Somaliland : A little Bird with Admirable Voice

Xidigga Geeska Band
Xidigga Geeska Band
Xidigga Geeska Band
Xidigga Geeska Band

By Feisal Mohamed


Literature and Somalis


SomalilandPress-According to literature scholars they describe this phenomenon as a type of poem in which the written words are arranged in such a way to produce a visual image, but mine is different I prefer it as a center bone of every society, which brings mutual relationships.


Literature cannot stay alive if the language’s meaning or propose dies .when god wanted to create human being he also set off valuable mania and its language. Nonetheless in my opinion literature is unchanged constitution with a common understanding to the visionaries.


In Somali literature it refers to the literary tradition of Somalia most of it hail from the ancient elders of the east African nation. There are renowned Somali literatures such as Sayid Mohamed Abidile Hassan. Shekh Ahmed Wacdiyow, Hadraawi and Gaariye.


Most of Somali poetry is simply contains constructive meaning, which touches a current situation or past. Its noteworthy my focus approaching how the songs are esteemed in the Somali’s self proclaimed state of Somaliland.


Inside Hargaisa                                        


I am not sure whether Somalis verify Hargaisa as the only remaining literature house in a country that rule has not been in function for a quarter century. When the central government collapsed in 1991 people in the region use to listen ex songs (Qaraami) prompted by lack of other substitutes.


In the recent years Hargaisa become the key source of Somali songs, there is a musician group called Horn Stars (Xidigaha Geeska ) ,who brought the city new alternatives and they produce more than 10 songs in each month


We have the access to acquire any entertainment we offer said Mohamed Maano one of the Hargaisa youths saying the group of Xidigaha Geeska are our champions. Somaliland state has been providing its utmost efforts to rebuild the national theatre in the capital, which the people see as an important step towards the issue.



Many of the musicians are youngsters with no experience despite the government arrests of these artists severally in a subsequent to chanting anti government slogans. What I saw during may visit in Hargaysa was totally far from what some of Somalis believe according to many sides.




By Feisal Mohamed




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