Somaliland: 30 Officers assigned to Puntland’s Custodial forces Defect


By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Sool regional administration representatives based in the town of Las Anod yesterday received and welcomed 30 officers formerly assigned to Puntland’s custodial forces who a day earlier defected from Puntland to Somaliland.

The defecting officers were received by representatives of the regional administration in Las Anod led by Mr. Abdi Rashid Dalmar, deputy Governor of Sool region, the regional police commander, officer in charge of Las Anod prison and Mr. Abdikadir Mohamed Hassan popularly known as “Indho Indho” a legislator who hails from the region.

Mr. Abdi Rashid Dalmar Hersi , the deputy Governor of Sool Region welcoming the defecting officers in the Las Anod the provisional capital of Sool region sai “These men decided to quit from the Puntlands custodial corps after they realized that there was no place for Dhulbahantes in Puntland.

The Deputy Governor added, “These militiamen have now realized the truth that decision to abandon their posts in Puntland was prompted by unequal presentation in Puntland forces and the failure to terminate despises and isolation of the certain clans by the government of semi –autonomous region of Puntland.

“We urge the Minister of interior Mr. Ali Waran Cade and the head of the custodial corps General Hiranee to consider our request to  integrate  these officers into Somaliland custodial corps in the near future”, he said.

The administrator welcomed President Silanyo decision to form a new administrative region of Hismiyo in what was formerly known as Taleeh district, he also stressed that the area residents were part and parcel of Somaliland and therefore have same resolve as concerns integration and territory.


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