, nations, organizations and people have international entity attempting to persuade Somaliland the union of Somaliland? Answer of this question is on the lips and mouth of these international figures.

All in all, Somaliland people say to the other worlds who are trying to work unfair and illegal union between Somaliland and Somalia

Our dignity depends on Somaliland and who are the people in the world wants to lose their honor and self-respect?

 The new community and generation of Somaliland grow peace and prosperity how they can adopt humiliation and life of war and terrorism aspects??       Our blood is written the name of Somaliland how we can pour it?

Education is our foundation how we can choose famine, drought and even ignorance?

Our discussion is based on listening and respect how we can prefer the sound of bullets and dangerous weapons.

We say to you (Somaliland) good bye and Allah Pleased you peace and progress as Somaliland.

1.     A short briefing paperA H Nur, pg 4 (April 201)

2.     African Security Review 12(4)2003


4. Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States (signed in Uruguay on December 26, 1933, entered into force on December 26, 1934

By Ibraahim Khadar Sa’ed


  1. The great nation of the republic of Somaliland has certainly the legal and political arguments in favour of the independence and statehood they restored back in 1991 after thirty years of bitter liberation war against the Somali occupation of their soil (British Somaliland), but the problem is the current puppet regime of Siilaanyo the triator, who harbour secret agenda of aborting all endeavour of our nation for political recognition. Siilaanyo already commited national treason by compromising the airspace of Somaliland through sharing it with Somalia. Internally Siilaanyo the triator pulled the national army from many eastern regions which are immidiately occupied by anti-somaliland faqash remnants. The duty of Somaliland patriotic people is to oust this triator from power so that we can save the our independence and sovereignity. LONG LVE THE PATRIOTS OF SOMALILAND. SHAME AND DEATH OF RATS AND DOGS TO SIILAANYO AND HIS FOREIGN MINISTER CBDULLAHI DWARF (CABDULLAHI CILIN

  2. somaliland has achieved prosperity and good manner it has also gained international reputation it only needs international recognition once it gets it does not want anything else why becoz it can stand with its hands their people can do well and develop somaliland

  3. Sorry, but this brief report lacks more elaborative explanations and comprehensive
    analysis of what took into effect between the two Al-Somal Nations amalgamated Union
    on 1st July 1960, what followed until october 1969 when a military Coup took over the
    power from the civilian democratically elected Govt of President A/Rashid Sharmarke and
    Prime Minister M.I.Egal when the President was assassinated and PM imprisoned by
    the defeated opposition plots whose top leader figure head was A/Razzak Haji Hussein
    who is now a US Citizen. It should be recalled for the record that the Union was all corrupt
    from day one till the Coup plot. The point here is that, Gen Siade Barre was not responsible
    for the Coup although he was given the opportunity. Who were then responsible for such
    terrible coup plot? The real black historical evidence would point the ugly plot to the defeated opposition Party whose figure leader was A/Razzak Haji Hussein and who else?

  4. Yep we know Somaliland did received its independence from Great Britain on 26 June 1960 but the most interesting parts is that five days later British Somaliland merged with Italian Somaliland to become the Somali Republic so Somaliland secession was closed forever.

    Therefore the so called Somaliland of today is illegal Isaaq state and the Isaaq clan cannot dissolve the union with Somalia without the proper procedures like holding a referendum in every city, town and village in all over somalia.

    Let the people of Somalia decide.

    • Pirate only somali of Somaliland could decide about their fate and Majority speak louder for re independence just like in Djibouti in 77 and not union with walanweyn and faqash from Zoomalia who have nothing to say about dissolution of union. Somaliland is not ur hostage zoomalian ur master are Bantu and Habashi who control ur territory. Shame on u.

        • Pirate learn what mean Majority and Minority in a country. Nobody say there is 100% vote in favor of dissolution in Somaliland just like in Djibouti Isse were pro secessionist while Issaq and Gadabursi were more union in 77. Small village of Buhodle or Taleex could not.speak for like Buro or.Hargeisa. Katumo state only exist on mind of Faqash like.Ogaden state all BS dream.

    • Te'o
      You are not only an entertainer but also instigator. It came to light that you always turn on the switch button.
      I loved it . But wished you have stayed in between lines. And never mind the nickname. Is some one you remind me that was thoughtful.

      • Big I'm not an instigator I'm not someone who deliberately stirs up trouble for no reason I always speak the truth I never lie or make things up kk.

        I have a clear knowledge of the history of that ex British Somaliland and ex Italian Somaliland. The five major clans and the populations of the ex British Somaliland voted freely and fairly to merge with ex Italian Somalia to create the Somali Republic and this is a fact and not a fiction mate.

        Mohamed siad barre (ALLAH unaxriisto) came along and mess everything up then individual clans like Isaaq from the SNM, Majerteen from SSDF, Abgaal, and Habar from USC fought Siad Barre's rule, but they never united.

        The Abgaal and Habar Gidir wings of the USC one led by Ali Mahdi and the other led by Aidid fought fiercest battles for control for Mogadishu and ended dividing Mogadishu into northern and Southern.

        The Isaaq wing of SNM declare independence from Somalia in 1991 and 1998 the SSDF whose members were predominantly from Majerteen clans formed Puntland.

        Are you gonna live in denial? because this is a fact but since you'r Issaq I totally understand because your clan are bunch of depressed people living in a delusional world.

        • How did you come up with the idea of me being in that category. Wrong.
          Besides, I am not against any one for bettering their social life. I shout out to them and wish them the best They have done a tremendous success. in livelihood. Wish the rest would have followed their foot steps instead of talking nonsense.

          • @Big A

            The peace was shattered
            *when Las Anod was invaded by Isaaq militia
            *when the Isaaq militias attacked civilians population of Buuhoodle
            *When the Isaaq militias started to expand into (SSC).

            Al qaeda and American are both destabilising Southern Somalia through a proxy war American backs the government and Al qaeda sponsors the Islamic militants.

            Northern Somalia is much worse the players change, but the game remains Puntland and Somaliland are both under the old policy of SNM & SSDF influences. Unfortunately these warring clans Isaaq and Majerteen have alienated both Dhulbahante and Warsangeli sub-clans respectively.

            Northern Somalia is not a success but a clan conflict, mayhem, violence, bloodshed etc.

          • Mr. Te'o
            Excuse my assumption, but i believe that you live in delusion. Why? You are so ungrateful to those who rescued you from disaster and accommodate you. It is obvious that the strongest and the luckiest survives in Somali south. Your chance of existence would have been Zero so be thankful to those whole heartily welcome you.
            Secondly, be proud to the success Somaliland has accomplished. Stop trash talking. At least you have a place without fear if you need.

          • Mr Te'o? Listen geezer act like a mature responsible adult rather than a prick.

            Ps what the heck are you talking about? You have completely lost me I can't follow what you're saying.

            And btw who rescued me? what is that supposed to mean lol?

  5. If it comes to referendum, no doubt Somaliland will get its independence. Why? because referendum is exclusive to the territory that wants independence, in this case Somaliland, and all one needs is 50+1 % vote in accordance with the UN rule. That is an easy percentage to garner, but I am sure over 85% of the population in Somaliland will vote in favor of independence. Thus, referendum wax la isku kuukhiyo maaha, because Somaliland knows the outcome will be in its favor.

  6. Folks…What @PIS says is nothing more than nonsense and empty scumbag full of hot air.
    By now all good 5star Al-Somal thinkers know he kinda camouflage beast. Sorry but yea
    beast. He's 24/7 repeating the same rotten retarded echos of empty rhetorics. This dude
    thinks that by so doing silly things, that he's smart enough. Come to think of it, he has no shame.
    The fast track circumference of his mind is below Zero!. Nevermind, he has serious issues with
    the strong Somaliland Govt and Nation..there is no doubt that there is no way that his BS could
    do damaging repercussions formally or otherwise. @PIS keep tuned with your retarded
    agitations that evolves within your shadows. That is gonna kill you over the haul.


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