Somaliland: 20 Soldiers desert their posts in Puntland and surrender to SL Forces based in Gambadha district, Sool region

Puntland militia
Puntland militia
Puntland militia
Puntland militia

By Goth Mohamed Goth

At least 20 soldiers assigned to the armed forces of the semi-autonomous region of Puntland have in the district of Gambadha voluntary surrendered to the Somaliland national army eastern region command based in Sool region.

General Ismael Shaqalle in a press statement released from his office today last night stated as follows:

The defecting soldiers formerly assigned to Puntland army surrendered yesterday at noon to the national army the District of Gambadha ,”The platoon ,consisting 20 surrendered their weapons and one techical  battlewagon to Somaliland Defence Forces based in Gambadha district, Sool region”,General Shaqalle stated .

“The 20 soldiers all natives of Eegaag district were recruited several months ago by agents of Puntland in a bid to destabilize and undermine Somaliland sovereignty but after realizing they were being used decided to disband and the also comprehended the best way of expressing their grievances is through peaceful means and not violence”, added General Shaqalle.

Major General Shaqalle added, “The decision to abandon the Puntland was a wise and bold one and that the Somaliland is ready to welcome those who are ready to embrace peace.



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